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Societies and nations have become bastions for sexual peversion in the name of personal freedom but is it the road to disaster or is it a blessing............

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013







Each man and woman is a slave to his or her desires, passions and urges. But those men and women who cant control their passions and desires possess a weak will power, poor control over their lives, indiscipline, poor powers of rational control as they are led by their emotions and as a consequence they make poor decisions in life. And poor decision making often leads them to jump into things without realizing and analyzing the out comes of their actions. As a consequence they are open for being deceived by other people who can spot their weaknesses and flaws in personality and character. He or she who is subservient to desire and pleasures is open for the picking by those who control their passions and desires. It is as simple as that.


Poor decision making and perceptions of right or wrong often lead men and women to make decisions that they will rue and invite chaos and confusion in their lives. Take the case of a smoker addicted to smoking suffering from cancer, the drinker suffering from liver cirrhosis, the adulterer suffering from Aids, the drug abuser suffering from HIV, the person addicted to gambling suffering huge losses in personal wealth, the greedy person being swindled by a conman, the jealous person losing focus of what he or she has in life, etc. Therefore it can be clearly seen that each social evil and immoral thing in life has a repurcussion that badly impacts ones life.


This is why in religion, the Creator has forbidden adultery, addictions, gambling, greed, spite, hate, jealousy and much more.


Today we are attracting negativity in our lives by embracing lifestyles that embrace and rejoice in that which has been forbidden. You attract Satan and his disciples in each forbidden act. And all that Satan gives us in return for following his path is confusion, chaos, and devastation. But of course we dont realize this. No we have chosen to disbelieve and look the other way.


In our world today, we are running after sex, wealth, power, status and all our pleasures and desire. No one is paying attention to the kind of repurcussions it is having upon people and society. We are not willing to learn from our experiences. There seems to be a serious lack of knowledge of what morality and immorality are. Our lives are today led by what we feel is right...screw religion !


As a consequence of allowing social evils to fester, people living within them have started becoming insecure. In USA, one person is raped every 4 seconds and that is a terrible statistic. It also has the highest homicide rate in the world. It is the place where porn was born. And as a consequence of sexual peversion and peverts in society, you rape and sexual offenders have become common. Often rape victims are strangled and murdered. Rapists and child molesters have become common. And young women and children are no more safe with sexual predators and serial killers lurking in the WAIT for victims.


Violence has become common in the society because of the kind of programmes being aired that promote violence and crime. According to a statistic the teenager has been exposed to thousands of murders already on television. Couple that with the mental development of a child exposed to sexual and physical abuse by parents, relatives or friends, and you will develop men and women with serious behavioral problems and issues.


Already USA has more people in prison then the entire people behind bars in the world. And this paints a picture of the American society that really needs a lot of reform. Societal reformation and laws banning guns are needed to curb homicide and sexual crimes in the society.


Societies across the world are in need of societal reformation. There is a need for a change in the system and in the way of thinking. By the system I mean capitalism. Capitalism in its form suffers because usury today causes an inequal distribution of power and wealth. Due to the practise of usury, the rich get richer and the poor are not getting any better. Secondly under capitalism, men and women are being observed as tools for production and not people with needs, emotions and thoughts. Under capitalism, people have become greedy and the urge to accumulate wealth and being wealthy is seen as the sole means of possessing power and holding honor in a society. Therefore as a consequence, the havenots are often left alone to revel in their abject poverty and misery.


In third world countries, especially the inequal distribution of wealth and greed have given rise to social corruption, crime, lack of justice and immorality. Everyone just seems to have one ambition which is to have lots of money and recognition. The yearning to do good, to contribute to society, to be honest, to be decent and basic value systems have been replaced by a new value system that judges people by how much they make and the possessions that they have. It is this thing that continues to ruin societies and nations.


The constant permeation of evil in our societies and nations and the deviation from the religion laid down by God, will make them meccas for deviation from laws laid down by nature. Already we find homosexuals and transexuals becoming a third force so as to say.


When we read about teachers in USA having sex with teenagers, when we read about men dating transexuals, when we read about homosexual couples, when we read about peverts, rapists and pedofiles and serial killers stalking men, women and children, it all points towards a very dangerous and peverse society. It indicates that somewhere down the road, the entire society and nation may collapse.

tNations falling in the footsteps of the United States of America, may well become traps for unrest and disease if the value system used in USA is imported into nations where people seek to follow values that only destroy...


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