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Submitted: June 18, 2014

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Submitted: June 18, 2014



Have you ever stopped to consider the purpose of life or about who the Creator of the Universe is? Do you even for a second stop to think about what happens once you die? For the atheists there is no God and the concept of Angels, Prophets and a Creator are non-existent. There is no concept of accountability, reward or punishment. Therefore man is in short free to what he or she wants to do. On the other hand the Jews, Christians and Muslims are all aware of the Creator but sadly the Scriptures of the Christians and Jews have been modified and rewritten. It is only the Holy Quran that remains intact and in one piece today. Hundreds of thousands of Prophets were sent to mankind which ended with the last Prophet; the seal of the prophets namely Prophet Muhammad Sm and the religion that had its inception in the heart of Arabia. It was to be a religion perfected for humanity and the inheritors of this religion were to be Muslims. The word Islam means ‘peace and salvation’ and it was to be a mercy and guidance from the Creator for all of humanity. And the Muslim was to surrender his will completely to the Will of Allah. This complete submission entails faith in the Creator, His Angels, His Prophets and the concepts of resurrection, accountability and heaven and hell.


Man is but an emissary of Allah on earth and the purpose of our creation has been stated in the Holy Quran as worshipping Allah five times a day at the prescribed times. Salah or prayers form the basic and mandatory foundation of the faith in Allah. Indeed those who don’t say their prayers five times a day have been likened to the dead. The basic purpose of remembering Allah is not only His remembrance and communication but it serves as a mode and means of seeking repentance for our sins, as  a means for gaining His love, gaining His assistance, and seeking salvation and protection from Satan, the mortal enemy of mankind, who seeks to misguide mankind and lead them to the depths of hell in the hereafter. Allah states that Satan has vowed to misguide mankind and attack them from the front, the back and from the flanks. Satan, a jinn, has actually been in Heaven but when Allah had asked His Creation, the Angels, to prostrate before Adam, Satan refused to do so stating that being a creation of fire, he could not bow before a lesser creation made of clay. It was this arrogance and disobedience, that earned Satan, Allahs wrath and therefore Satan was cast out of Heaven and condemned to Hell in the Hereafter.

 And today in our lives, it is quite rare for men and women, young ones especially to say their prayers five times a day. The punishment that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, witnessed during his ascent to the heavens was being struck on the head by a huge boulder again and again till resurrection. This is the punishment that a person will undergo for not saying his or her Salah. This is no hocus pocus. It is definite for the Prophet Muhammad PBUH never lied and we can never think such a thing. The person whose prayers were not in order may be cast into Hell….i use the term may for it is Allah alone to decide.

Today in our worldly lives, a lot of people think that the concept of heaven and hell is all fiction and fantasy. Amongst them are the disbelievers and then there are the hypocrites. In the Holy Quran, Allah has mentioned such people as those who have taken their lives for a play and that many of them act like the deaf, the dumb and the blind even though they have read the Quranic verses but these are the people who are on the wrong path; a path that does not lead to His Mercy but an eternal life of torment in the depths of Hellfire. The inheritors of Heaven and all its pleasures will be the good doers, the Muhsineen and the Momins who lead their lives in fear of Allah and whose lives are spent doing all that has been commanded by Allah. The people who say their prayers five times a day, those who fast, those who pay zakat, those who fear Allah and possess taqwa, those who don’t lie, those who don’t cheat and deceive others, those who don’t use bad language, those who don’t slander and defame others, those who contribute to charity and feed the poor, those who say Assalam Alaikum to those who they know and those who they don’t know, those who are modest, those who are humble, those who disseminate useful knowledge, those who aren’t extravagant in spending money, those who feel for other humans, those who don’t backbite, those who aren’t arrogant, those who aren’t jealous and envious of others, those who don’t repel the orphan, those who work constantly to help the needy, etc. of will be the dwellers of Heaven.

Today the standard individual, is indeed very lucky if he or she has found Allah and is leading a life prescribed by Him. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH asked Muslims to spend life in this world as if they were mere travelers and not to be attracted and bound to the pleasures of this duniya or world. The reason why he said this is that our lives on earth are a brief sojourn as compared to the eternity to be spend in the Hereafter. This first stage of our lives is a trial that will basically weed out the good and bad amongst His Creation. It is a testing ground to see which of His Creation follows Him and which doesn’t. It is our deeds that will be thoroughly gauged and weighed to see who deserves Heaven and who deserves Hell. Mans deeds alone will not determine his acquisition of Heaven, it is the grace of Allah and His Mercy that will be the determining factor. Our faith in Allah is not complete without belief in the Prophet Muhammad PBUH to an extent that our love for him should exceed our love for our parents. But the love for the Prophet Muhammad PBUH can only be completed by following his Sunnah and adapting them into our lives. The strength of our faith can never be proper if we don’t fear Allah and conform to all His Commandments. These commandments are listed in the Holy Quran which is indeed a true guide for those who seek His guidance. And guidance can only be for he who actually seeks to please Allah and seek His guidance. The prescription for salvation, mercy and success in life has been enumerated in various Surahs of the Quran and the stories concerning the destruction of various nations by Allah for disobeying Him is ample testimony for those who don’t fear Him.

Most of us don’t fear Him because our belief on the unseen is shaky. We haven’t seen or heard the trials of the people being punished in their graves and the Prophet Muhammad Sm told the people that if they were just to hear the screams of the person being punished it would be enough warning for those who aren’t aware of or who don’t believe in the concepts of punishment in the graves. The people who are likely to be punished in the graves are the backbiter, the slanderer, the person who wants adultery to spread in society, the disbeliever and the person who soils his clothes with urine. You can explore the Ahadith regarding the punishment and trials in the grave and for whom it is.

Almighty Allah has vividly described hell and its torments as well as the pleasures that will be in Heaven only for the believers.

Today it is grossly unfortunate that many of us are lost in the pleasures of the world and are leading lives that are far from what has been specified in the Quran let alone in the Ahadith. The capitalistic model of life associates success in life with the acquisition of wealth and its accumulation and therefore religion does not hold any sway amongst the people. Under the Western model of life, God has been pushed into the background and a fantastic fantasy has been created which hinges on living a life of hedonistic pleasures where self-control does not exist within a human being. Western societies allow for pornography, drug addiction, sexual abuse, homosexuality, gambling and many other vices which are strictly condemned in Islam. Once the moral fabric of a nation disintegrates, it becomes doomed for destruction.

Sadly in our Muslim societies, especially in the upper strata of society, we are being bombarded with western filth and poisons as well as Hindu culture. The television is being used as a source for brainwashing individuals and for instilling within them passions for leading lust filled lives of moral and religious ignorance. When a child is born, it is rare for him/her to be given a proper religious education. Instead the primary objective of each parent seems to be the formal education of the child. And as a consequence, the child grows up into a religiously ignorant person open to every form of vice and temptation.

 The beauty of the heart and the nobility of character are things rarely instilled within children. Instead we are producing individuals geared to become materialistic creatures seeking satisfaction in acquisition of material objects and filled mostly with lust, greed, envy and selfishness. Men and women think that being born into wealthy families is a blessing from Allah. And the reality is that being born into a rich family or into poverty is only a trial from Allah. None of a persons wealth or children will help him on the day of Resurrection. It will only be his or her deeds and belief in Allah and the Prophets that will be of consequence. His children, his wife or family members will be of no use to him on that day. The people who lived lives of luxury oblivious of His Commandments will experience the torments of life in the grave, of the day of judgement and an eternity spent in Hellfire. So will the disbelievers, the hypocrites and disobedient Muslims.

It is mentioned in a Hadith that those possessing any amount of arrogance will not be allowed to enter Heaven. Nor will be those individuals who did not refrain from slander, from backbiting, from making false covenants, from using bad-language, from deceit, and other vices mentioned in Holy Quran. There is a lot of emphasis laid upon controlling the ‘Self’ in Islam. This control over ill-gotten pleasures and desires can only be acquired by he/she who submits completely to His Will and His Pleasures and His Commandments and who strives to please Him. When you strive hard to control your tongue and to abstain from all that has been forbidden, the remuneration and worth of your deeds increases manifold. It is such people who Allah likes and whom He forgives and for whom He has kept the reward of ‘Heaven’ and many other delights.

It is not enough to read the Quran. Reading it slowly and understanding it carries much reward. Understanding the Holy Quran and applying it in our daily lives is a guidance to sure success in this world and the Hereafter.


The people today in Pakistan, particularly in the upper strata of society, have become oblivious to the commandments of God. Bombarded by Indian and Western movies and television programmes, most of our young men and women today have chosen to emulate people in the West and have become second rate carbon copies that act, talk and walk like people they think they know in the West, particularly in the United States of America. The value system and the dress codes followed by Western people is heavily patronized by the so called literate and rich classes of Pakistan. There is an increased emphasis on learning English but at the expense of the national language. Young men and women are not being schooled in basic values and humanity. They are being reared up as beings inimical to the teachings of Islam and many consider it an achievement to live their lives far from the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

You have families belonging to the richer classes where dancing to the music late in the night and consuming large amounts of alcohol is in vogue. In our society today, the concept of dating and the intermingling of sexes is considered to be perfectly normal. And so adultery today has gained a strong hold in the society. Men, young and old today even hire prostitutes at will to satisfy their lusts. At marriage parties, it is considered perfectly normal to hire dancing women or to have local household women prancing before strangers at a marriage or mehndi ceremony. This is all Un Islamic and yet the people consider it to be modernism and fashionable. How can things that destroy human values and society be considered fashionable?

It is strange that young men and women are today being indoctrined to become humans incapable of controlling their passions and lusts; those passions and lusts which have been mentioned as the tools of Satan to mislead people into Hellfire. This is mentioned in the Quran, the Old Testament and Taurat and yet the people choose to be aloof of these Commandments cursing the Maulvis and religious people within their conversations and committing all forms of evil possible in the name of modernism.

In our society, today as in any capitalistic society, we are taught to associate happiness with the acquisition of material objects. Instead of finding happiness in the gift of life and in nature and within doing good deeds, within humility and selflessness we are raised upto associate our happiness with the possession of expensive material objects. But what happens if we are in our lives unable to acquire those things that we hold as important for our personality and well-being? Do we have any belief system which can help us combat misfortune and upheavals in our lives?

It us grossly unfortunate but in Pakistan, especially within the upper strata of life, children are being raised up as people who cannot be questioned for whatever mode of action that they may want to do. They are being raised up as loose cannons devoid of discipline and basic ethics. Educational institutions that once used to be responsible for disciplining unruly children have become commercial enterprises where students are allowed to behave in any manner that they may choose to do so because the owners of educational institutions in Pakistan are basically only concerned with the money flowing in as an commercial enterprise would want to.

Therefore what we find is that in Pakistan the standards of education have dropped and educational institutions give the picture of babysitting play grounds where young men and women are free to intermingle and do whatever they want. When educational institutions become venues for dating and students discuss anything but education, the standards of morality and education are definitely destined to decline.

It is not uncommon to find young women and men smoking charas or hash filled cigarettes on the campus at educational institutions and there is no one to check them or reprimand them.

Peer pressure often affects the way young adults behave. Because parents don’t provide them with solid role models in life and because they aren’t indoctrinated with a solid religious education, it becomes very difficult for most of them to distinguish right from wrong or to avoid those actions that have been condemned by God.

In a grossly materialistic society where consumerism is the order of the day, the people are constantly being brainwashed to believe that need a certain product to satisfy a particular need. For instance, television commercials selling face whitening creams, try to sell women the fact that men don’t like women of a darker complexion and hence their cream/s will help them marry the perfect man. Similar strategies are used by cosmetic companies to sell their night creams and day creams and all the paraphernalia associated with looking beautiful.

I find women running after designer clothes, bags and shoes with the hard earned money of their husbands ignorant of the fact that Allah will hold them accountable for where they spent their money. In Surah Nur, women have been asked to cover themselves from head to foot when they go out in the market. They are not to display themselves to strangers. And yet these Quranic Injunctions are overlooked by most Pakistani women, young and old today. There is a race amongst women in the society to look trendy, to look beautiful, to look fashionable and to display themselves and such a display of women in society is condemned in the Quran and by the Sunnah.

Similarly women at weddings often dance in front of men and that once again is against the norms set by our religion and yet it is in vogue especially at Mehndi ceremonies.







Today all the focus seems to be upon looking good but not being good on the inside; within our hearts where it ought to be. Led by vanity, false pride and arrogance; driven by their egos, their passions and desires, men and women are often led astray by Satan faraway from His Remembrance and Mercy. Many people are today lost in lives of luxury unaware of the Creator or they choose to deny His Commandments ignorant of the torment to come in the Hereafter in the graves and then in Hell. Our hearts don’t quake with His fear because for many of us the concept of a Creator, of Heaven and Hell and of accountability is all fantasy or mumbo jumbo.

We find people spending thousands or even millions on an object of luxury but the question is what part of our wealth we are allocating for alms, for charity and the well-being of the have-nots. One of the best deeds in the sight of Allah are to feed the poor and to spread ‘SALAM’ whether you know the person or not. And yet today, I find that most of us are devoid of basic manners and courtesies.


Saying our prayers five times a day at the prescribed time are mandatory and those who waste their prayers are likened to the dead. The first thing to be questioned about is the ‘Salah’ or prayers. Those who don’t pray five times a day.

In the Holy Qur’?n, Allah says:

I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me.


Thus, prayer first and foremost, is the response to this Divine directive to worship the Creator. Prayer represents the individual’s affirmation of servant hood before the Lord of Creation and submission to His Omnipotent Will. It also represents a willing acknowledgment of our weakness and neediness by seeking Divine Grace, Mercy, Abundance and Forgiveness. Prayer, then, is a willful, directed action by the believer, seeking direct, unmediated communication with Allah, for Muslims believe that every human being is of interest to the Divine. It also represents a concrete manifestation of the Islamic conception of freewill, in that the decision to pray is one that must be made by each individual. In this way, prayer is a uniquely “human” form of worship, for all other creatures submit without question to Allah’s Will and are engaged in His praise, glorification and remembrance, as the Holy Qur’?n asserts:



“and there is not a thing but hymneth His praise; but ye understand not their praise.”


Prayer, by its very nature, is a form of request or entreaty, and thus requires the full conscious participation of the one praying, with will, intellect, body and soul. The one engaged in prayer is in direct connection with the Creator Who hears everything the supplicant says and responds – though not necessarily in the affirmative – to each request. This is the concrete manifestation of Allah’s role as The Hearer, The Aware and The Responsive, which represent three of the ninety-nine Holy Names and Attributes of Allah that form the basis of the Islamic conception of the Divine.

In Islam, there are two forms of prayer. One has ritual, formal requirements and manners, which are essential to its correct observance. This is called šal?t. The other form is supplicatory prayer, and in its more general sense, represents an open-ended conversation with Allah, which may occur at any time or place, with few restrictions or requirements. It is called du¿a.

Prophet Muhammad (s) called prayer “the pillar of religion.” No fundamental element of Islam has been stressed as much as prayer in the Holy Qur’?n. Indeed, Allah mentions it in over 700 verses of the holy text. Among those that define its role in the religion of Islam are:

Worship at fixed hours hath been enjoined on the believers.

Be guardians of your prayers, and of the midmost prayer.

Enjoin prayer on thy people, and be constant therein. We ask thee not to provide sustenance: We provide it for thee. But the (fruit of) the Hereafter is for righteousness.

Recite that which has been revealed to thee of the Book, and observe Prayer. Surely, Prayer restrains one from indecency and manifest evil, and remembrance of Allah indeed is the greatest virtue. And Allah knows what you do.

They will be) in Gardens (of Delight): they will question each other, and (ask) of the sinners: “What led you into Hell Fire?” They will say: “We were not of those who prayed”

The Messenger of Allah made ritual prayer the second of the five pillars of Islam:

Islam is built on five: testifying that there is no god except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishing ritual prayer, paying the poor-due, pilgrimage and fasting Ramadan.

The Prophet said:

The first thing about which a person will be questioned on the Day of Judgment is prayer. If it is found to be sound all his other actions will be sound as well. If his prayer is not sound all his remaining actions would be spoiled.



He also said:

The one who missed Šal?t al-¿Ašr, just one of the ritual prayers, is as if he has lost all his family and property.

Allah’s Messenger Muhammad (s) said:


The simile of the five prayers is like a flowing river of sweet-water in front of the door of one of you, in which he plunges five times a day. What dirt will remain on him? They said, “None.” He said, “Surely the five prayers eliminate sins just as water eliminates dirt.”

There’s a very explicit hadith on this–the hadith of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: The difference between us and them (Kuffar/Non-Muslims) is that of salaah so whoever abandons salaah certainly commits kufr.(Tirmidhi, kitab ul Iman, Declared Sahih by Imam Tirmidhi, Imam Nasai and Allama Iraqi, Minhaaj ul Muslimeen pg.80)This is a very direct, explicit hadith–salaah is the contract, part of the mithaaq, the original contract, with Allah that all humans took. And this is only one of the explicit ahadith like this.

 What’s more, it was inconceivable in the time of the sahaba that someone could be a “Muslim” and not pray. It just doesn’t make sense.

(HADITH) OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (Sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam)

The one who Abandons the prayers will receive Fifteen punishments from  Allah.

Six punishments in this lifetime

Three while dying

Three in the grave &

Three on the Day of Judgment.











1. Allah takes away blessings from his age (makes his life misfortunate)

2. Allah does not accept his plea (Dua's)

3. Allah erases the features of good people from his face.

4. He will be detested by all creatures on earth.

5. Allah does not award him for his good deeds. (No thawab)

6. He will not be included in the Dua's of good people.




1. He dies humiliated.

2. He dies hungry.

3. He dies thirsty. Even if he drinks the water of  all seas he will still  be thirsty.



1. Allah tightens his grave until his chest ribs come over each other.

2. Allah pours on him fire with embers.

3. Allah sets on him a snake called "the brave", "the bold" which hits Him from morning until afternoon for leaving Fajr prayer, from the afternoon  until Asr for leaving Dhuhr prayer and so on. With each strike he sinks 70 yards under the ground.



Kinds of torment he will suffer after rising are:


1-Angels of torment will drag him to hell and will never leave him alone.

2-Allah ta'ala will meet him with wrath.

3-His accounts will be settled in a very vehement manner, and he will be flung into hell. (May Allah save us)



The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) clasped some of his fingers between others and said: “Seventy giant serpents will constrict him, if even one of them were to hiss on the earth, nothing upon it would grow as long as it remained. They will chew on him and bite him until he is brought to the Reckoning.” [Tirmidhi]

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said this about a person who is a wicked worshipper or a disbeliever. The grave does not welcome him, it punishes him and constricts upon him. In addition, seventy venomous snakes wrap themselves around his body and continuously bite him and chew on him.


FAJAR: the glow of their face is taken away.

ZOHAR: the blessing of their income is taken away.

ASAR: the strength of their body is taken away.

MAGHRIB: they are not benefited by their children.

ISHA: the peace of their sleep is taken away



An important and integral part of Islam and being a Muslim liking the Prophet Muhammad Sm more than your parents otherwise your faith is not complete. And therefore it means that it is imperative for every Muslim to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH. As the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was a perfect embodiment of what a human being should be, it is essential to follow his Sunnah and to follow his lifestyle as a role model for perfecting our religion.

The most integral part of Islam lies in the belief in Allah and upon His Angels, His Prophets and His Holy Scriptures. It also lies in the belief upon the Hereafter, the Day of Judgement and in Heaven and Hell. It is this belief in the unseen and unknown and in the Unity of Allah that forms the cornerstone of the religion. Unless and until there is a belief in Allah; unless there is a fear of Allah in our heart, unless there is belief that the life in this world is temporary and but a test to evaluate whose deeds are the best for evaluation and subsequent award of Hell or Heaven as an eternal abode, it is unlikely that a person shall be motivated to do all that Allah Has commanded.

When the faith of an individual is weak or shaky, he or she is open to all forms of vices. It within such people that Satan and his disciple’s places negativity, doubt, superstition and disbelief. Satan is waging a war to lead human beings to a destination named hellfire where Allah says that disbelievers and hypocrites will wish that they could die and overcome its torments but in Hell there would be no ‘death’ or any form of relief. The disbelievers would ask Allah to forgive them and give them another chance to redeem themselves but alas it will not be the case.


Thawabul A’mal, Page 232

The Messenger of Allah (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) has said: “I advise you to recite the Qur’an and remember Allah much, for surely the Qur’an will remember you (do your dhikr) in the Heavens and it will be a Divine Light (nur) for you on the Earth.”

Imam Ja’far ibne Muhammad as-Sadiq (peace be upon him) has said: “One who recites the Qur’an and is a believing youth, the Qur’an becomes mixed with his flesh and blood, and Allah - The Noble and Great - will place him with the noble, devoted Angels. In addition, the Qur’an will act as a barrier (between him and the Hell Fire) on the Day of Judgement.”

It is amply proven from the Ahadith mentioned above, that reading, reciting and understanding the Quran hold significant and manifold benefits.



Baqarah 2:18] Deaf, dumb and blind; and they are not to return.

[Baqarah 2:171] And the example of the disbelievers is similar to one who calls upon one that hears nothing except screaming and yelling; deaf, dumb, blind - so they do not have sense.

[Maidah 5:71] And they assumed that there will be no punishment, so they turned blind and deaf - then Allah accepted their penance, then again many of them turned blind and deaf; and Allah is seeing their deeds.

[Ana`am 6:39] And those who deny Our signs are deaf and dumb in realms of darkness; Allah may send astray whomever He wills; and may place on the Straight Path whomever He wills.

[Hud 11:20] They will not be able to escape in the earth, nor do they have any protecting friends apart from Allah; they will have punishment upon punishment; they were unable to hear, nor used to see.

The Quranic verse taken from Surah Anam clearly indicates that it is Allah alone who guides and misguides people. Therefore being misguided by Allah is clearly His Punishment to those of His creatures that refuse to conform to His Will. And those whom He leads astray follow a path frequented by Satan and His Disciples. And it is the earnest aim of Satan and His disciples from the Jinn and humans to lead mankind astray. Therefore really the mercy of Allah lies with those people whom He guides and not to those whom He misguides.


[Baqarah 2:6-7] As for those whose fate is disbelief, whether you warn them or do not warn them - it is all one for them; they will not believe. Allah has sealed their hearts and their ears, and on their eyes is a covering; and for them is a terrible punishment.

[HMSajdah 41:5] And they say, “Our hearts are covered against the affair you call us to, and there is deafness in our ears, and there is a barrier between us and you - therefore mind your own business, we are minding ours.”

The above quoted verses of the Holy Qur’an make it evident that the disbelievers’ hearts and ears are sealed.




[Yunus 10:42-43] And among them are some who listen to you; so will you make the deaf hear even if they do not have any sense? And among them is one who gazes at you; so will you guide the blind even if they cannot perceive?

[Luqman 31:7] And when Our verses are recited to him he haughtily turns away as if he did not hear them - as if there is deafness in his ears; so give him the glad tidings of a painful punishment.

The above quoted verses (among many others) of the Holy Qur’an are proof that the disbelievers can see and listen – but they purposely turn deaf and blind to guidance!

These Quranic Verses indicate the condition of those from amongst the believers and disbelievers who in their arrogance and blindness mock those who believe and who are oblivious of Allah and His Commandments. It is for such people that Hellfire has been created.


[Aa`raf 7:179] And indeed We have created many jinns and men for hell; they have hearts in which there is no understanding; and the eyes they do not see with; and the ears they do not hear with; they are like cattle - in fact more astray; it is they who are the neglectful.

[Anfal 8:22] Indeed the worst beasts in the sight of Allah are those (people) who are deaf, dumb - who do not have any sense.

From the Quranic Verses taken from Surah Aaraf and Surah Anfal, it can be discerned that the people who are arrogant and stubborn, those who refuse to utilize their senses and intellect to search the truth or to act upon the truth once they realize it are worse than animals. The truth here is the reality that Allah is the Creator and that Heaven and Hell are a reality and that it is not fiction.


[Ta-Ha 20:124-125] “And the one who turned away from My remembrance - for him is a confined existence, and We shall raise him blind on the Day of Resurrection.” He will say, “O my Lord, why have You raised me blind, whereas I was sighted?”



59. And today, be separate, O you culprits!


60 .'O children of Adam, Had I not made covenant with you that you should not worship the devil (Satan), verily he is your manifest enemy.


61. And that you should worship Me. This is the straight path.


62. And undoubtedly, he has led astray a great number of people from you. Had you then no wisdom?


63.This is the Hell, which you were promised.


64. Enter it today, the recompense of your infidelity.


65. Today, We shall set seal on their mouths and their hands will talk to us and their feet will bear witness of their doings.


66. If We willed, We would have obliterated their eyes, then they would have rushed towards the path but they would see nothing.


67. If We willed, We would have mutilated their faces sitting in their homes, they could not be able to go on or could return.


On the day of judgement, when Hell is brought into full view by 70,000 angels pulling 70,000 ropes, and when the torment of the day is visible to the disbelievers who used to question resurrection and the concept of hell and punishment, a sadness will descend upon them and they would become extremely fearful and sad because that which they used to doubt and mock will suddenly become apparent and clear. In contrast, the believers will be free of any fear and their faces will be aglow with light and nur.


These verses indicate the speech of Allah with the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment. And it clearly shows that these people had been misled by Satan into disbelief and into lives that conflicted with His Commandments and expectations.








In the midst of scorching winds and boiling waters.


And the shadow of burning smokes.


Which is neither cool nor Honourable.


Verily before this, they were at ease.


And used to say, what! When we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we necessarily be raised up?


And what! Our former fathers too?


Say. 'Surely, all former ones and later ones.


Shall necessarily be gathered to the appointed time of a known Day.


Then, verily, O you the misguided ones, the beliers.


Shall surely eat of the tree of Zaqqum (Cactus).


And fill your belies there will,


And again you will drink thereon of boiling water.


Then you will drink as thirsty camel's drink.


This is their entertainment on the Day of judgement.





Surah AD-DHUKHAN (verses 43-50)


Verily the tree of Zaqqqum (Cactus)


Is the food of the sinners.


Like molten copper bubbles in the bellies.


As boiling water bubbles.


Seize him and drag him forcibly towards the center of the blazing fire.


'Then pour over his head the torment of boiling water.'


Taste it, Yes, certainly you are the Honourable, the benignant.


Undoubtedly, it is in which you were doubting







And the Hell will be made manifest to him who sees.


Then as for him who rebelled;


And preferred the life of this world,


Then undoubtedly, the hell his destination.


But as to him who feared to stand before his Lord, and restrained his soul from evil desires;


Then undoubtedly, the Paradise is his destination.


These   Quranic Verses clearly indicated that the destination of the rebellious, those who did not heed His Commands will be put into Hellfire.



Surah Aaraf Verses 36 – 42


And those who have belied Our signs and waxed proud against them, they are the people of Hell, in it they are to abide.


Then who is more unjust than he who has forged lie against Allah or has belied His signs? They will receive what is written in their lot till when Our Messengers came to them for taking away their souls, then they say to them, 'where are those whom you used to worship beside Allah.' They say, 'they are lost from us.' and they bear witness against their own souls that they were infidels.


Allah says to them, enter the same Fire where other communities of Jinn and mankind went before you when a community enters it, it curses the other; until when all have arrived therein, then the last will say to the first, 'Our Lord, these led us astray, then award them double torment Of the Fire. He will say, 'all have double, but you know not.'


And the first will say to the last, 'you have then not been anyhow better than us, taste therefore the torment the recompense of what you did'.


Those who belied Our signs and waxed proud against them, the gates of heaven will not be opened for them, nor they will enter the paradise until the camel enters-through the eye of a needle. And thus We requite the guilty.


To them Fire will be the bed and Fire will be the covering. And thus We requite the unjust.


And those who accepted faith and did good deeds to their strength. We put not burden on anyone beyond his strength. They are companions of Paradise; they are to abide therein.


Surah Al Hashr Verses 18 to 24


O believers! Fear Allah and let every soul should see that what it sent forth for the morrow' and fear Allah. Undoubtedly Allah is aware of your doings.


And be not like those who have already forgotten Allah, and so He put them in distress that they may not remember their own souls. It is they that are disobedient.


The inhabitants of the Fire and the inhabitants of the Paradise are not equal. The inhabitants of the Paradise they attained to their goal.


If We had sent down this Quran upon any mountain, you would certainly have seen it humbled and split asunder for fear of Allah. And those examples, We profound for mankind that they may reflect.


He is Allah, besides Whom there is none to be worshipped, the Knower of everything hidden and open. He is the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.


He is Allah, besides Whom none is to be worshipped the Sovereign, the most Holy, the Bestower of peace, the Giver of Security, the Protector, the Esteemed one, the Exalted the Majestic. Glory is to Allah from what they associate.


He is Allah, the Makers the Creater, the Bestower of form to everyone. His are all good names; all that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him: and He is the Esteemed One the Wise.



Boiling Water


Normally water brings relief and puts out a fire. The water in Hell, though, is different.

"...Those who deny (their Lord), for them will be cut out a garment of Fire. Over their heads will be poured out boiling water. With it will be scalded what is within their bodies, as well as (their) skins. In addition there will be maces of iron (to punish) them. Every time they wish to get away therefrom, from anguish, they will be forced back, and (it will be said), "Taste the Penalty of Burning!" (22:19-22).

"In front of such a one is Hell, and he is given, for drink, boiling fetid water" (14:16).

"In its midst and in the midst of boiling hot water will they wander round!" (55:44).



Tree of Zaqqum

Whereas the rewards of Heaven include plentiful, fresh fruits and milk, the inhabitants of Hell will eat from the Tree of Zaqqum. The Quran describes it:

"Is that the better entertainment or the Tree of Zaqqum? For We have truly made it (as) a trial for the wrong-doers. It is a tree that springs out of the bottom of Hell-Fire. The shoots of its fruit-stalks are like the heads of devils. Truly they will eat thereof and fill their bellies therewith. Then on top of that they will be given a mixture made of boiling water. Then shall their return be to the (Blazing) Fire" (37:62-68).

"Verily, the tree of deadly fruit will be the food of the sinful. Like molten lead will it boil in the belly, like the boiling of burning despair" (44:43-46).



No Second Chances


When they are dragged into Hell-Fire, many people will instantly regret the choices they made in their lives, and will beg for another chance. The Quran warns such people:

"And those who followed would say: 'If only We had one more chance...' Thus will Allah show them (the fruits of) their deeds as (nothing but) regrets. Nor will there be a way for them out of the Fire" (2:167)

"As to those who reject Faith: if they had everything on earth, and twice repeated, to give as ransom for the penalty of the Day of Judgment, it would never be accepted of them. Theirs would be a grievous penalty. Their wish will be to get out of the Fire, but never will they get out. Their penalty will be one that endures" (5:36-37).


It is a very grim picture that has been presented for the disbelievers and hypocrites who used to belie his existence and who used to deny Resurrection and Accountability.  In the Quran, human beings are warned again and again not to be of those who deny His Existence. And it is Satan that creates doubts in the hearts and minds of humans and it is he who makes humans dwell in lives that are full of sin. Each sin leads humans to commit more and more sins. However the Almighty Creator is also the beneficent and most merciful always looking forward that people will realize their errors and repent for their sins and embrace the truth and worship Allah alone.


Today people are seen embracing their passions and desires as if there is no Allah and there will be no Accountability but Allah mentions in the Quran that on the Day of Resurrection, the disbelievers will be horrified to see that all their deeds, good and bad have been noted down to the minutest detail and they will be presented to them. The disbeliever will want to distance himself/herself from her sins as far as possible but it would not be possible.




  1. I say my Salah five times a day at the prescribed times.
  2. I contribute to charity.
  3. I feed the poor.
  4. I abstain from lying.
  5. I like for others what I like for myself.
  6. I don’t backbite.
  7. I don’t cheat others.
  8. I don’t lie to others.
  9. I fulfill my covenants.
  10. I am afraid of Allah.
  11. I recite the Holy Quran regularly.
  12. I act on the commandments of the Allah as given in Quran.
  13. I am not arrogant or proud.
  14. I am humble.
  15. I am not extravagant in spending.
  16. I don’t slander people.
  17. I don’t feed on usury.
  18. I don’t consume alcohol.
  19. I don’t mingle with women or men.
  20. I don’t chase women or men.
  21. I don’t oppress the poor and the weak.
  22. I love the Prophet Muhammad Sm more than  my parents.
  23. I don’t commit shirk.
  24. I say my Fajr, Asr and Isha prayers.
  25. I don’t curse and use bad language.
  26.  I say my Juma prayers regularly.
  27. I say my Tahajjud prayers.
  28. I pay my Zakat.
  29. I do Zikr.
  30. I fast during the Holy Month of Ramazan.
  31. I dont date.
  32. I don’t indulge in loose talk.
  33. I refrain from watching pornography.
  34. I am not jealous of other peoples success.
  35. I respect my parents and will keep care of them in their old age.






Source: Tafseer Ibn Kathir (Surah nur)


Allah tells us that whosoever is in the heavens and on the earth, i.e., the angels, mankind, Jinn, animals and even inanimate objects, all glorify Him. This is like the Ayah:



(The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein, glorify Him) ?17:44?,

(and the birds with wings outspread) means, while they are flying they glorify their Lord and worship Him with the glorification with which they are inspired and to which they are guided. Allah knows what they are doing, and so He says:


(Of each one He knows indeed his Salah and his glorification;) meaning, He has guided every creature to its own way of worshipping Allah, may He be glorified. Then Allah tells us that He knows all of that and nothing at all is hidden from Him.


He says: (and Allah is All-Aware of what they do.) Then Allah tells us that to Him belongs the sovereignty of heaven and earth, and that He is the Ruler and Controller, the God Who is worshipped and besides Whom none other is to be worshipped, and there is none to put back His judgement. (and to Allah is the return) means, on the Day of Resurrection, when He will judge as He wills, (that He may requite those who do evil with that which they have done...) ?53:31? He is the Creator and Sovereign, and His is indeed the Authority in this world and the next. To Him be praise at the beginning and in the end.










15 ways to please Allah..

March 4, 2010 at 1:14pm


Avoid Things that Allah has forbidden, including the great sins as well as continually performing the lesser sins, and perform what Allah orders us to perform: The prophet peace be upon him said: "Allah has recorded the good deeds and the evil deeds. Then he made them clear: He who has intended a good deed and does not do it, Allah writes it down with Him as a performed good deed; but if he intends it and does perform it; Allah records for him from ten good deeds to seven hundred times that or more than that. If he intends to do an evil deed and does not do it, then Allah writes it down as a good deed; but if he intends an evil deed and performs it, Allah records it as one evil deed" (Sahih Al-Jami)


  1. Reciting the Quran and pondering over it's meanings: The Prophet peace be upon him said, "Whoever recites one word from the Book of Allah will be rewarded for a good deed and ten more like it; and I don't say that Alif Lam Mim is a word but Alif is a word and Lam is a word and Mim is a word" (Alif Lam Mim is 3 Arabic Characters.)



2.Guiding people to righteous deeds: The prophet peace be upon him said, "Whoever guides one to a good thing will get the same reward as the person who performs the deed" (Sahih Al-Jami)



3- Enjoining good and eradicating evil:

This is one of the obligatory duties that many people fail to perform today. Due to this reason, sins are being committed openly and without shame and no one is saying anything about them. The prophet peace be upon him said, "If the people see an evil deed and they do not change it, then Allah may inflict them all with a punishment".

Allah says in the Quran: "And the believers, men and women, are protecting friends of one another, they enjoin the right and forbid the wrong ..”



4- Supplications to Allah: It's the best act of worship as the Prophet peace be upon him said, "The most virtuous act of worship is supplication" (Sahih Al-Jami). It's very important to be certain that Allah will answer your supplication, the Prophet peace be upon him said: "There is no Muslim on this earth who supplicates to Allah except that Allah will give him what he asked or He will remove some evil from him, as long as he does not supplicate for something evil or as long as he does not supplicate for cutting of the ties of kinship and as long as he does not become impatient and say, 'I supplicated and supplicated and I was not responded to'"


5- Marrying religious women : The prophet peace be upon him said, "A woman is married for her religion, wealth or beauty; marry the religious women and you will prosper". He also said, "A thankful heart, a tongue that remembers Allah and a pious wife that helps you in your worldly and religious matters, is better than what the people are amassing" (Sahih Al-Jami)


6- Bringing up pious children and training them to have good Islamic character: The prophet peace be upon him said, "A man will be raised some degrees in Paradise and he will say, 'For what reason am I receiving this ?' He will be told, 'Because of your son asking forgiveness for you'"


7- Having good manners and character: The prophet peace be upon him said, "The most beloved of you to me and the closest of you to me in the Hereafter are those of you who have the best manners; the most hated of you to me and farthest from me in the Hereafter are those of you who have the worst manners, those who speak and do not even care about what they are saying" (Sahih Al-Jami), and he also said, "The person of good manners will get the same reward as the person who prays during the night and fasts during the day" (Sahih Al-Jami).


8- Performing many voluntary prayers: This is particularly beneficial during the last third of the night in which the gates of the heavens are opened and the supplications are responded to. The prophet peace be upon him said, "Allah waits until one half or two-thirds of the night has passed and He says, 'My slaves, shall ask from no one except Me. Whoever asks from Me, I shall respond to him. Whoever asks Me for something, I will give it to him. Whoever asks for my forgiveness, I shall forgive him. And this continues until the dawn" (Sahih Al-Jami).


Similarly, performing the Sunnan prayers, is also a way of gaining Allah's pleasure and reward. These Sunnan prayers are two rakats before the dawn obligatory prayer, four before the noon obligatory prayer and four after it, two after the sunset prayer and two after the night prayer and the witr prayer.


10- Being obedient and respectful to one's parents: This is one of the greatest ways to attain Allah's pleasure and reward. Allah mentions worshipping Him together with obeying one's parents. Allah says in the Quran, "Your Lord has decreed that you worship none save Him, and that you show kindness to parents. If one of them or both of them attain to old age with you, say not 'File' unto them nor repulse them, but speak unto them a gracious word. And lower unto them the wing of submission through mercy and say, 'My Lord, have mercy on them both as they did care for me when I was little'" (Al-Isra)


11- Jihad in the way of Allah: A hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him says, "Being on guard in the way of Allah for one month is better than perpetual fasting for a year. Whoever dies while guarding in the way of Allah will be safe from the great frightening. And he will be provided his provisions, and smell the scent from paradise, and receive the reward of the one who guards until Allah resurrects him" (Sahih Al-Jami)


12- Remembering Allah at all times: The prophet peace be upon him stated that Allah said, "I am as My slave thinks I am. I am with him when he makes mention of Me. If he makes mention of Me to himself. I make mention of him to Myself and if me makes mention of Me in an assembly, I make mention of him in an assembly better than it." (Al-Bukhari).


13- Speaking the truth and not fearing punishment of anyone: The prophet peace be upon him said, "The leader of the martyrs is Hamza ibn Abdul Muttalib and a person who faces an unjust ruler and advises him to do good and he is killed because of his speech" (Sahih Al-Jami)


14- Giving charity and spending in the way of Allah: Allah says in the Quran, "Those who spend their wealth by night and day, privately and publicity, verily their reward is with their Lord, and there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve" (Al-Baqara 274). And Allah also says, "And spend of that which We have provided you before death comes to one of you and he says, 'My Lord if only You would reprieve me for a little while, then I would give alms and be among the righteous.' But Allah reprieves no soul when its term comes, and Allah is aware of what you do" (Al-Munafiqoon).


15- Learning the beneficial knowledge: One should learn that knowledge that will benefit him in the Hereafter and act by it in order to be a good example for others. The authentic knowledge is the one that is based on Quran and Sunnah.


Saying of Hassan Basri


A man from Bani israel told the Prophet AS of his time that Allah SWT doesn’t catch him for the sins which he is committing continuously when Allah SWT descended wahi to the Prophet that He SWT took away the khushu from his salah for his sins and is that punishment not enough for him? A man came to Hasan Basri RA and said he couldn’t wake up for tahajjud and Hasan Basri RA said, take care of your words and acts in the day time, Allah SWT will take care of your night waking you up for tahajjud. Tahajjud is a blessing, reciting Quran is a blessing, offering salah in the beginning time is a blessing and if a person was given these blessings and then if he couldn’t do any of these acts, it’s because of his sins that snatched away these blessings from him.


Cause of Misfortunes


It has been narrated that the Prophet ? made duaa, “O Allah! Forgive me for whichever Muslim I harmed or abused or beat or cursed and make this in his favor a source of mercy, purity and a means of gaining proximity to You”. Allahu Akbar! When Allah’s ? Prophet ? is making such a duaa and seeking His ? forgiveness, then how can we say that a mistake never happened from our side and I never transgressed against anyone? Also though the general rule is that the misfortunes befalling us are due to our own evil deeds as mentioned in the Quran, “Wamaa asaabakum min museebatin fabimaa kasabat aydeekum”- “Whatever misfortune happens to you, is because of the things your hands have wrought” (Al Quran: 41:30), but the rule is not necessarily be the same for every person that it is always because of his misdeeds that misfortunes are befalling him.





Solace and Peace in life


Contentment in life and the solace of the heart lies in the remembrance of Allah. The true believer in Allah is one who is not extravagant when it comes to spending money and neither is he a miser. Such a person remains within the parameters prescribed by Allah and abstains from that which is forbidden. Moreover such a person constantly thanks Allah for all that He has blessed Him with. A true believer is never really secure about sins he may have committed that may have offended Allah. Therefore a believer is truly conscientious about meeting all the obligations that have been laid down by Almighty Allah.  It is taqwa and the fear of Allah that drives the true pious believer who is afraid of standing up before Him and disobeying Him. A true believer strives to overcome his/her nafs and commit all those actions and deeds that please Him. The believer who strives to improve his character and remove blemishes will inshallah get the same rewards as those who fast during the day and who pray at night.




Surah Hamazata addresses the backbiters, the slanderers and those who are busy hoarding wealth.  It is said that such people are destined for hell. The concept of backbiting is one which is quite common in societies and nations and most people especially women love to gossip about others and when we talk badly about someone in their absence it tantamounts to backbiting and Allah hates those who backbite. Similarly the act of defaming a person and slandering a chaste woman for example are habits that Allah condemns. Therefore what Allah really wants is that people should not delve in such habits. And only the person who conscientiously strives to refrain from such acts will enter Heaven. Heaven will not be a reward for malicious gossipers and for individuals who used to defame others. Similarly the people who hoard wealth and don’t pay out Zakat, those who are miserly, those who are arrogant about the wealth that they possess, those who don’t spend in the way of Allah with their wealth will be from amongst the dwellers of Hell.

It is stated in the Quran that on the day of Judgement such people especially the disbelievers will wish that they could have used their wealth or their children for escaping hell but on that day their wealth and their children will be of no use to him.




Many gatherings produce nothing but gossip about other Muslims and slander of their honour. This is something which Allaah has forbidden His slaves, and has drawn the most repulsive analogy to put them off. He says (interpretation of the meaning): “. . . neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it . . .” [al-Hujuraat 49:12]


The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) explained the meaning of this aayah. He said: “Do you know what gheebah (gossip or backbiting) is?” They said, “Allaah and His Messenger know best.” He said: "To say something about your brother that he does not want to be said." He was asked, "What do you think if what is said about him is true?" He said, "If what you say about him is true, this is backbiting, and if what you say about him is not true, this is a lie." (Reported by Muslim, 4/2001).


Gossip or backbiting means saying something about a Muslim which may be true but which he does not like to hear spoken, whether it be about his physical appearance, his adherence to religion, his worldly affairs, his self, his behaviour or his character. There are many forms of gossip, including talking about a person's faults and imitating him to make fun of him.


People take the matter of gheebah very lightly, although it is very serious in the sight of Allaah, as is indicated by the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): "There are seventy-two forms of riba, the least of which is as bad as a man having intercourse with his own mother, and the worst of which is when a man slanders the honour of his brother." (Silsilah al-Saheeh, 1871).


Whoever is present in a gathering where gossip takes place should "forbid what is evil" and defend his absent brother. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) encouraged us to do this when he said: "Whoever defends the honour of his Muslim brother, Allaah will protect his face from the Fire on the Day of Resurrection." (Reported by Ahmad, 6/450; see also Saheeh al-Jaami', 6238).


Some people go about repeating the words of others to cause trouble between people; this is one of the greatest causes of broken relations and stirring up feelings of hatred among people. Allaah condemned the one who does this (interpretation of the meaning): "And obey not everyone who swears much, - and is considered worthless, a slanderer, going about with calumnies." [al-Qalam 68:10-11]

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