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It is an essay that suggests that women have not been created for being sexually exploited by men.....

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012








Troubles often commence when your heart urges you to commit actions that the mind would ask you to refrain from. The inability to conquer your deepest animal inside you often places you in tight spots of bother. When my eyes fell first open a girl name Susan, I found my heart skipping a beat. There was this deep urge within me to learn more about her. The female species has always evoked some curiosity and passion in men. And tragic tales such as Romeo and Juliet highlight the tragic consequences that so many love affairs have. As for me, from childhood, romance had a special corner within my heart. It is strange this thing that we call ‘love’. And here I was staring at a complete stranger and I was somehow captivated by her beauty. Too many people are shy about starting a conversation or telling someone that they are beautiful to behold. However I had no such reservations.

To me it is always better to be bold and honest than hold back ones feeling and wishing for someone so beautiful as she. And so I cautiously approached her and told her who I was and that I found her attractive. She looked up at me with those beautiful dolorous almond brown eyes and muttered ‘thank you’. Working as an admission officer at a university, I had rarely seen such a beautiful creature such as she.

Then I saw a tall handsome man appear behind her and he introduced himself as her husband. A strange feeling of anguish and setback kicked into my system and I tried hard to hide it. I felt embarrassed at the same time. However things soon reverted to normal when Susan and her husband left.

My female colleagues gently chided me for my behavior. And I returned to work.

Quite often I have found that people choose to hide their true feelings and emotions for one another. So many times men and women have a mental block that does not permit them from interacting openly with the opposite sex or with the members of the same sex.

Men and women all have their own specific scale by which they seek to judge the other. We seem to judge one another in terms of looks, appearances, gaits, mannerisms, manner of speaking, accent, clothing, the type of ride or vehicles that we have, from the sort of jobs and designations that we hold, and much more.

So many young men and women that jump into a relationship do so because of the special fling that they seem to possess for that individual. In so many teenage relationships, the relationship gradually fizzles out once the physical bonding has yielded the cherished goal of having sex with that person. These relationships that end up in nothing promising are experiences in heartbreak for those involved in them.

And it is so sorry to find young men and women perhaps jumping from one relationship to another without perhaps sealing it in the form of marriage.

Marriages only last when the finances are secure and men and women seek to help one another whatever the case is. Unfortunately the lack of compromise with one another over different issues, the lack of respect for the marriage and the responsibility that comes with it often results in broken marriages and relationships. Nowadays infidelity and extramarital relationships have become the order of the day especially in the civilized West and these affairs also damage and break up relationships. And it is always the children who suffer as a consequence of these breakups in marriage.

With divorces ending up with the man having to pay damages to the wife in terms of alimony, the concept of marriage is fast fizzing out.

Instead there is this new concept of cohabitation that is gaining ground within USA for instance. It is another arrangement that allows for men and women to use one another for sexual pleasure and gratification for a short while before they move on to someone else. It is allowing for men and women to participate in an animal like behavior.

Today the woman is constantly portrayed as a sex symbol. In movies, in magazines, on billboards, in advertisements, in dramas, etc the woman is just a sex symbol. She is an object of desire.  In the Western society, the freedom of a woman is her ability to prance about even if it is being nude. And sex is being portrayed as a religion and sexual freedom comes in the form of adultery.

Should adultery be punishable in the West, life may come to an abrupt stop. And yet, it is disgusting to find that women are susceptible to rape even in the US Army.

It is imperative that the august institution of marriage is saved from degenerating into a system where men and women become animals copulating with one another to satisfy just an urge. Where is the decency and humanity in it? Is marriage going to assume the shape of fast food or a pop song which may be in vogue today but not tomorrow?

Though rape of women is common to all societies and nations but the degree of abuse and violence that women are subjected to in the civilized Western nations indicates that the animal present within men especially cannot be curbed through education. It is only through strict law and punishment that homicide and rape can perhaps be curbed especially within the United States of America.

I am shocked that societies that call themselves as  civil and modern are unable to prevent women from being used and abused. If the most modern societies are unable to provide women protection from rapists or serial murderers, if they are unable to protect them from being trafficked by human traffickers, then I am sorry to say, that modernism has really endangered women more than protect them.

Man continues to view women as tools for pleasure and amusement across the globe. Isn’t it time, that laws were strengthened to stop women from being projected as sex symbols and not as purely being a women who bring men and women into this world and rear up children and care for them. Indeed the role of women is not confined to bearing children. Mothers are responsible for rearing up children and providing them love and care. They are responsible for disseminating morals amongst their children.





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