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Every one likes romance, relationships, love and sex but when relationships break are we ready for the heartache and suffering......

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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You fall in love with a number of things in life. Sometimes that which you like or love is detrimental to your well being but you do it any way. When you fall in love with someone, you experience a high in your life. Everything appears so much better. Being in the company of someone you love is an exhilirating affair and its an addiction that grows on you. For me it was the voice of my beloved girlfriend. I remember talking to her on the phone for hours sometimes. And when we used to spend time in each others company, time would fly by. When our relationship became physical, the attachment to her became stronger and I felt that I could not live without her. The kissing and embracing each other became common and we would find ways to spend more time with one another. With the passage of time, I was completely hooked to her like being addicted to candy, choclate or drugs. I introduced her to my parents when she said that she wanted to get married to me but my parents did not find her to be suitable for me. And though I pressed my parents to comply with my demands, it never happened. Unfortunately the relationship ended and I felt empty and broken for quite a while. The feeling was as if a part of me had died. Life seemed to be so much darker and gloomy without her. There were butterflies in my stomach and I felt so anxious.


I have come to the conclusion, that one should never start a relationship with a male or female if we feel that it would not end the way we want it to be. So many relationships fail because during our so called love affairs our rational side is overcome by our emotional side. During our infatuations, we so many times over look the negative aspects of our lovers but when we get married, reality dawns upon us when we get to learn that life is responsibility, tolerance, respect, love, trust and lots of compromise. Its about how the lovers cope with stresses and pressures in their marriage especially when it comes to financial pressures. It is when the chips are down when the true test of a relationship comes into play.

There are so many examples today where marriages have failed when financial instability creeped into their marriage. Other reasons for marriage failure may stem from one of the partners being emotionally unstable or physically abusive. So many marriages also end because of infidelity and extramarital sex.

So many times during love affairs for instance, we are unaware of the total personality traits and characterisitics of our lover. So many men and women may actually be pretty deceitful when they are carrying out an affair with you. They may be actually carrying out relationships with other men or women without your knowledge of it. Some of them may only be carrying the relationship for a one night stand or for the sex and move on. Thats the way things are nowadays.


Ask yourself why you like or love someone. Is it because he or she is physically attractive, is it because she/he makes you laugh a lot, is it because he/she is a confident and charismatic person, is it because he or she is romantic, etc.


Be cautious before diving into a relationship. Take it slow. Take it one step at a time. Are you really serious about developing the relationship and marrying that person? What does that person feel about a long term commitment with you? You have to be mentally prepared if he or she wishes to move out of a relationship with you. If you are emotionally unstable and weak, if you are a bad judge of people and character, then be quite careful for people may walk all over you.


You wouldnt want to end up sad, depressed and gloomy or would you. That's entirely upto you.


Lots of times when we conduct love affairs, we make a lot of vows with each other often promising to remain true to one another forever. And when the time comes one of the two lovers, parts ways. So be careful...............



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