The magical kingdom

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A young man accesses a magical kingdom when he visits an alley at the back of the house..........

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013






Once upon a time when I was a young man, I wandered into an alley which I had not seen before and as I walked I suddenly found myself in a strange land where there were the trees were so huge and beautiful and where flowers, the colors of the rainbow, with scent so sweet and yet not overwhelming seemed to glow into numerous colors of the rainbow. And whereever I went there seemed to be a lot of peace and solace. Soon I found myself before men and women who were young and beautiful to behold. They wore gayily colored clothes made of silk and each one of them welcomed me. They told me that there was no concept of time, money, hate, lust, greed, spite and all the evils of human nature there. Everyone was at peace with themselves for they had no worries or anxieties. Everyones thought was pure and there was no concept of malice. Indeed each man and woman had only to think what they wanted and it was instantly presented to them. They showed me streams of pure water and when I drank it, it was so refreshing and pure unlike what we find on earth. As we moved towards another part of this land, I saw yet another stream full of milk and honey. And when I sipped of it, it was so fresh and wholesome.



As I walked with them, I came to an area where the trees were laden with fruits. You took one and another one appeared in its place. There were apples, pears, plums, oranges and many more fruits with skin that glowed like pearls and gems. When you ate them, you felt happy, at peace and quite strong. I had never tasted such fruits back on Earth.


I noticed that my companions had radiant skins that glowed and were of a beauty that none would ever had seen or experienced upon Earth. You did not have to speak in this land. All communication seemed to take effortlessly using ones thoughts.


The people communicated to me that there was no concept of time in this place and people neither aged nor did they perish. There was no concept of anything foul or impure in this world. It was just pure bliss and that was all.






And then I suddenly found myself back in the alley and I soon reached home. It had felt as if I had been in a dream. During the next few years, I visited that place whenever I felt depressed, lonely or anxious and each time I was back from that place I felt rejuvenated. All my anxieties would disappear. I would be a new person; a happy and optimistic person.


My friends and parents would admire my control over my fears, desires, anxieties and negative thoughts and emotions. Little did they know about the secret way I had found to another world that empowered me to be a better and stronger human being. Had I told them about it, they would have laughed and scoffed at me. So I remained mum about my discovering this new world.


However one day, try as I did, I could not find that alley from where you could visit that magical kingdom. For a while, I felt sad but I would never be able to find or visit that place again. But even today, that place is firmly placed at the back of my mind.


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