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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a humorous story which looks at the life between Gremlina and her husband. It is a story about how the husband tired of his marriage participates in adultery and read it please...

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013





I lay fast asleep after a long day at work. It was only my wifes shaking me that woke me up.

Wake up lazy bones she said. I need to buy some grocery. Get up and take me out” she said.

Gremlina” I said, “ For Gods sake, I just came back from work and I feel so tired.”

Now now !” she uttered, “ You have been sleeping for the last hour or so. Things need to be done. Get up or you wont have any food tonight.”

Gremlina Darling ! Why is it that you always have some sort of errand ready when I want to relax?” I said.

Jim” she said staring at me, “ there is no bread, no eggs, no vegetables, no yogurt, no ketchup, no salt and a lot of other stuff that I need”.

I reluctantly jumped out of bed and went to the washroom to wash my face. There simply was no way of escaping Gremlina.

When I came out of the wash room, I found Gremlina applying dark red lipstick to her lips. She then spend about half an hour applying mascara and different creams to her face. Plain looking, she believed that make up would help her look pretty. She looked towards me and asked me how she looked and I lied when I told her she looked great. The truth is that she looked awful. Imagine a plump woman with a chubby face, small eyes fitted in slits, a fat nose, bushy eyebrows, thin


lips, big ears sticking outwards and short curly brown hair.


She had a habit of stammering and spitting whilst speaking. Unfortunately she had a hoarse and manly voice. It was unfortunate that she did not believe in having her body hair waxed saying that it was a waste of time and money. I had begged and cajoled her to lose weight and to have her body hair waxed but she did not seem to pay any attention to my requests.


I had married Gremlina a decade ago. Back then she had been slim and good looking. Ten years later, she had put on 32 kilograms of weight. And that was bound to happen for she was addicted to all sorts of junk food and sweets. I had tried to get her to diet and exercise but it had been to no avail.


Sitting infront of the television watching boring soaps, she would spend her time eating hot dogs, turkey sandwiches, chips, choclate and all the fizzy drinks in the world. If it was not that she would be hanging out with her friends at coffee parties, tea parties or at the beauty parlor where she would get facials done every week. However as I told you earlier she was allergic to having her body hair waxed for it was painful according to her.






After ten years, I had lost my urge for sex with Gremlina. Men like their wives to be slim and sexy. And here was I. Gremlina and I, looked like Laurel and Hardy. She was huge and I was thin and athletic.


Having sex with her was quite precarious. There was one time when she nearly smothered me to death with her tits. On another she had leapt onto me when I least expected. I had not been able to hold her and I lost my balance with her falling on top of me. For a while, I thought I had broken my back. Pinned under my wifes weight, I had found it hard to breathe before I had managed to wiggle from underneath her.


When you have sex with a fat woman, the bulging stomach, and sagging layers of fat piss you off. Its not only that. With Gremlina and her body hair and manly voice and a face that reminded me of Boris Karloff in Frankenstein, you had to turn the lights off when you had sex. When I usually bent to kiss her, she would hug me tight and nearly squeeze the life out of me. Usually the dragon breath that she had would knock me unconcious for a while whilst she would jump onto my male hardness and ride it for all it was worth.




During her first attempt at oral sex, she nearly tore off my male hardness and I had to visit a doctor for treatment. It was pretty painful and I had to take medication to provide me relief. I was scared and I abstained from sex with Gremlina for a whole month. She was also scared of what she had done.


Gremlina was at times quite suspicious when I would go on FACE BOOK or any other social website for that matter. She would always check my friends list to ensure that there wasnt any female friend. And if there was, she would give me a scathing lecture on infidelity, breach of trust and divorce. As a consequence, she would at times go through my cell phone as well studying the messages sent and received.


When I went out with her, I made sure that I didnt stare at a good looking woman if she was around. However I could not stop them from staring at me or popping a few questions my way every now and then. And Gremlina, would often pull me away swering at them or telling them off.


I would spend most of my time trying to avoid being seen with her. Though I know that it was mean but what could I do.






I remember that I had laid my eyes for the first time when we were in University in the same class. Back then she had been good looking and I had not been able to take my eyes of her. Romantic at heart, I wrote a love poem and then recited it to her in the canteen one day. It was my ode of love for her. She had been embarrassed at first but she loved the poem. And it was from thereforth that we started dating one another. They were good days, back then. We could barely take our eyes of one another. Gremlina used to be so soft, loving and sexy. I remember the first time we made it out at my apartment. She looked so sexy and beautiful. And I had undressed her and we had held each other locked in an embrace. My lips touched her and she had gently sucked on my tongue. And then I had slowly made my way down her neck and sucked on her tits for a long time before going down and placing my tongue to her clitoris and her vagina licking her. I felt her moan and grip my hands. And then magic happened when my male hardness entered hers and I had thrust it in and out until she came.


Gone were those days however. I remember meeting her parents for the first time. Her father was perhaps in his fifties. Bald headed and with a bull dog expression on his face, he was employed as a policeman with the LAPD( Los Angeles Police Department). His name was Terence Campbell. He was a soft spoken man with soft eyes.


On the contrary, Gremlinas mother, was obese and looked a little like what my wife looks today. She had a stenorian expression. With beady eyes, a puffed up face with bulging cheeks and a small pouting face, she looked quite masculine. The stomach sort of bulged outwards and it was perhaps from her that Gremlina had inherited her genes.


The first time I had visited Gremlinas parents, they had looked me up and down trying to ascertain what sort of creature I was. Whilst Gremlinas mother stared me for the entire period I was there, it was her father who had been the one who had done the talking. He had been hospitable and talkative whilst Gremlinas mother kept quiet with an impassive expression on her face. Gremlina had acted as the agent for communication when needed. And four months after graduation and finding a decent job, Gremlina and I got married.


I took her for our honey moon to Phuket, Thailand. Our days were spent swimming, tanning ourselves on the beach, drinking, eating, dancing, and having long bouts of sex back in our hotel room. It was loads of fun. But that was back then.


Now the whole scenario had changed; it had changed for the worse.


During the ten years of marriage, we were unable to have any children thanks to a fertility problem with Gremlina. But now that I see Gremlina, all fat and obese, I dreaded the thought of having children

that would inherit her genes. I had nightmares of smaller versions of Gremlina running about calling me daddy.


Over the years, my friends drifted away, each one lost in his own life or world. And though I kept in touch with them but we had not met one another for a long long time. The only friends that Gremlina and I had were our next door neighbors.


The Havenshams were a closely knit family. Mr. Richard Havensham was a psychiatrist and his wife was a housewife. They had two small children named Peter and Emily. It was a happy lot.


They would often drop over at the weekends. Whilst Richard was a short, stout and balding individual with stomach that bulged outwards, his wife Patricia, was slim, smart and very good looking.


Both of them were extremely talkative which was something that Gremlina wasnt. I had often seen Patricia stare at me with interest and


I was slightly embarrassed. And I had made it a point to avert her gaze and take Richard to my study where we would sit and discuss issues pertaining to marital bliss, personal issues and matters concerning life and about politics and religion. I found Richard to be an extremely amiable and knowledgeable man. Talking with him helped relieve me mentally.


Then there was that fateful day when Gremlina had gone to her parents home for the week. And I was home alone. I had taken a day off from work and was relaxing watching a football match. At about eleven in the morning the front door had rung. I hadnt expected anyone. Who could it be? And when I opened the door, I was surprised to see Patricia planted in the door way. She had said to the effect that she had wanted something to discuss with me. Being the good samaritan that I was, I had allowed her to come in. Dressed in a skimpy skirt and a tight blouse, she looked dam attractive. She suddenly took her blouse of and moved towards me. I tried to resist but the animal in me came out and I made love to her on the sofa. When she left, I felt perturbed that I had just had sex with another persons wife. The guilt of having done that had a deep impact on my consciousness. How was I going to look at Richard knowing that I had sex with his wife? Ah, it was terrible.



I then went to the Church for a confession. And the Father had listened carefully to what I had to say. Once I came out of the Church, I felt the heaviness on my mind and heart disappear. But I was still fulll of shame knowing that I had committed adultery. How would I be able to look my wife in the eyes? I had to avoid Patricia at all costs.


Unluckily Patricia had left a love bite on my neck which I covered with a semi plast and lied to Gremlina that I had accidently cut myself during shaving. And luckily Gremlina had not suspected anything.


Whenever she came home from her parents, she would ask me how life had been without her.


Did you miss me darling?” was her standard question and when I said that I had she would tell me what a big liar I was.


And I would wonder why she would ask a question when she knew the answer.


That Saturday Patricia and Richard dropped in again. And I averted any sort of eye contact with Patricia. I had noted her staring my way. However I looked the other way. And then took Richard to my study where I eyed him. He was a little tense and then disclosed to me that he suspected that Patricia was seeing another man. These words hit me hard and the guilt of the act that I had committed with his wife suddenly hit me again. I told him that he was probably imagining things. And shifted the conversation asking him about his insight on why people suffer from mental disease and illness.


When Richard and Patricia left, I heaved a sigh of relief.


At another occasion, I went to attend the marriage of Gremlinas younger sister called Melissa. She was young and georgeous looking. I wondered if she would also turn out like Gremlina later in life.


Her fiance was a young good looking man who seemed to adore her. Standing at least six feet tall, with long blonder hair, muscular built, deep blue eyes, an aquiline nose and very handsome, Roger was the only son of a wealthy industrialist. Melissa in contrast to Roger looked to be pretty short standing about five feet four or five inches. However she looked quite delicate and beautiful. I saw her constantly looking towards him as she held his hand and talked to him.





The marriage was to be held the next day in the big garden on the back of the large mansion where we were staying at. Melissas parents were quite happy. All the arrangements had been made for the wedding reception to be held the day after. About a hundred guests had been invited.


In the drawing room, I sat next to my inlaws. My mother in law, Margaret, stared at me. She sat plopped on a leather arm chair placed opposite me staring at me. Her expression was impassive. I got the feeling that she really didnt like me all that much. However I got on well with my father in law. Our conversation often hovered about his time spent with the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department).


There was another young lady sitting with Margaret, a pretty young creature named Heather and she was Melissas cousin. She must have been twenty four or twenty five years old. And I dared not stare at her for my wife sat next to me. It was only when Gremlina went to the washroom, that I had the opportunity to have a look at Heather. She had big brown hair falling upon her shoulders. With big brown eyes, a rather wheatish complexion, a delicate nose, well shaped lips and a sexy figure to go along with it, she was a sight to behold. For a brief moment her eyes held mine and they seemed to express a deep interest in me. I was bewitched by her gaze. It was only the arrival of Gremlina back from the washroom that brought me back to reality.


I quickly looked away lest my wife suspect anything. Lunch was held at one in the afternoon. A large table had been set with turkey, lamb chops, fish cutlets, lots of salad, yogurt and much more on offer to eat. Fresh orange juice and water was on offer for drink.


Sitting directly across me was Heather. Next to me sat Melissa. My wife sat opposite Melissa. Roger sat next to Melissa. My father in law sat at the head of the table and his wife sat opposite him at the other end of the table. I was soon digging ito the food. Ah, now this was life. I had been in the middle of my dinner eating a lamb chop when I found something cold rub against my thigh. Maybe I was imagining it. But there it was again placed where my male hardness was. And I looked up to see Heather smiling at me. I felt really awkward and excused myself and went off towards the wash room. When I sat, I made it aint to drag the chair a little back from the table. Luckily for me, nothing untowards happened. Lunch finished and I headed upstairs towards the bedroom that had been allocated to me and Gremlina. It was situated near the stairway at the beginning of a narrow hall. Heather and Melissa were housed in the room next door and Roger was to sleep in the room towards the end of the hall.



It was about two in the afternoon and Gremlina had decided to share the room with Melissa and Heather. I had the room all to myself and I was quite happy. At least I would be able to sleep peacefully.


After the fine lunch, I had had, I suddenly felt drowsy and so I slept like a baby. When I woke up it was nearly four in the evening. Out of my suitcase, I took out a pair of jeans and a sweater. It was cold and chilly in November and I certainly wanted to stay warm. Before going downstairs, I suddenly decided on having a warm shower. After dressing up, I was about to descend downstairs when I heard a voice. I turned about and I found Heather standing at the entrance of the other room looking towards me. She beckoned me to come her way and I made my way to her. And she had then pulled me into the room. It was empty. “Where is Melissa and Gremlina?” I asked. Heather looked at me rather coyly and answered that they had gone with the groom for some last moment shopping. She pulled me into the room.

I held her in a tight embrace french kissing her. Then she undressed and stood naked before me. I sucked gently on her tits and then started licking her clitoris and vagina. And then I put my male hardness into her and had sex with her. I had never enjoyed sex that much. And I was shocked that I had committed adultery once again. Resisting Heather had been futile.



Somewhere after six, Gremlina came back home. I had had a shower again and changed into a fresh shirt, sweater and a pair of jeans when she strolled into the room looking quite happy. She was very happy that her younger sister was about to be married. And I was not able to look her in the eye after what had transpired between me and Heather. Of course I had pleaded Heather not to approach me when Gremlina was about and around. I silently prayed that it was the first and last time that I run into her again. As I lay on the bed reading the newspaper, Gremlina lied down next to me. She was tired and needed to rest a little. And she was soon fast asleep. When she slept she snored a lot. Thats why I had to put cotton balls in my ears whenever we went to bed together. Sleep would not have been possible with it. She had a bad habit of sliding into my territory on the bed. It was something which I didnt like especially because she had a habit of bringing her fat legs crashing onto my thighs or on my ankles and that hurt quite a bit. Quite often her nocturnal acrobatics in bed would send me crashing onto the floor. However Gremlina had worked on restricting such movements and therefore it was now possible for me to get sound sleep.







She also had a strange fear of the darkness and would often keep a lamp on whenever we slept. I remember that sleeping with a light on disturbed my sleep cycle initially but with the passage of time I became used to it.


Gremlina woke up after half an hour and it was seven in the evening when we finally went downstairs. Sitting in the drawing room were my in laws, Heather, Melissa and Roger all seated in front of the fireplace.On seeing Gremlina and me, my mother in law motioned us to sit on the leather recliners placed near by. They were all discussing about the reception next morning.


Rogers parents were arriving the next morning at around ten. He looked quite happy. Seated next to him was Melissa holding his hands stroking them every now and then. Heather, as usual watched me with unusal interest. And I looked else where averting her gaze. Gremlina sat next to me looking towards Melissa. It was unusually quiet in the room. My father in law seemed to be quite pensive at the moment and Margaret was busy going through a list of the people invited.

Later on in a dress rehearsal, Melissa wore her wedding dress and she looked so beautiful. It was also decided the best man would be me. That was a bit of a surprise. However I was good at speaking and had been the best man at a friends wedding as well. Therefore I had a fair amout of experience doing just that.


It was about midnight when I hit the bed to sleep. Of course Gremlina was to sleep in the room next door. However I could not sleep for some odd reason. The moonlight illuminated the room. And I just lay thinking about my life when I saw the door open. Attired in a night gown, sliding quietly towards me was Heather. And I nearly freaked out. In a muffled tone, I asked her to go back lest my wife discovered her in the same room as me and there was a commotion. Heather just smiled and told me to relax. She took her gown off. And she was all naked as she crept into bed with me under the blanket. She started sucking on my male hardness and she sucked till I came. I then slipped my male hardness into her and pounded her vagina hard. Kissing her, putting my tongue into hers, I pounded her vagina with an increasing intensity. Then I tipped her over and pounded her anus till I came and the sex was so good that we made love for over an hour or more. She quickly slipped on her gown and she was about to leave when I heard the knob of the front door turn. Heather quickly slipped under the bed and I quickly wore my pyjamas.



It was Gremlina. She had come to get her sweater since she felt cold. The lights were turned on and she went through the luggage to get her sweater. Luckily she did not find anything amiss. She turned the light off and she left. Ten to fifteen minutes after she had left and I had assured that she would not come back, I had beckoned Heather to come out. And she did. We embraced one another and kissed one another. She then left quietly.


When I woke in the morning, there was a commotion in the house. Roger had left leaving behind a note which said:


Dear Melissa,

Though I love you a lot but the thought of marriage brings to my mind the word 'responsibility' and lots of it. As marriage draws in close, I feel rather tense and extremely anxious. In my mind, I tried hard to find some way that I could disclose my fears and anxieties to you about marriage but somehow I was never able to do it. In my mind, I was fighting my fears trying to come to terms with the impending responsibility for someone who beautiful as you but the seperation of my parents and other family members weighed in heavily upon my decision and I think it best that we go our seperate ways.

I hope you will understand and forgive me.






Melissa was crying hysterically with Gremlina, Heather and Margaret trying to console her. Terence looked bitterly angry, He had called up Rogers parents and informed them what had happened. The marriage was unceremoniously called off. And Heather, I and Terence were soon calling the invited guests telling them that the marriage had been called off. However I made a lasting friend in the shape of Heather.


As for me, I eventually broke of with Gremlina and married Heather. For me it was the only logical decision though it was a hard one to make considering that I had been married to her for over ten years. For all my infidelities with good looking women, I came to the decision that it was better to marry again with someone you are sexually attracted to rather than carry out adulterous relationships and lying to Gremlina that I loved her.


We however still are good friends.


© Copyright 2020 tahir139. All rights reserved.

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