what happens in movies

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its a humorous view of what happens in indian movies....

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012




A typical Indian Movie

In Bollywood movies, there is a mixture of action, romance, humor and tragedy. More often than not the movie revolves about the lives of a man and woman madly and deeply in love from differing classes or from the same class. As time passes, they dance over hill and dale singing expressing their love for one another. They hug each other, kiss one another, change a thousand dresses, day turns to night and night turns to day during the song. More often than not the heroine is clad in loose and skimpy outfits revealing her wares seducing the hero and the audience with much vulgarity.  Once the song finishes, the movie then focuses upon the villains…and quite often the parents of the hero and heroine prove to be the main obstacle to the romantic liasions between the hero and heroine. You often see the heroine being verbally abused by an angry father or a brother vowing to murder the hero. Locked in her room, our heroine weeps loudly. The scene shifts suddenly to the hero who is roaming about somewhere when the goons led by the brother of the heroine arrive on the scene to teach our hero a lesson. Fortunately the hero possesses moves that even Bruce Lee did not possess and single handedly he proceeds to teach all of them a lesson. Meanwhile the parents of our heroine think that it would be better to wed their daughter immediately to anyone rather than our hero. In sadness, our heroine sings out a song….and the hero seems to be miles away but he hears the sad voice and song of his beloved…so he appeals to his parents to help him but alas they look the other way…these are desperate times…and in the middle of the night…our heroine tiptoes out of the house and she runs away…she somehow manages to reach the house of our beloved hero…who is pacing like a mad tiger on the balcony…and when he sees our enchanting heroine….his heart skips a beat…for a while they are lost looking into each other’s eyes…the hero stealthily makes her way to her and they are lost in an embrace which seems forever...their loving embrace is broken by the appearance of the heros parents…at first they are outraged…….but then their hearts melt and they agree to marrying their son with the girl…however the heroine is to return home immediately…the scene changes and they show the girl tiptoeing back into her house…the next scene shows the parents of the hero visiting the house of our heroine…it’s a broken and dilapidated house…as the parents of the heroine are poor…however their happiness is seeing their son happy…so they ask the parents of our heroine for her hand in marriage…the poor parents of our heroine…think that they are in some sort of dream…their poor daughter marrying the son of a millionaire ? ….even the brother of our heroine has a sudden change of heart…and so the marriage is arranged and our hero and heroine are married off…..and so they live a happy life forever in each others embrace…..and so the movie ends on a happy note…..


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