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Alfredo is a simple looking man who scores high when his friend sets him up with a beautiful woman looking for a partner that she can control and manipulate and with the passage of time Alfredos passion about romance and marriage dwindles till he goes on a number of sexcapades with her friend.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013




Alfredo stared at his wife Megan who was trying to wear a pair of blue jeans but try as she did, she found that she was much too fat for the jeans that she had bought two years back.


Leave it be” said Alfredo to Megan. “ You have gained 27 pounds during the last two years”.


Megan shot back an angry glare at him. For a while it looked as if Megan may fly into a temper but Alfredo noticing her face go red, backed off and left the room. He hurried to the confines of his study which was located in the basement. It was his refuge whenever he wanted a peace of mind and solace. He was a rather submissive creature who feared his wife quite a bit. All his life he had wondered what married life would be like. And now that he had been married for the past ten years, he suddenly remembered the words of his father regarding marriage. He had used one word and that was 'hell'. Yes, his mother had had a temper problem and of throwing tantrums but then he hoped that his wife would not be anything like her. He had met Megan by chance at a party thrown by his friend. As Megan was extremely plain looking, there had been considerable doubt that he would ever find a girl but the heavens had smiled upon him when he





ran into Megan. Considering his plain looks, finding a good looking chick was deemed a miracle by his friends and family.


Alfredo had been sitting alone near the bar placed near the dance floor at his friends house. He was extremely thin and wiry with drooping shoulders. With beady eyes and big ears protuding outwards, with a rather flat nose and puckered lips, his face seemed to be forever fixed in a most morose expression.


Was it his sad doleful puppy dog eyes or was it his fathers wealth that had attracted Megan to him? Of course Megan was no pauper or plain looking lass. She had won the beauty paegent held at college. And if she had wanted she had a number of good looking blokes to choose from but the truth was that Megan was looking for someone submissive, someone who wanted her and not the other way round, someone whose life she could control and that someone was Alfredo.








It was the host of the party, Bob Jingles, who introduced both Megan and Alfredo. And Alfredo had looked starstruck. When they talked, Alfredo repeated many times to her that he had never thought that he would have the company of someone so beautiful as her. And when they slow danced, Alfredo with his big feet had repeatedly stepped on her smaller feet. Alfredo had looked abashed; his face red with embarassment and muttering a thousand apologies. He had grabbed some flowers from a vase and presented her the roses dripping with water. He had expressed his love for her even though they had just met. There was an air of romance in the air. Alfredo who had never had a good looking girlfriend desperately wanted to seize this opportunity to win Megans heart. Megan looked towards Alfredo, who had a smile pasted on his face; his buck tooth were protuding forwards and he looked like a jack ass. However his civility and proper manners had positively impressed Megan. At least there was a look in his eyes which suggested his being extremely loving and affectionate. At least he was real. The boyfriends that Megan had known were all after her only for sex and a good time. So they had parted at the party with a kiss and after exchanging numbers.







Alfredo had been overjoyed. It had been the best day in his life. He could not believe his good luck. At night he was unable to stop thinking about Megan. “Will he see her again?” was the question that kept on popping up again and again. He kept on tossing and turning unable to sleep all night.


Meanwhile Megan had gone home. She had been with many men but Alfredo had looked to be someone who was loving, romantic,submissive, soft and compassionate. She thought about him quite a lot that night.


It was a day after that Megan had rung Alfredo up who sounded exuberant and happy to talk to her. They had agreed to meet during the evening at a local restaurant. At five in the evening they were seated in the chinese restaurant sipping hot and sour soup. Alfredo had bought her another bouquet of flowers. Megan looked at him. He reminded her of an uncle of hers.OF course, Uncle Jim, had been a mean and outspoken man. And here was Alfredo, who resembled him a lot but was so much gentler and compassionate. She had fallen in love with him.



Wedding bells had rung three months down the road. It had been a dream come true for both of them. Over the first few years, passion and romance had sizzled. And as time passed by and both came to learn more about one another and each others habits, life slowly meandered to a point where they were constantly bickering and snapping at one another.


Megan was head strong and aggressive and Alfredo had was a rather meek and submissive creature. Alfredo wanted to save money and Megan wanted to spend it. Megan was a socialite and Alfredo was averse to socializing; he was more of an introvert; someone who was quite lazy at times. Megan had a passion for traveling whilst Alfredo had a passion for sleeping. Similarly Megan loved spending her time in the confines of a spa and beauty parlor. In contrast to her, Alfredo would spend his spare time playing cards or locked up in the basement trying to escape from Megans fiery temper.


Alfredo did not like the idea of his mother in law standing at his place. In his view she was a cold, canniving and scheming woman without any morals. Whenever she came to stay, she would always be looking to pick on him.




Why just look at how weak my poor daughter looks like. Its like you havent fed her for quite a while” she would say.


And she would ramble on and on about what a favor Megan had done marrying him. Though Megan would intervene and ask her mother to stop but it did not stop her. The truth however, was the opposite. Over time, Megan had gained a lot of weight whilst Alfredo had become a bundle of nerves.


Whilst Megan was out attending coffee and tea parties, Alfredo was visiting a shrink twice a week every month. Of course, her wife knew not.


Alfredo had once dreamed a lot about being married; that had been his passion and dream. And now he was ruing his decision. He had never thought that Megan could be so demanding and so manipulative. It was Megan who would decide what sort of clothes suited him and which friend he should keep and which not. Alfredo had not liked it but it did not seem to matter. Megan lied about being married to a rich businessman and Alfredo had to play that role whenever she had friends around. Alfredo was a chartered accountant and a pretty good one. And he wondered why his wife had wanted to pose as a rich businessman when he was a qualified and respectable



professional. Whenever the guests would ask him about his line of business, megan would intervene and say he had inherited his dads millions; according to her his dad had been in the construction business. So this was Megan.


She had a number of good looking friends who would often visit her. It was not his fault that some of her unwed female friends overcome by her description of him as a multi millionaire had made passes at him. As a consequence, her wife had put off having sex with her for a while. He had been summarily kicked out of his room and he had had to sleep in the guest room. Megan had punished him by refusing to talk to him for an entire week.


Alfredo had become sick and tired of the whole affair and for the first time in his life he felt that he wanted to get rid of her. He had imagined the number of ways that he could poison her, strangle her or have her murdered. These were thoughts that he had never entertained. In order to relax, he decided upon calling one of Megans friends who had passed her card. She agreed to meet him at a nearby restaurant.







Alice showed up in a tight mini skirt and a tight blouse. Alfredo had not been able to keep his eyes of her. They had had Thai cuisine before

they drove back to Alices apartment. Both of them had some orange juice. Alice had been sitting near Alfredo. She drew near him. Her assets were clearly visible. They had been french kissing when the front door bell rang.


Alice had looked through the small eye hole and she looked shocked.

Its Megan” she said in a low inaudible tone. Alfredos eyes popped out and he looked scared out of his wits. “Hide me” he whimpered.


And Alice had opened her closet and Alfredo had barely fit in. It was dark inside. Through a very small opening he saw Megan walk inside.


Had Megan seen his car parked outside?” he thought. He silently prayed to God for assistance.


Megan looked cool and composed unaware of Alfredos presence. Inside the closet, it was stuffy and he was soon sweating.




And then he saw something that stopped his heart. He had forgotten his black suede shoes. They lay to a side of the sofa. Some how Megans eyes had not yet fallen upon them. Alfredo cursed himself for his carelessness. And then it happened. Megans eyes fell upon the shoes and she stared at them hard for a while.


You dating someone” she asked Alice pointing at the shoes.


And he saw Alice turning a little white before she composed herself and lied that she had bought the pair for a colleague at the office. This seemed to satisfy Megan. It was about half an hour later before Megan had left the apartment. And when Alfredo finally stepped out he was sweating from head to toe.


Both of them stared at one another for a while before Alfredo ran over to the window. Gently he pulled the curtain back a little and peered outside. Megan was slowly walking back to her car which was parked in front of the apartment. Fortunately his vehicle was parked across the road. However he feared that Megan might recognize his car. However Megan had not. As she drove away, he heaved a sigh of relief and collapsed on the sofa.





Alice hurriedly bought him a jug of cold water and made him some turkey sandwiches. The cold water and sandwiches renewed his energies. However he was still hot and sweaty. So after a while with the permission of Alice he had disappeared in the washroom to have a cold shower. When he came out wearing a white towel, Alice sat naked on the bed calling to him. And Alfredo had clambered on the bed and he made love to Alice. The sex was excellent and Alfredo felt relaxed and happy. Later in the day when he was driving back, he felt quite ashamed because he had committed adultery.


When he entered his house at near eight at night, Megan, had been sitting upon the leatherite couch watching a boring soap. She looked at him rather indifferently as he disappeared into the guest room. He had been changing into his night suit when Megan walked in with her arms akimbo. “ So where have you been” she asked him.
And Alfredo had quitely lied that he had been at a local bar with one of his college buddies.


Ah you and your stupid friends” she said her face screwed up in an ugly grimace. And Alfredo just kept quiet.




She then hurriedly disappeared. And Alfredo had thanked his lucky stars.


At night he had a terrible nightmare about Megan walking into the room whilst he was having sex with Alice. He woke up with a start. It was seven in the morning. He picked up his mobile. Alice had messaged him asking whether he was okay. He had hurriedly deleted the message. Megan had a habit of going through his mobile at times.


He had hurriedly had a warm shower, shaved and had a breakfast of tea and two slices of toast before dressing up and leaving for work. Luckily for him, Megan was not awake when he left.


It was at work that he received Megans call that she was going to her parents for two days. That was good news as far as he was concerned. When he got home, he had changed into a t shirt and jeans before lying upon his bed and he had gone to sleep. It was about seven in the evening when he finally woke up. Rather groggy from sleep, he went over to the washroom where he washed his face with cold water several times. It was precisely at that moment that he received a call from Alice and Alfredo had call her over. She was soon at his apartment nestled close to him in the guest bedroom.




He had held her close to him. She had taken his shirt off and he had then undressed her. He had bent and kissed her. She had then started gently sucking on his rock hard penis. And after she had swallowed his cum he had bent between her legs and licked her vagina and sucked onto her clitoris. He had then rammed her vagina hard and she had moaned. The penetration of his hard part into her continued till both came. And then the front door bell rang.


Alfredo had pulled up his pants and walked up to the front door. A look through the eye glass in the front door nearly gave him a heart attack. Standing outside was Megan. How and why had she come back so suddenly? He had rushed back to the guest room and asked Alice to hide underneath the bed. Megan was back. Oh what bad timing!


He had then walked upto the door and swung it open.

Ah its you Megan, what a wonderful surprise ! I thought you had gone to see your mother,” said Alfredo with a smile plastered on his face.


Megan looked upto him and said rather sourly “ Well I forgot to take the present I had bought for my parents.”




She had walked to her room and Alfredo had tried his best to look as composed and relaxed as possible. And then Megan did something that bought his heart into his mouth. Megan headed towards the guest room. Why ? Oh why, Alfredo thought was she going there he thought. He had walked upto Megan and asked her what she was upto. “Oh nothing dear ! I just remembered that I had placed a pair of my shoes underneath the bed in the guest room. And Alfredo suddenly felt extremely anxious and his face went rather pale. This was the end he thought. Oh God ! This was the end ! And Megan had bent and peered under the bed. However nothing untowards happened. There was no one under the bed. Where was Alice he thought? However he escorted Megan to her car and saw her off. When he came into the house, he rushed to the guest room only to find Alice coyly lying naked on his bed.


Where ? What ? How ? This is what Alfredo had asked Alice. She told him that she had overheard her in the corridor speaking about the shoe under the bed and she had made a dash for the washroom and locked it from inside. It was a close shave and Alfredo thanked his lucky escape yet again. However he returned to bed and made love with Alice yet again.





The next day was a Weekend. It was Saturday. Alice lay sleeping when he woke up. He noticed another message on his mobile. It was Megan and she was coming back at three in the evening. It was already about noon. So he woke Alice up and apprised her of Megan coming back. He hated to see her leave so soon for he had become quite close to Alice.


When Megan finally came home, she bought her mother along as well. She was there to stay with them for the next three days. He had welcomed her as heartily he could but the sour puss had appeared to be indifferent to all his charm. He had hurriedly disappeared into the basement where he sat and red a book. And he was about to doze off when he received a call from Bob Jingles, the man who had introduced Megan to him. He sounded exuberant and it was good to hear from him after a long time. As it was, he was throwing a birthday bash and was inviting him and Megan to it the coming Sunday.


However Megan had excused herself saying she was invited at a dinner party that day. So Alfredo showed up at the party on his own. Bob Jingles was happy to see him. There were quite a few people over there. One of them happened to be an ex-boy friend of Alices.





Of course Alfredo did not know that.


Roger sat there his face masked in a sneer. He had been set up with Alice by Bob Jingles. However things had soured because of his bad temper and Alice had broken off with him. But he had been stalking her and had seen Alfredo with her. Of course he knew not that Alfredo knew Bob as well or that he would be coming to the party. It was just by chance that he had run into Alfredo. And Roger who had been drinking quite a lot decided for a show down with Alfredo.


He had walked up behind Alfredo and turned him around before giving a savage upper cut to the jaw felling poor Alfredo. The music stopped and people ran to help Alfredo whose jaw was smarting. Roger had cursed Alfredo and walked off. Alfredo looked up towards Bob who was sitting next to him. After pulling him up, he told Alfredo about Roger and his break up with Alice. Alfredo put two and two together and understood but Bob did not.







Later on in the day when Alfredo reached home, he found Megan seeing one of their wedding albums. When Megan saw Alfredo with a nasty bruise on his jaw, she got up and ran to him putting her hands about him asking him what had happened. It had been quite a while since Megan had expressed concern for him. And Alfredo related how a man had struck him on the jaw without warning. Megan looked a little bit worried but she hugged him again. However his mother in law was still as sour as ever saying that he had probably made a pass at his girlfriend. Alfredo felt guilty for he had already slept with Alice twice. His guilt wore heavy on his conscience.


Megan had swinging moods. She could be extremely nasty one moment and good at another. However Alfredo felt that he had to tell her the truth and so he had slowly related to her his sexcapades with her best friend Alice. Megan could not believe what she heard but when the realization dawned upon her, she was crying like a child. Every now and then she would curse and swear at Alfredo. And soon his mother in law came to know about his infidelities and she had screamed at him.


She had asked Megan to ask him for divorce and ask him for the alimony. Alfredo stood in a corner of the room looking dolorous and sorry. However the revelation about his sexcapades with Alice were too much and so they broke up.


Perhaps it was for the better. Four months down the road he married Alice and live happily ever after.

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