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it's based in the future, when NASA discover their is very strong heat wave coming to earth, and the troubles begin....

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011






here is the story enjoy.....


hew earth



It all started on 2014, when scientists discovered their was a heat wave

coming from the sun, but what they didn't know is it wasn't just a

normal heat wave , it was more than that, way more than that.......

Now we are in the year 2034, July, 21st, and the disasters still going on

sense then, and their is few survivors still struggling and fighting for their

life’s, going on a walk in the street is from the ancient world, and it's rarely

seen in the new world.

A 25 years old Aurelius is one of the few people who can make it safely, 

The problem with Aurelius is he don't remember anything about his past

he don't know where he is from or who is his family or where he came

from, the only thing he knows is to fight, he travel with 24 years old girl

named Alice.

Even though Aurelius talk to nobody and listen to nobody but he always listens

to her suggestions and ideas, she is the

only one Aurelius trust and like, she knows everything about him he

always tells her his secrets, Alice is friend  of Aurelius sense his

parent got killed on 2024 by creatures came with the heat waves which

is known of the strongest heat wave on the history of the earth, these

things called "Anunnaki" the Anunnaki was mentioned by the ancient

Sumerian texts they are aliens the Sumerian gods mentioned, for

some unknown reason these Anunnaki started killing people and

destroying things, they weren't the only things that was destroying

but natural disasters are occurring everywhere too, Aurelius and Alice

are trying to get to safe place to live in but in seems that it's impossible

mission, Alice used to read and research with her father for ancient

legends, but her father was killed by the Anunnaki too, the

Anunnaki uses new technology that the world has never seen Aurelius

somehow learned how to use this even Alice don't know how, she knows

all of his secrets except this one.

Ahe legends it says the only way to safe the world is to kill their leader,

To some people this is an impossible things to do because no body

have seen him, the only thing they know about him is he is very strong

and unbeatable.

Saving the world means nothing to Aurelius all what he wants is to get

the revenge for his family.

on the night Alice asked Aurelius, are you even thinking about saving the


No, he replied, i don' want to save the damn world i don't care about it,

Nobody saved my family, nobody helped them when they needed it,

Why would i help them?

But you can't do this alone can you? she said calmly

I’m not alone, you are with me, you are going to help me aren't you?

all i need you to do is to help me to get their and I’ll do the rest........

( few days later )

The leader of Anunnki or Paul as he call himself, said "i don't want

you to kill him yet, get me the girl, and i'll do the rest,

 and smiled.

on the night Aurelius was sleeping, Alice was going to get water

couple of big strong men jumped on her trying to kidnap her,

She screamed for help but Aurelius was too late he couldn't save her.

"GODDAMNIT" he screamed not another lose, not this time you ugly

bastards, don't worry Alice, I’m coming you..........


Well, well, well what we have here? a lovely lady Alice

I’m pleased to finally meet you, it looks like your boyfriend couldn't save

you this time, Paul laughed.

SHUT UP, she screamed, he isn't my boyfriend Aurelius is my best friend

and everything i have, after you killed my family, i don't have nobody else

but him.

I didn't, my boys did, oh and his family too, i was disappointed i though

it would be little harder than i though, but it was like crashing a little bug

Aurelius will kill you "she cried" that's what he wants, revenge

he'll kill you, and save the world from your evil ugly face.

Aurelius was following the men's track when suddenly a strange looking

Anunnki appeared, Aurelius attacked him immediately,

uh-hey hey hey, calm down bro. i'm not one of them, I’m just pretending

to be one of them.

Is that even possible? Aurelius asked.

what you think, if it's not possible than what I’m I "he laughed"

oh by the way my name is Jason, Brandon Jason.

i don't think i asked you about  your name.

come on bro. you think you can do it alone, and save the girl?

how did you know about that? Aurelius asked

I’ve been following you for a long time.

What? huh, following me? Who do i think I’m i a hero?

No, but with my help you will be a hero.

Aurelius let's be serious, you want to beat him don't you?

Yes, that bastard alien, I’m going to beat him.

he is not alien, Jason said have you heard of area 51 on Nevada ?

One day he sneaked their with his father, and last thing the security

heard was screaming coming a deserted storage, when they got their

their wasn't any sign of them, after few years some people said that

he returned to revenge from all of us.

Nobody told him to get his butt, to that area, Aurelius said.

But he returned tougher than you could imagine nobody have found a

weak point for him, some says that nobody has stand more than 10 seconds

on a fight against him, and he keep his opponent’s skulls on his room,

what a stupid people, why would they fight him if they know they'll die?

Because the most sacred rule of the Anunnaki is, you keep what you kill

what does that means? Aurelius asked. It means that if you killed him,

You’ll be the leader of the Anunnaki, and everything they got will belong

to you!!!!

So how is that helping me anyways Aurelius asked?

Paul always wearing a mask on his face, if you could take that mask off

he'll die, nobody knows the secret of that mask.

So the mask huh?

Could you make me one of these dress?

ahh fine, go get me an Anunnki's dead body first.

Fine, that's easy I’ll be right back,

what? you said easy? do you understand what Anunnki is?

Yes i do, if i couldn't beat a normal Anunnki then how I’m I going to kill

Their leader?

haha you are right, you got me this time.

Doing the hunting, Arelious spotted one of the mercenaries who kidnapped

Alice, he got into rage mode wanted to kill him, but he had to find out where

Alice is, he hitted the Mercenaries on the back of his nick got him in instant

sleep, and turned to his camp dragging the big guy.

woooooo, i said monster not human bro.

This is the guy who kidnapped Alice.

aha, so you still want the weird thing I’m wearing" he laughed"

the big guy gave Aurelius the exact location in exchange for his life,

Aurelius couldn't waste a second he got his dress wanted to go for his


I can't go with you any further, it's to dangerous, all i can do is to gave you

these item, a map, and i weapon, and a dress, good luck brother, i wish

I could help you anymore but I’m good at hiding and surviving not fighting

Killing "he smiled"

i hope to see you later.


Finally found your little dirty ship you are hiding in, prepare to die.

Hey Alice your boyfriend is her to save you, ohhh I’m afraid hahaha "he laughed"

Alice said nothing but whispering her self please Aurelius don't let me down.

Aurelius sneaked in with his Anunnki's dress and nobody could notice,

He recognized Paul as soon as he get on the room, PAUL YOUR TIME HAS

CAME he cried, and run toward him to fight him, but Paul moved like a

flash, and hitted Aurelius on his chest pushed him back almost 20Meters

NO, Aurelius don't die Alice screamed, don't worry I’m not going to die, not yet.

Aurelius hitted him on the back trying to get him in instant sleep,

Your tricks won't work on me because he tried the something but my

boys handled him with no trouble, but you know i liked your spirited

you want to kill me for revenge not to get what i have, I’m going to enjoy

killing you Aurelius " Paul laughed loudly"

Well you are not the only one who could move fast Paul, that's the secret

that nobody knows, not even Alice, but i'll have to show you what is it,

When i was a kid, i was on a trip with my father to a national park, and

i got hitted by strange light from the sky, i couldn't remember anything after

that except i was in the hospital, and after few months i discovered what I’m

About to do now.....

Consciousness moved like thunder and kept hitting Paul, his hands was

Hands were moving like a rocks of blaze, they kept fighting for almost 2

hours, Aurelius begin to get tired, he almost fall down, but he used the

weapon that Jason gave him, specially to destroy the mask, and it did

but it didn't kill Paul, it just made him very week, and lost all of his powers

 temporarily Aurelius used it to his advantage and killed the powerful

leader of Anunnki Paul, and recording to their rules, they'll do whatever

Aurelius asks them to, Aurelius asked them to leave earth at once,

Once they did that the disasters stopped looks like they made the

activated all the volcanos in the world.

Aurelius took Alice and went back to their home, with victory.






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