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This is a story about two married brothers who place their old father into a retirement home whilst he pleads with them not to...and the old man goes blind with grief....and then the two brothers are visited by torment...read it.....

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013






There was once an old man who was kicked out of the house by his children. He had implored and pleaded to have mercy upon him and they had callously left him at an old retirement home. And he felt sad and gloomy. He cried and cried and went blind with grief. Though his sons were notified that he had gone blind with grief, they did not care. And up in the heavens, God and His Angels were angry and God passed a commandment for his sons to be stripped of their health and wealth.


The two sons named Leon and Judas woke up one day to find that they could barely stand. Try as much as they did they found that they just could not move. Their bones felt weak and they felt lifeless. And then their skin became covered with boils that emitted a foul odor and that hurt them immensely.


Their faces became creased into a thousand wrinkles and their hair turned white. When they tried to eat, they found that they could swallow nothing except liquids. And the doctors did all they could to treat them but nothing worked.


Each passing day bought more torment into their lives. They lost their jobs and their wives left them. Only an old maid who had been with their father took pity on them and tried to care for them.


Both Leon and Judas became weaker by the day. The fear of death sent terror into their hearts. All their arrogance and callousness was replaced now with the mortal fear of death. They reflected upon their callous attitude towards their father. And they cried a lot. How they wished that their was some way to make amends. They prayed to God for His Mercy with all their hearts.



And then just as all seemed to be in vain, Leon saw a dream in which an angel spoke to him and told them if they their father forgave them, their health would be restored to them.


Leon then called the old retirement home and asked if he could talk to his father.


Though he had suffered much grief and he was blind, but his heart still yearned for his sons. And when he spoke to Leon who was the younger of the two, his eyes filled up with tears. Leon at the other end sobbed and told him what had happened to him and his brother. He told them about the dream that he had had. And he asked him to forgive them both.


For a while, the old man remained quiet but he told them that he had forgiven them. And as soon as he had said that two miracles happened.



The sight of the old man was restored. And the health of Leon and Judas was restored as well. Both Leon and Judas could not help but cry in relief. The first thing that they both did was to take a trip to the retirement home to bring their father back home.


They were overjoyed to see him well and to hear that he had regained his sight.


This tale of the old man and his callous sons is fondly remembered even today.






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