The romance of roger and alicia

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roger marries alicia due to his mothers wish...only to find life is tough with her...due to her nagging ways

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




When Roger grew up, he had thought that the only woman to torment him in his life would be his mother. Women are a species given to managing things and controlling them as well. And Roger grew up in a house where his mother had been the dominating partner whereas Rogers’s dad had been the timid one always complying with the orders. At times he really hated how his father was controlled and manipulated by his mother. She was a woman gifted with sharp temper. Quite frequently her frustrations in life would be directed at her children in the form of a sharp scolding and rebuke. At times such as this, Roger would always make himself scarce mostly locked in the washroom.

He had thought that once he would get married things would change but they did not. Now her wife Alicia was the one controlling his life. She had to know exactly where he was at all times of the day. Quite often at work, his cell phone would ring and Alicia would be ordering him to keep away from other women at the office. If he had a late sitting to do, quite often Alicia would drive over to his office to check on him whether he was telling the truth or not. Roger soon became the butt of everyone’s ridicule at his office.

At home, Alicia would often be standing outside the apartment looking out for him. It would remind him of his mother waiting for him when he used to come back from school as a young child. And as soon as his blue chevy would park in the parking lot, she would walk back inside their apartment. As soon as he would enter the door, she would often take his briefcase from him and give him a cup of hot tea and a few sandwiches. After that it would be business as usual. She would have the entire remaining day planned. Today she wanted to shop this and tomorrow she wanted to buy that. If you advised her on saving money for a rainy day, she would give you a piece of her mind. “Life is short, enjoy it whilst you can, whats the use of saving” used to be her standard reply. At other times she would often swing into one of her glorious tempers where she would threaten to divorce him and the sermon that came along with it would always emphasize on the fact of how much the husbands of her friends made and that marrying him had been a big mistake. It would start as a shouting match and then gradually simper away. And then Roger would acquiesce to her demands and things would cool down.

When it came to sex, Alicia was kind of allergic to the love making and whatever it entailed. Quite often she would just lie naked asking Roger to do whatever he wanted and to do it quick. She was the least bit passionate and quite often she would lay completely motionless and still. There was no love, no passion whatsoever. He had tried to French kiss her but she would not allow him to do so. It was as if Roger was stuck with a mannequin without feelings and emotions.

After the sex, she would hurriedly disappear in the washroom and bathe for over an hour or so till the soap that she bathed with did not finish. She was finicky about cleanliness and germs. Once she came out of the shower, she would spend ages drying her hair and setting them. After that she would laboriously scrub herself with different creams and lotions. She would then come and lie down asking Roger to give her a massage or to press her aching body. It was a ritual that that Alicia was used to every night before going to sleep. And Roger, the good husband that he was had to comply with her Alicia’s demands.

There were days when she would wake up with an allergy and she would be sneezing, feeling cold and wiping away her watering eyes. At such moments, it was Rogers duty to make her tea and prepare the breakfast if need be whilst Alicia took some anti-allergic medicine and lay in bed. If it was a weekend, he also had to wash the dishes and heat the food in the microwave. On other occasions, Alicia would often develop a severe migraine and it was Rogers’s job to nurse her back to health. He would often massage the points at the base of her head or provide her the medication specified for migraine. It entailed providing a very quiet ambience without light or noise.

It was Rogers duty to press his own shirts and pants for office and to polish his shoes if need be. So Roger had a lot of work and duties to perform. And unfortunately his best was not enough for Alicia who was given to moaning and complaining most of the time.

When he would use the net, he would often visit social websites such as Face Book. However Alicia had demanded to see the list of friends he had and she had been upset to see the number of females he had added and the type of comments he had passed.


It had really perturbed her and she threatened to divorce him if he did not remove the women he had added as his friends on Facebook. She had called him a cheat, a womanizer and a liar. Unfortunately it had triggered her migraine and Roger spent most of Sunday, trying to say that he was sorry and promising her that such a thing would never happen in the future.

Alicia had a craving for salty items and junk food whereas Roger had a liking for sweet stuff such as candy, biscuits and ice-cream. Alicia was quite conscious of her appearance and weight whereas Roger was a little on the fat side.

On looking at Alicia, one would see a very smart and rather good looking young lady with deep blue eyes, a small nose, lips that were a little thin, hair that was straight and blonde, a small waist, shapely hips and thighs. All in all, she was an attractive woman, a little short though considering that she was five feet four inches tall. To enhance, her height, she would often wear high heeled shoes.

In contrast Roger stood six feet tall. He resembled the actor Pierce Brosnan to an extent except that Roger had a pot belly and was rather obese.

Alicia was addicted to walking and jogging whereas Roger had a rather sedentary lifestyle. He was more of the type who would like to swim or to watch television. You can say that he was not the type who was given to maintaining his fitness or looks.

Alicia and Roger had made friends with their next door neighbors and over the weekends, they would often hang over at each other’s place.

Rufus and Adele were a typical British couple. They had been recently married. It was a good match. Both of them were friendly, kind and humorous. They were the type of people who were candid, open, informal and very hospitable. They had found Roger to be a lovely person whereas their first perception of Alicia had been of a person who was quite moody and sour at times. Living next door, Rufus and Adele had often been an audience to the regular rounds of verbal spates between Alicia and Roger. Quite often Roger had seeked refuge at their apartment. And Rufus and Adele had often mediated to patch the things between Alicia and Roger.


Roger would often look back upon his honeymoon. He had taken Alicia to Maldive Islands. It was a serene and beautiful place flooded with tourists from so many different countries. The lush beaches, the beautiful sea, the friendly natives, the good shopping bargains, the fabulous resorts and hotels and the good food made Maldives a tourists Paradise. Now Roger had thought that perhaps he would enjoy some quality time making love with his wife but he had been rudely shocked to learn that Alicia was not a very passionate person. So he had asked her if she would like to go out for a swim or to tan on the beach and she had answered that whilst she was not averse to swimming but she did not want to tan her fair complexion at any cost. In the end, Roger had made alone for the beach whilst her wife had gone shopping. At the beach, his eyes fell upon new couples busy strolling around hand in hand whilst here he was all alone even though this was his honey moon. There were a number of scantily clad females walking about, swimming or even enjoying a tan. Some of them even stopped to have a chat or to invite him to swim with them and have a drink but Roger had politely refused telling them that he had just married and that he was on his honey moon. Because his wife was not with him, some of them took it that he was lying when he really wasn’t.

After swimming around and lazing around on one of the many beach chairs placed on the white sandy beach, he made for one of the multiple little restaurants that lined the beach. There he had devoured two tuna sandwiches and drank a lot of plain water. He had then headed back for the small hotel where he was staying. Alicia had returned with a number of summer dresses and souvenirs. She happened to be in an unusually good mood. And Alicia was often in a good mood whenever she had had the opportunity to shop about. It was the only thing that truly made her happy.

So this was what Rogers honeymoon with Alicia had been like. He had felt at best a stranger with his own wife. To think that he had saved his virginity for marriage confounded him now.

The few times Rogers’s mother in law came over to stay had been disturbing. Whenever she came, she had the habit of planting ideas into Alicias mind. She would often suggest Alicia to buy a new television, to buy some new furniture, to redo her interior décor, to buy some new designer bags and much more. When Roger would come home, his mother in law had the rest of the day all figured out. One moment they would be roaming about in the shopping malls, the next would be spent eating dinner at some fancy restaurant and then they could be watching a late night movie at the cinema. To escape this, he would often sit very late at the office doing nothing. Alicia liked the idea of her husband working late and earning money. As for her mother, she would term it a deliberate move not to take her out somewhere.

Alicia and Roger had been married for over two years. However Roger never really could remember her wife’s birthday or the date on which they had married. It was always Alicia who had to remind him.

And Roger rather thought living with her to be a dull and mundane affair. There was nothing to cherish or to celebrate. It had been Rogers’s mother who had suggested that he marry Alicia who was the eldest daughter of her best friend. Roger dated Alicia two or three times before he had consented to marrying her.

Usually people put their best foot forward at such occasions and the rather naïve Roger who was not a keen observer or a good judge of people, quietly acquiesced.

There were times when Roger would often go down to the beach to stroll alone and watch the ocean waves roll in. It was the single thing that relaxed him a lot. Infact it was much better than to be in the arms of a woman who was not given to exhibiting love or passion. Roger had silently observed that when Alicia was not around, especially when she had gone to spend a weekend with her parents, he felt happier and more relaxed. At least he did not have to deal with her mood swings and her constant nagging and feeling of insecurity that he was running about with different women when he really was at the office.


When she had gone away the first time to her parents after their marriage, Roger had quietly invited his friends for a reunion of sorts. And they had all talked about their wives and how their marriages had turned out to be. It was like a form of group therapy where all the men present had the opportunity to vent their feelings and emotions. Some were happy and some were sad.

And on another occasion, Roger had had gone down to a small and yet well-known coffee shop where he had run into a young unmarried woman. She had actually walked up to him and asked if she could join him. And Roger had acquiesced. She was pretty talkative and friendly. Actually she was quite cute and Roger had a hard time taking his eyes off her.

Hannah was an economics student at Oxford University. Her father had passed away and her mother had later remarried. She had left her home when her step-father had made a few passes at her. And when her mother came to learn about the incident, she had divorced him.

Roger saw her again a few times more before his wife came back home from her parents. She had been a little surprised to see him in such good spirits and so happy.

One day, Roger had been in the shower and had left his mobile phone in the bedroom. And Alicia had picked up his mobile phone and gone through the messages. It was unfortunate that Hannah had just sent Roger a message asking him where he was and what he was upto. Little did Roger know what awaited him when he would come out of the washroom. Alicia stood there with his mobile phone in her hand. She was livid with anger and she trembled and shook as she cursed and verbally abused him. It was an active volcano that had just blown up. Alicia had taken the hold of her heeled shoe and clobbered Roger with it. The ferocity of her attack had taken him. He had quite a few bruises the palm of his hands, his arms and on his behind. However he had managed to grab a hold of her and subdue her. Alicia had then bit hard onto his hands. She managed to free her hand and had nearly gouged his eyes out with her long finger nails.

The next door neighbors had feared the worst after hearing the screaming and shouting and called in the police. Both Roger and Alicia had been taken down to the police station. The police had found Roger clad in his vest and underwear.


He was bleeding from a gash on his arm. His right eye was all red after Alicia had nearly gouged his eye out with her long fingernail. There were several deep bruises on his backside as well as on his arms. As for Alicia, she had been biting and scratching Roger when the police had finally brought down the locked front door.

A brief trial followed and Alicia was sentenced to three months in prison for assault and violence. No charges were pressed against Roger.

Roger filed for divorce and vowed never to marry.

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