GOD: Why getting close to Him is important

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An essay looking at how remembrance of God helps the human ....being in a world full of social evils and selfishness

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013




Liberate yourself from your desires and lusts for they pull you down. Once you become subservient to them they will lead you down a dark path where happiness of the heart shall stem from committing deeds that God frowns upon. And that which God frowns upon, the Devil and his offspring, entice you to embrace, ruining your worldly life and destroying you spiritually. Much of mankind today has forgotten the purpose of their Creation. Did the Lord create the Universe and You for violating His Commandments and ridiculing them ? And the answer is a resounding no. The purpose of His creating you is but a wager between Him and Satan. God states that man is the best of His creation and His viceroy on Earth. But the Devil who was cast out of Hell for not prostrating before Adam when Adam was created, vowed to lead multitudes of men and women astray and God said that let those who follow you enter the Depths of Hell on the



Day of Judgement and those who follow My Commandments enter Heaven. And inspite over a hundred thousand Prophets sent and Numerous Scriptures sent, mankind today in his arrogance has become a tool and disciple of sin. But the merciful Creator does not close the doors to redemption and forgiveness for He is the Most Benificent and the Most Merciful. However He has clearly laid down within the Quranic Injunctions that the fate and punishment for disbelievers, the criminals and those that ascribe partners to Him will be

quite devastating. And on that Day, they will be asking God to send them again on Earth so that they can lead their lives according to His Will but it would be too late.

Our worldly life is short and temporary but the one that follows this shall be eternal. And according to the Holy Quran one day in Hell would be 50,000 earth years.



Hell would be a burning inferno from which there would be no respite. So should we not pay heed to what He had commanded.


God never asked of man to spend all his time worshipping Him but to balance their worldly lives and spiritual lives. It is the worship of God that brings us close to His Mercy and Bounties. Our fate and fortune can be improved through His rememberance and leading our lives according to His Commandments. And what are His Commandments. They are abstinence from all such acts that would have a detrimental impact on our lives and on society. And that includes consuming alcohol, committing adultery, rape, murder, gambling, back biting, greed, jealousy, practising magic, lying, cheating, swindling, breaking promises, ascribing partners to Him, abortion and much



more. These are all vices and yet today the W orld has become a bastion for these evils.


Each sin leads you towards more sins. And you the reader are more aware of that. We have all trudged along the path that leads us to commit sin after sin. And then nature has a way of getting back. The alcoholic cant lose his or her addiction to it. Those who are addicted to heroin or other narcotic become addicted to the drug. The adulterer becomes addicted to it till he or she may face obstacles such as a loss of a job, loss of health and many other incidents designed to make us think about our lives and our past. A paedofile becomes addicted to his or her urge of molesting and sexually abusing children. The serial killer becomes addicted to his or her urge of killing innocent men and women for pleasure or as a way of getting attention.



All the acts that have been forbidden carry detrimenal impact upon our physical body and heart and mind. But then they reverbrate with negative energies and not positive energies.


If God is the source of humanity, compassion and mercy, the devil and his disciples can be viewed as the sources for misleading people and making them believe that sin and immorality are treasures that must be sought.


Have you wondered why there is so much chaos and confusion about you? Have you ever wondered why people suffer from so many maladies of the mind? Have you wondered why there is so much poverty, inequal distribution of wealth and bloodshed ?




The principal fault lies in the objective of our lives. Each one of us wants wealth, power, money, importance and fame.

And in the material world, the person having money is deemed successful and those who dont are looked upon as the losers. The inequal distribution of wealth is due to usury. And as a consequence if there is no sustainable economic growth within the country, a lot of people are pushed down into lower cadres of society. Because of the global recession so many people were suddenly without jobs or houses, they had been effectively stripped of their possessions. In poor nations, the fortune of the masses stuck in poverty depends upon good governance and political stability and if corruption sets in, then there is more of poverty and unrest. Terrible injustices are perpetrated. And there is no accountability. Circumstances created by corrupt governments and poverty often results in women selling their



flesh to make money, people becoming crooks, con men, criminals and much more.


Today we are all perhaps guilty of being as far from His Commandments as the distance from Planet Earth to the nearest star system. However the doors to His Mercy and Forgiveness are always open for His Creation. And when you pray for forgiveness and act on His Commandments all your previous sins are washed away.


This act of worshipping and remembring God is the food for your soul. The solace of our minds and hearts comes from His Worship and Rememberance.


It is not for us to judge another person which we frequently do because judgement is His and not ours to do.


Each person is answerable to God for his or her sins only and you are not to be held accountable for what others did.


The problem with us is that we love judging other peoples characters without assessing and analyzing our own. Most of us all possess a certain amount of hypocrisy, jealousy and spite within our characters. And if we could work on weeding out these evils from within ourselves, we will be then in a better position to receive His Mercy and His Bounties.


When children are born, we should give them a strong value system to guide them and protect them from the evils that pervade in the society. So often we dont focus on religious education terming it to be hocus pocus. And as a consequence of a lack of belief system, most individuals who are not mentally strong have a hard time whenever they are




placed in difficult conditions. These men and women who turn to drink and addiction to escape their problems dont have a strong belief system. Society today has become manned mostly by selfish and self centered individuals. And in a materialistic society, it is hard to come across genuine people.


If societies became the bastions for supporting the weak and helping one another in time of need, there would be perhaps less of crime and the mental diseases that plague us.


(I havenot meant to preach here in this article for I am no saint myself. However what I have learnt during my forty years on life from personal experience is that sins only create obstacles for you in life.)




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