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Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013








Every now and then we are infatuated with someone that we don’t know. It is just their appearance or way of speaking that attracts us


to them. As for me, I have a habit of being attracted to most women. I don’t know why but I find that beauty even lies sometimes in the most


normal looking people. Am I a flirt? No, I am not but I would like to say one thing that beauty lies within the heart and soul of an individual and


not purely in their looks. Somehow I find members of the opposite sex who are vain and proud extremely unattractive.


Like any man, I was at first attracted by any woman with good looks. And then fate bought me close to Sally, a gorgeous and attractive looking


woman at our University. Though the predators amongst the male students were onto her like a flash but she had been attracted to me. She used to


sit next to me in my Calculus class. I was the type of person who was quiet and reserved. With my glasses and serious look, I looked like quite


studious. I don’t know what had attracted her to me. But we started going out together much to the dismay of the wolves howling for her love.


And I found it strange that such an attractive young woman would like to be seen around with someone like me. By any standards, I was no


Richard Gere, Tom Cruise or George Clooney. This was me, Sam Waterson, a plain looking dude. And men were trying to figure out what


exactly had attracted Sally to me. Though I was happy to be friends with her but I was tired of being hounded by male students asking me what I


had said or done that had made her interested in me.


With her flowing brown hair, big green eyes, a slender nose, beautiful shaped lips and a curvaceous figure, she could have been mistaken for a


supermodel. And she took me up to her apartment which was off campus. She told me how her parents had separated when she had been only


nine years old. It was her father who had raised her up as her mother decamped and took off with a lover. The conversation flowed and suddenly


we were talking about my dad and how he had made his millions. She listened real attentively. Suddenly she had drawn real close to me and then


our lips touched. We were soon kissing one another at all those right spots. And then Sally took off her clothes and I had taken mine off. And we


had sex. It was simply out of the world.


Soon I would be at her apartment nearly every second day and we would make love with one another. And then one day, whilst we were having


sex, three hooded men with semi-automatic machine guns suddenly appeared. Sally looked terrified. She screamed and screamed. And one of the


men stepped forward and slapped her repeatedly. Another one held me in a tight, vice like grip and I was unable to do anything. Fear immobilized


me. I had asked one of my captors what he wanted and he had silenced me with a swift blow to my head. I passed out.


When I woke up, I found myself tightly bound to a chair. Sally was nowhere to be seen. What had happened to her I thought. It was a barely lit


room in which I found myself. Standing above me, masked, was one of the hoodlums. I was about to say something when the door was flung


open and I found the two other men with Sally. Sally was gagged. There was terror in her eyes. They pushed her into the room.



One of the men addressed me by my name. But how did he know it? Perhaps Sally had told them it. The person holding Sally in a vice grip with


one hand and a pistol pressed against her temple with another spoke to me in a menacing tone “If you value your life and hers, you are to ask


your father to come in person with 500,000 pounds in front of Harrods at exactly four tomorrow evening. You are to tell him that if he were to


contact the police or Scotland Yard, he might never see you alive. As for your lady friend here, we will tear her limb to limb. Do you understand


Mr. Sam?”


I felt terrified and absolutely helpless. All I could do was to nod my head in agreement. I was handed a cell phone and I had rung up my father


who listened to what I had to say. And then one of the three captors snatched the cellphone and repeated the instructions as to what he had to do in


order to see his son alive.


Leave her alone”, I had shouted towards the brute that held Sally in his vice grip.


And then I saw something which broke my heart. Sally had walked away from the man who had held her and she had walked up to me and broke


out laughing.


Oh Sam, my dear naïve Sam, we know all about your father, the dashing millionaire, “Mr. Harold Burns” and the millions he has made. We just


figured that getting to you would be the first step towards getting our hands on a lot of money. I had carefully planned all of this and everything is


going about as planned”, said Sally.


I could not believe what I had just heard. And I pinched myself again and again but all of this was true, it was not a bad dream. But I felt terrible.


All the time that I had dated Sally, the moments that I had expressed her love for her and she for me and the numerous times we had made love


was all a carefully hatched plan. She noticed the hurt look in my eyes and she exclaimed “Ah! That must have hurt.”


The three masked men standing broke out laughing.


Look at him, what a numbskull. He can’t believe what has happened to him,” said one of them.


Poor bastard!” said the other.


Why do men think with their dicks?” said the third.


He’s never going to trust a good looking woman again” said the first


And then Sally had walked upto me and struck my face with her hand. It was a stinging slap.


If anything untowards happens, I will personally cut you piece by piece” she said to me. It was a macabre expression, fiendishly evil and





One of the men disappeared and came back with a glass of water that was put to my mouth and I thankfully drank as much as I could for I was


extremely thirsty. Later on my hands were untied but the legs remained bound by thick coils of rope. I was bought a plate full of chicken


sandwiches and a can of coca cola. However two of the armed men stood at either side of me pointing their weopans at me. There was no chance


of escape. Though the food had been welcome relief but my mind was still thinking about the events of the last three months. What a stupid fool I


had been? This was a learning curve for me; however it was a traumatic experience. I felt used, abused and betrayed. If only the male wolves back


at the university had known the truth about Susan. ‘Appearances’ are deceptive. This lady was more dangerous than any snake or poisonous


creature. Later that day around nine in the night, Sally suddenly walked in. Wearing black tights, a black leather jacket, high heeled shoes with a


pistol in her hand she walked up to me. She pulled up a wooden chair and sat across me. After lighting up a cigarette, she started puffing onto it 


and she would blow the smoke towards my face.


She pushed a mobile into my hands and asked me to ring my dad up and ask him whether he had arranged the money. With sweaty palms that


shook and trembled, I took a hold of the mobile and called my dad. He finally picked up and muttered a hello before I broke out in a quivering


voice “ Dad have you arranged the money?”. He must have noticed the panic and alarm in my voice and he told me that everything was arranged


and ready. Sally motioned towards me to shut the phone which I did and handed her back the mobile. I had been on the mobile for barely a


minute. Each passing moment seemed like hell.


Sally seemed satisfied. She seemed to enjoy seeing me in pain and in fear. Her face then suddenly screwed up into a hideous grimace and she


uttered coldly “I have killed many men and women in my life and if anything goes wrong, I will personally take great pleasure in killing you.


Remember my words carefully; you are dead meat if the police or any other force intervenes.”


I nearly pissed in my pants with fear. She certainly meant business. There was a very very cold look in her eyes. She meant what she had said.


Sally got up and left the room. I was being held in a small cell that had no windows. A wooden table and some wooden chairs lay in a corner


towards my left. The walls seemed to be made up of solid concrete and the floor of the room was wooden. Apart from the bulb that hung by a


long wire from the roof, there was no other light. The door to the room had been bolted from the outside. It was November in England and that is


a pretty cold period. The only warmth I felt was from the heat emitted from the light bulb. Luckily the woolen sweater that I wore was pretty

warm. My hands had been tightly bound with nylon cords behind my back. They had left my legs unbound. However escape was futile.


Every hour, one of my captors would appear. All of them save Sally were still wearing black masks that covered the whole face except their eyes


and lips. They would either bring me water or ask me whether I would like to pee or have something to eat. The one time that I did ask for peeing,


I had been blind folded and led to a washroom. Only in the washroom, did my captor open the cloth used for blindfolding. He then went outside


and stood guard. Even the washroom had no window. A lone flush was fixed in a corner and then there was a sink that had soap place upon it.


Luckily it was clean. And as soon as I had done my call to nature, I had been blind folded once again and led back to my cell.



It was nearly one in the morning. My captors decided that since binding me would not be necessary after all. That did give me some relief. I was


free to move about though being confined in a small cell was no freedom. My hands, my wrist and ankles were in quite some pain after being


bound for so many hours. There was no place to sleep. The wooden floor was quite cold. So I placed three chairs next to another and tried


sleeping on it. I was mentally and physically tired out. And soon I was in a deep sleep. A jug of cold water thrown over my face woke me up with


a start. Sally was standing with hands behind her back and one of my captors whose names I knew not peering down at me.


Good morning Sam! Hope you enjoyed your sleep tonight,” said Sally with a smirk on her face.

What time is it?” asked I.


It’s eleven in the morning” she answered.


By the way, you could win an Oscar for your performance. I must say that you are one excellent actress. You had me fooled all the


time. Bravo! I must say you are good at breaking hearts. You have quite a talent,” I said.


Shut up Sam! This is nothing, I am capable of so much more,” she replied.


I am sure of that,” I said.


You haven’t seen my sadistic side Sam. I am capable of great cruelty,” she broke out laughing.


Suddenly her mood changed and she called out to one of the men named Leroy. He came running in.


Tie his hands behind him and bring him along. Let’s give him a show’ uttered Sally.


What sort of show did she have in mind I thought?


The man called Leroy came and bound my hands tightly behind my back. He pushed me from behind. I saw a magnum in his right




Sally led the way and we walked down a dingy, dark and narrow corridor that turned into another hall that had rooms made up of


glass. There were three of them on either side. The first one on his left contained a young girl not older than seven. She was crying


and was quite distraught. Sally introduced her as Casey Weathers, the daughter of a rich industrialist. They had kidnapped her and 


were asking Mr. Weathers to pay them a sum of one million pounds.


In the glass cell next to her was placed a rather old man who looked to be in his early seventies. There was a vacant look in his eyes.


A man dressed in a long white coat was giving the old man water to drink. Sally looked at me and said “We are giving him 10 mg of


arsenic him every day. He will be confused and suffer from severe headaches initially. And then later on as the dose given to him


increases, he may experience symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, blood in the urine, cramping of muscles, hairloss, stomach pain


and more convulsions. He may then fall into a coma and die.”


Who is he and what do you want from him?” I asked my voice shaking from a mixture of fear, disgust and anger.


Sally turned to me and replied “It is not something which I want. We have been paid by a very rich client who stands to inherit this


old man’s wealth after his death. His son has paid us a hefty amount to kill him slowly and to ensure that he suffers intensely.”


My blood suddenly ran cold. A wave of fear suddenly hit me and I felt queasy and a little nauseous. These people were intensely


dangerous and meant business.


In the cell adjacent to the old mans was a middle aged man whose hands and feet were tightly bound with a nylon cord. Susan took me into this


cell. His mouth was gagged with a piece of cloth. In his eyes there was intense fear and they seemed to be pleading for relief. However one of the


brutes standing inside pinned him down. The other took out a cigarette and lighted it. He then bought the cigarette near his face and then placed


the glowing end against the lips of the victim. There was a muffled scream of pain and agony. His body writhed in agony.


I looked to Susan for answers. She noticed the pain in my eyes.


He is Mathew Perry, a serial rapist, who was let of the hook by the justice system. However one of the women raped happens to be the daughter


of a member of our gang. We decided to go after him and teach him a lesson” said Susan.





I turned towards the victim in time to see him being shot in both his knees. He let out a chilling scream and passed out obviously from the pain.


Blood spurted out from his knees. However I was really shocked when the person who had shot him in the knees pointed the gun to his head and


pulled the trigger. I think I vomited twice. The sight of someone being kneecapped and then shot in the head sickened me. And I sat down on my


knees burying my face in my hands weeping like a baby.


Why? Why?” I screamed! “Why did you have to kill him?” I moaned.


A hand grabbed me from behind. I turned around to find the person who had shot Matthew staring at me. His steely gaze, the sadistic glint in his


eyes and the gun in his hands made him look really really cruel and mean.


Get up” he barked. Susan looked at me; the impassive expression revealing no emotion or remorse.


No one would miss him” she said looking my way.


Sam we showed all of this to you so that you realize that we mean business. So we hope that your father doesn’t act stupid and keeps his end of


the bargain for your sake. I do hope you understand the nature of your predicament. You do, don’t you?” she asked me.


Any I looked her way and nodded.


They then took me back to the cell where I was being kept. I was given water to drink and some cold chicken sandwiches to eat. Susan and my


captors locked me in and disappeared. It was one in the


afternoon. And the terrible things I had heard and seen played back before my eyes again and again. It was terrible. My hands were shaking in


fear. I was sweating profusely though it was chilly. My legs felt as if there wasn’t any life in them. I felt as if my energy had been drained out. So I


tried eating the sandwiches but found it difficult to do so. However I drank as much water as possible.


Susan walked in at around two in the evening. She handed me a mobile and told me to call my father and ask him which car he would be driving.


I was also ordered to ask him to open the rear door of the vehicle on parking the vehicle so that one of the gang members could sit inside. Upon


ascertaining that the money was there, the gang member would put a red handkerchief to his nose. The armored Land Rover would then park next


to my father’s vehicle and I would sit along with my father and the gang member sitting in my dad’s vehicle would get into the armored Land


Rover. That was how the switch was to take place.


I hurriedly dialed my dad’s number. After three bells, my dad was at the other end. And I told him all the details of how the switch was to take


place. My father told me that he would be driving his silver Jaguar XJ with number plate BD51 SMR. He told me not to worry and that we would


be soon together.


I certainly hoped that things would go ahead as planned without a glitch.


About two thirty in the evening, Susan showed up with masked gunmen. I was blindfolded and roughly shoved from behind.




Bye Bye” said Susan. And that was the last of what I saw. I was bundled up in the back of the Land Rover. I could see nothing.


It was after quite some while that my blindfolds were taken off. The man who had shot Matthew dead, sat in the passenger sea



Dont do anything stupid” he said looking my way. His face was as always impassive.


He pulled out a Smith and Wesson semi-automatic pistol which he pointed my way and told me that he would shoot me dead if


anything went wrong.


My heart was beating fast. Beads of sweat appeared on my forehead. I felt my body going numb with fear. All I could do was silently


pray to God to help me out. I tried to tell myself that everything was going to be alright. That was all I could do.


We were swiftly moving through towards Harrods. In five more minutes we were there and I saw my fathers Jaguar parked over there.


The man with the Smith and Wesson pistol silently got out of the Land Rover and made his way to the rear of my dads car. A few


minutes later, I saw him placing the handkerchief againt his nose. On cue, the driver pulled up the Rover adjacent to the Jaguar and


after moving for a kilometre, the Land Rover pulled in and parked. I was told to get out. Out of the Jaguar emerged the other gang


member with a big briefcase. He passed by me and gave me a cold stare before he got into the Land Rover. My dad stepped out of the


Jaguar and ran towards me embracing me. We held each other for a long time. I was once again sobbing like a child. The


psychological trauma hadrattled my nerves. It took four months of intense psychological therapy and medication to recover from my ordeal. I


still have nightmares of the time spent in captivity. The images of Susan and her victims are still as vivid as ever. I sometimes fear that


Susan may appear about of a corner. So I move about with armed body guards.


I told the Scotland Yard and the local police about my ordeal. And I wasnt surprised to learn that Susan wasnt her real name. She was


Emily aka ' The Scorpion' who headed a band of terrorists. They were known as the Zodiac Gang. Emily headed it. Though the


Scotland Yard and the MI 6 had tried to uncover their whereabouts, they had been largely unsuccessful. They were wanted for


kidnapping, extortion and murder.


However I was lucky. After all I was still alive.











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