RELATIONSHIP Between Men and Women: The Great Gamble

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Many men and women are nuts about sex and relationships. What do men want and what do women look for in men? It is a humorous outlook on what relationships mean to men and women.

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012




Relationships amongst men and women: A great gamble!
So many people seem to have this awesome fear of being rejected and so they keep within their heart the feelings that they have for someone lest they be spurned. I am not an advocate of dating or running after members of the opposite sex. It does not appeal to me. But since is the passion of so many individuals in United States, I could not resist from writing this article. Yes the female psyche remains a mystery for so many. What turns them on and what turns them off? This is what perturbs the male mind and brain. 
Well for starters my fellow human beings, women are slightly more rational when it comes to choosing a male. Whilst the male mind is just thinking about the sex and the pussy, the female mind is looking at everything through a thousand different angles. Good looks are just one aspect. If the woman is someone who isn’t a drifter looking for a one night stand or someone who has multiple boyfriends, most women are looking for men who are smart, humorous, witty, honest and financially secure. Even the drifter gets tired of drifting and sleeping with multiple men. 
Therefore the well-educated, courteous and committed male is something every girl or woman likes. Staring at women, ogling at them or passing lurid and lewd remarks won’t win you favor with good women. However treating women with respect and civility is another thing entirely. Possessing good listening skills and being attentive to what they say, is something women like a lot. On your first date, try never touching your female friend unless she makes you feel that it ok to do so. Don’t make the woman feel that you are chasing her or you want her so badly. Nope you won’t want to that. Your choice of words and conversation should exhibit your finer sides. Be well dressed and neat when you go on a date. Give her some flowers and a box of choclates as a present. 
As for the men who don’t know what to say to a woman when they want strike a conversation, the first thing that they should have is the courage to express what they have in their mind. A woman does not bite. However she does look for candor and honesty. Therefore a great way of approaching a woman is by introducing who you are and telling her that you find her attractive. She might invite you to sit with her or she may express her displeasure. Anyhow it is always better to say what you feel for someone rather than keeping your emotions bottled up and hoping that by some miracle the person who you like or love will fall in your lap.
Be confident. Cast away those fears that suddenly appear and that make you doubtful about achieving success. 
As for the women who dream of tall and handsome men carrying them off in stratosphere, I would recommend them to be careful with the kind of choice they make when choosing someone as their boyfriend. How much do you know about their past? Many a thing that appears like gems on the outside has an ugly inner side to them. Humans, male and female are no exception to law. So many of us have ugly pasts that we try hard to let go off. However with rape so prevalent in USA, it would be advisable for women to be very wary about the kind of boyfriends they keep. With so many male men prone to violence due physical abuse as a child or because of being raised in a broken family, it is imperative that women ensure that the men that they have chosen as their boyfriends don’t have a darker past. 
The average male man is often after one thing only and that is of having sex with a female. Women do look for so form of commitment from a boyfriend. Many would ideally like the idea of the relationship ending up in marriage. 
However in so many cases, the people involved in a relationship may not want responsibility that comes with marriage and thereby this is where cohabitation has come out as an easier way for couples to stay with each other as long as they want before they get bored of one another. Of course such a relationship is pure adultery but obviously it does not cross the mind of the average heathen in the society that this is immoral. 
Everyone has been in relationships that may or not have worked. However a concomitant of a broken relationship is depression, anxiety and the emotional pain that comes with it. Unless you are free of any feelings and emotionally detached, with nerves of steel, you may be able to perhaps lead a relationship and not feel anything if it ends. 
But when I see men and women hopping about from one relationship to another, I see mental instability and the inability to make the relationship last. 
I have seen women who have never married. The Mr. Perfect that they hold in their imagination never shows up because such a woman has too many expectations that she wants of her spouse. And in reality, that Mr. Perfect is very hard to find. 
Similarly in the Indian Sub-Continent, I have seen so many men and women remaining unmarried because their parents have too many expectations and requirements of the men and women who will be married to their children. As a consequence that perfect match for their children is hard to come by. 
The spirit of compromise today in most relationships is simply not there. I have heard much about parents of women nowadays telling their daughters that it is ok to step out of a marriage if her husband is unable to provide her with everything that she wants. Similarly with the parents of the male man asking the parents of a girl for dowry has made the concept of marriage a business transaction. 
Therefore my advice to men and women would be to truly lay down what they expect of each other before they decide to marry. Secondly I would also suggest that the repercussions of a failed relationship are immense and often end up in heartbreak, anxiety and depression. 
Therefore before you decide to head out and jump into a relationship, be clear what you hope to obtain from such a venture. 

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