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The woman today is the object of sexual desire. Nothing has changed over the centuries.

Submitted: January 19, 2013

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Submitted: January 19, 2013




Have you ever seen men who ogle at women? Some of the menfolk have a terrible habit of doing so. Devoid of basic manners, for them each woman is definitely a catch. The sexual availability of a woman is defined in terms of the sort of dress that they wear. There is a scale used for measuring their availability to men. The shorter the skirt and the more her legs are uncovered, the greater her vulnerability and degree of availability to the opposite sex. That is how the male mind works. When the male predator is interested in a particular female, he does try to make eye contact even though it may be a fleeting moment. And if he catches her looking coyly at him, if he sees her straightening the hair with her hand or if he sees her smiling back at him, he sees her to be definitely interested in her. This is how the predator male functions.

Male men with overactive imagination and male testerone are likely to salivate more when they see an attractive female species. Beautiful women are like honey and the male predators are the bees looking for that honey. However the female species plays hard to catch especially if he spots a potential predator trying desperately to win her over with his often, foolish antics. The female species is more rational and careful when choosing a potential mate taking in multiple things such as appearance, accent, way of talking, the choice of words used, the mannerisms, etc. They usually look for someone that they can bank upon, someone that they can trust and rely upon, someone to look after them and care for their physical and emotional needs. On the contrary, most male predators are more interested in the sexual deal and physical relationship that comes in a particular relationship. They may or may not want the relationship to end in marriage like a lot of women do.

There are so many women and men who seem to lose interest in a relationship after they have had sex. They have a hard time confining themselves to a single man or woman. Their desires and lusts know no limit. They have poor control over their urges and desires. As a consequence they know not what is morality or immorality. Their actions are triggered and motivated by their desires and lusts. They know little what responsibility is.

Today relationships are like fast food. They end as soon as they commence. You have men and women coming up with millions of reasons such as ‘He farts a lot’, ‘ He was impotent’, ‘ She didn’t like sex’, ‘ She tried to smother me with her tits’, ‘ She looked like a man’, ‘ She reminded me more and more  of my mother’, ‘ He was unable to fulfill all my needs and desires’ for ending their relationships.


Today an increasing number of men and women complain of loneliness and boredom. As a consequence more and more to people turn to dating sites to date other singles. It is strange how the emphasis is so much on sex in western societies. And not upon the institution of marriage. There doesn’t seem to be any more worthwhile activity or parameter of success than to have sex with a beautiful woman or a handsome man.

The liberation of men and women seems to stem from their ability to run about like loose cannons and committing adultery with an increasing frequency. Spiritualism and religion have been swept aside and dating and sex have been embraced. Abortion, broken marriages and bastards born every second are a result of promiscuity. One night stands are prominent features of such promiscuity and in so much vogue.

Instead of presenting and promoting the woman as a species possessing dignity, esteem, respect, value and emotions, she has continues to be promoted as the object of desire and lust. Fashion magazines, porn magazines, porn movies, beauty contests, etc continue to promote the image of women as a tool for fulfilling the desires and lusts of men.

As a consequence, the perception of male predators about women has not developed beyond that of using and abusing.






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