Relationships: Be Careful about jumping into them

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Take care of jumping into relationships. Read why men and women need to be careful before jumping into them.

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013





There are numerous times when you love someone. However it isn’t necessary that they return your feelings. That’s all a part of life. If you are someone soft with a lot of emotions, its better that you step back and think before you commence a relationship or when you approach someone. Many a time the other person, the sharper and more rational individual doesn’t care for stepping all over you. You may be surprised how many men and women think about playing about with your psychology. Those elements of rejection or of broken relationships are not for those men and women of an extreme sensitive nature.


No you don’t want to play around with that fire for you will be burnt. People are here just with you for the good times. In our world today, the garb of hypocrisy is wore and adorned by so many people. You will be amazed to find people who appear so nice on the outside. It is their inner side which is so full of greed, jealousy and envy. As a consequence they can’t seem someone happy or do well. Others are predators, piranhas and parasites. Spot them and stay away from them.


Have you ever stopped to define what true love is? Are you going to start a relationship because you wanna be poked and explored sexually or is it that you feel lonely and you feel that dating and sex will end the loneliness? Though the heart quivers for romance and it appears so nice to be in the arms of the person but are you prepared for the time when he or she decides to move on with someone else: a new and better pet that they want.


Then what will happen of thee whose heart is so soft and loving. Are you ready for the time when your soft heart quivers and trembles in pain and hurt? But the anxiety and depression that follow will be yours and yours alone to bear. None can alleviate that pain and suffering. But that is the price everyone pays when a relationship ends.

Though I may be speaking the truth from my experiences but your thought will be “Its my life. Let me taste the forbidden.” And so child you will burn and learn from your experiences and not from my saying so.

It is from our experiences that we learn. So many young women are smitten by rape every second, hour, week and year. You should therefore be careful. Don’t become another statistic.

Everywoman needs to be careful before they venture forth into a relationship. Learn about your boyfriend before you date him. Who is he? What was his past? Why should you trust him? What can be the harm and danger of participation in sex with an unknown person? Be very very careful. Men can be divided into the following categories:

·Single and looking for multiple partners

·Married and still looking; searching for extramarital affairs.

·The Psychotic Man who can harm a woman whichever way he chooses

·The Mentally Unstable man who shirks responsibility and has uncontrollable anger problem

·The Simple honest man who wants a good wife and family

·The Predator who searches for women he can manipulate and deceive

·The Serial Stalker who is a homicidal maniac

·The Rape Artist who is committed to raping women


Similarly naïve men should learn to think beyond their dicks. You are still immature and stupid if you can’t. Statistics show men suffer more emotionally because of broken relationships.

Amongst the revered female species as well there are categories:

·The simple and virtuous ones.

·The settlers who are just looking for a long and stable relationship.

·The gold diggers on the constant search for someone with loads of money.

·The adulterers who are looking to deceive their husbands and participate in extramarital relationships

·The one nighters, bitches and prostitutes

·Those who want to cohabit and have no yearning for any responsibility





·An estimated 17,774 people with an AIDS diagnosis died in 2009, and nearly 619,400 people in the United States with an AIDS diagnosis have died since the epidemic began.


·CDC estimates that 19 million new STD infections occur every year in USA, nearly half among young people ages 15–24. Each of these infections is a potential threat to an individual’s immediate and long-term health and well-being. In addition to increasing a person’s risk for HIV infection, STDs can lead to severe reproductive health complications, such as infertility.


Keeping in mind the above statistics, I would recommend men and women to abstain from unprotected sex.



Approximately 2/3 of rapes were committed by someone known to the victim.

73% of sexual assaults were perpetrated by a non-stranger.

38% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance.

28% are an intimate.

7% are a relative.


The average age of a rapist is 31 years old.

52% are white.

22% of imprisoned rapists report that they are married.

Juveniles accounted for 16% of forcible rape arrestees in 1995 and 17% of those arrested for other sex offenses.

In 1 in 3 sexual assaults, the perpetrator was intoxicated — 30% with alcohol, 4% with drugs.

In 2001, 11% of rapes involved the use of a weapon — 3% used a gun, 6% used a knife, and 2 % used another form of weapon.

84% of victims reported the use of physical force only.


46% of rapists who were released from prison were re-arrested within  years of their release for another crime.


18.6% for a violent offense.

14.8% for a property offense.

11.2% for a drug offense.

20.5% for a public-order offense.


Keeping in mind the above statistics pertaining to rape, I would advise women to be very careful about the type of men they meet and hang around with.





Women may shed more tears over a busted romantic relationship, but men suffer the greater emotional toll, researchers say.


In a study of more than 1,000 men and women, ages 18 to 23, researchers found that unhappy romances cause men more emotional grief, including threatening their identity and feelings of self-worth. Young men and women express their distress at a breakup differently. Women are more likely to feel depressed after a breakup, while men are more likely to have substance-abuse problems.


Men may be more affected by a breakup because their romantic partners are their primary source of intimacy. Women, however, are more likely to have other close relationships with friends or family members to turn to for support, said the study's author, Robin Simon of Wake Forest University.

My advice to men and women would be to be careful before they jump into relationships. Relationships need commitment from men and women to last. It needs a mutual respect of each other and there has be a lot of compromise for any relationship to last. Mental instability, lust, financial instability and crushes are impediments to long stable relations. Weigh what you want from a relationship before you decide to take the first step. Would you be able to bear the heartache, emotional stress and anxiety if your relationship fails? Are you prepared for a Sexually Transmitted Disease or a HIV infection in case of unprotected sex? Young teenage females should be very careful whether they would like to risk a pregnancy. Would they abort the pregnancy or will they raise the child?


Ask Yourself before you take any decision.

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