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Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




Once upon a time a long time ago there lived a young man who constantly day dreamed. At one time, he was a knight fighting fire breathing dragons, on another he was a very rich man seeking a beautiful maiden to be his wife and still on another he imagined that he was a famous traveller travelling across the world. Often when he would come back to his senses, he found life to be rather boring and not adventurous or romantic.


There was a day when he ventured out of his home and he was walking down the road when he suddenly imagined that he was a knight in armor riding down a dusty road on his trusted donkey. Armed with a heavy sword and an armor bearing a cross upon it, he happened to come across a lady. From a distance, she looked beautiful and young but when she drew near he was disappointed to find her old and quite ugly. In real life, he had approached a woman out on a walk. And when he spoke to her he had introduced himself as a knight out on a mission to help people. He introduced himself as Arthur and hailed the young woman as an old peasant woman. She had been shocked to see him bow before him and speak to him in old English and Latin. Either he was a very good actor or a really mad person. She had excused herself and Arthur had bowed before her once again before he went on his way.

Life had become quite difficult for his imaginary world would often merge with his real one and he had difficulty discerning what was real and what was unreal. As he walked he saw a gardener carrying a shovel to him but delusional as he was he thought that the gardener was an armed rebel carrying a spear in his hand. In his imaginary world, he had rode his donkey at full speed with his sword drawn out towards the armed rebel. But a hiding at the hands of the gardener in the real world brought him to his senses if for a while. And the gardener had used the shovel to beat him up. He lay on the side of the road rubbing his behind which smarted from the pain that he felt. Slowly he got up. In his imagination, the rebel had injured him with the spear and he was lying on the dusty ground staring at the skies. His trusted ride, the donkey, had run off leaving him behind. So he got up rueing his decision to battle with the rebel.


As he regained his senses, he got up and decided to head back home. He had had enough adventures for the day. Back at home sitting in his bed room he was soon lost in another world. He was a handsome Prince named Alvarez married to the beautiful Lady Mary. Standing on the terrace, he and his wife waved to the crowd that had gathered below to see the beloved




He was day dreaming when the voice of his father brought him back to the real world.


Your friend Bob is here to see you” he said.


And when Bob entered his bedroom, he was once again lost in his imaginary world where he and Bob were two young men seeking the love of two sisters Jenny and Susan.


A slap on his face brought him back to reality.


Bob looked at him and sighed. “Take a break from your writing stories and imaginary world. You are a celebrated author already and yet a touch mad. I think perhaps you should visit a psychiatrist before you lose your mind” he said.


And Roger looked lost. He had forgotten that he was a celebrated and famous author.


As Bob left him, his mind once again drifted to his favorite refuge that was his imaginary world.


However this time he was the celebrated author that he was but strapped onto a white bed. He could not move. And he saw people dressed in long white over coats standing about him. One of them held a hypodermic needle which he brought and injected the contents into his arm. The scene changed and a doctor stood over him peering at him through his spectacles. He seemed to shake his head and spoke to other men and women about him that he had left the world.


It looked and felt so real that Roger nearly screamed. Luckily it had been all his imagination. He went to the washroom and splashed his face with cold water many a time. Peering into the mirror, he reflected upon his mental state. Was he losing his mind?


So he set up an appointment with a psychiatrist and told him about his problems. He told him that he needed a break and that he should seek the company of friends and do things which were of his interest. And he also prescribed him some medication to help him.


Walking back home, his imaginary and real lives merged once again. In his mind, he was walking down a broken and muddy road whereas in reality he was walking on a perfectly well paved footpath. However he was somewhere in ancient times, with people of all ages trudging along in a market where there were shops on eithers side. He was a weary traveller and the land seemed to be a new one. And he had walked upto a shop where a pretty lady was selling vegetables. In the real world, he had walked into a shop where a woman was selling jewellery. However she was surprised at hearing him address her as a lady selling vegetables. She had laughed at first and so had other people at the jewellery store. A security guard had slapped him bringing him back to reality and when he looked at people peering at him and ridiculing him, he came back to his senses.


He went home and took the medication suggested to him by his pyschiatrist. It seemed to make him excessively groggy and sleepy and yet for the first time in ages he was able to sleep peacefully. His overactive mind and imagination came to a stand still though he did not like the idea of being conked out and sleeping a lot.


And when his fans learnt about his mental illness, they sent him thousands of get well cards, bouquets and presents. Many of his acquaintances, friends and relatives came to pay him a visit. Over the next three months he was regularly getting psychotherapy and sessions with his psychiatrist. He visited different parks, met different friends, watched television, visited the amusement parks, went out with a girl on a date and much more.



And for the first time the real world seemed so much better than his imaginary world. As he travelled about in the country, he felt relaxed in the company of nature staying at a hill resort.


Roger soon became mentally well and his imaginary worlds disappeared. However at the cost of his not being able to write that well.






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