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Is there any rationality in waging wars? Can peace ever be bought to warring nations....will sanity prevail?

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013




The young woman saw two small coffins being lowered into the earth. A number of men, women and children were present at the funeral. The young ones had been killed by enemy fire. The battle between the Palestinians and Jewish settlers continued. Young ones stood huddled with their parents. Older ones carried AK 47s ready to be drafted into the war.


The young woman shrieked and cried. Women about her consoled her. Others cried with her. The father of the two small children stood teary eyed; the palms of his hands pressing upon his eyes. It was a solemn occasion. Women were covered in black veils. The men just stood about the burial site. Some recited prayers for the departed small children and others just stood there tense, nervous, fearful and full of sorrow.


Billows of smoke rose all about the city of Gaza. Heavy bombardment of the city had taken many lives that day yet it was the death of the two young children, one boy and one girl, barely three years old that had formed an impetus for the armed struggle against Israel to continue.


As the two children were buried amidst shouting, crying and screaming, fighter jets flying low and overhead renewed the fear of the people at the funeral. Men, women and children ran to take cover in a nearby building.

There were a number of whistling sounds before the bombs found their marks. Loud explosions lit the night sky; the deafening sounds reverbrated through across the city.


A number of tall buildings stood decimated. Buried underneath the rubble were men, women and children many of whom who had just participated in the burial of the two children. Some had perished; others were seriously injured.


War is pure madness. And this conflict was no exception. The only casualties are ordinary civilians. It is another example of what hate and prejudice can do to people. The value of life, love and a peaceful coexistence is often pushed into the background. Saner voices are banished and those who chant 'War' are welcomed with open arms.


Bloodshed and more bloodshed on either side. Is this sanity?

And yet no one seeks rational and peaceful ways of resolving differences. It is only through death and destruction that man resolves conflicts in war.


The cycle of violence continues unabated even today. When will people from differing religions and beliefs learn to coexist?









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