Toby is Terrified!

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Toby is a little dog with big ideas. In this short story, Toby outsmarts a big, scary thunderstorm.

More Toby adventures to come!

Submitted: January 06, 2014

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Submitted: January 06, 2014



Toby is Terrified!


Toby the dog was trembling in his kennel. It was a windy winter’s night, and a storm was brewing. Dark clouds covered the sky. The wind whistled and whooshed. Lightning flickered and flashed. Toby was VERY scared.

But what worried Toby the most was the rumbling that was SO LOUD the walls of his kennel began to shake! Toby thought the sky must be very hungry if he could hear its tummy rumbling from all the way up there. Toby wondered what the sky liked to eat. He hoped it didn’t like to eat little dogs.

Toby peeked through his door. “PLEASE don’t eat me!” he begged the sky.

Suddenly, he noticed that his dish still had some food in it, and he got an idea.

“You can eat the rest of my dog biscuits, if you want. Oh… but they’re getting a bit wet. It’s starting to rain!” The sky must be very hungry, Toby thought, if it’s starting to cry.

Toby ducked back inside so he wouldn’t get wet. He still wasn’t sure if the sky liked to eat little dogs, so he moved his bed against the door just in case. That didn’t seem like enough, so Toby added a chair, his lamp, a stack of books, his toy box, his computer, a racing car, and even his teddy!

“There,” said Toby. “That should be enough to stop the sky from eating me.”

But at that moment, the strongest gust of wind yet began to blow. The walls of his dog kennel began to shake. And suddenly, the roof just lifted up and blew away!

Toby screeched and scrambled his way out of the kennel and into the house, tail between his legs.

“Toby! What’s the matter?” his mum asked. “It’s only a bit of thunder!”

But Toby was so scared he couldn’t answer. He wriggled under the couch and refused to come out until the storm was over. He eventually fell asleep.

When Toby woke up, it was morning and the sky was a clear blue. No wind. No rain. No lightning. And no thunder! The storm was over. Toby went outside to check on his things. His teddy was okay, and so was everything else, but the roof of his kennel was stuck up a tree!

And the biscuits in the dish were all gone.

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