bose the litter manmaid

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this story is talking about bose the little manmaid

Submitted: April 15, 2012

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Submitted: April 15, 2012



In  a  village of  loki  there was a family named  the olas in this family  they  never had a  female child so they decided to go to a netive  doctor , after visting the doctor they  decide to go and do what they were  told   to  do, so  they  went  to  river  manly a river of marmaid  so they sing a song and drow the food so the queen came out of the river  and asked the woman what  she wanted and they told her  that she needed a felmale chid so the queen asked her if she want a chih with a long hair or  with a short hair and the woman told hair she wanted the one tha she  well perter so the queen of the marmaid came nere the woman and told her to go and bring a  bottle  and she should also bring a little calabash and fech some water inside the calabash and inside the bottle and she should  keep the bottle well and she should use the water inside the calabash to take  her bath for 3 days so the queen went back inside the river, so the woman said thank you and went home to bring the calabash and the bottle and did what the queen said that she should do .


three days leter  Mrs ola was hevery ,after nine month she give birth to a very beautful girl with a very long hair, and they called her Bose ,the girl grew up with the Olas  and she had all that she want and she grew up with a very loving family .

One day, at bose school ,during break Bose and her  friend were talking about marmaid so her friend told her that she was a marmaid, so bose went  home and asked her mother if she was a mamaid and her mother told her that she was not a marmaid  so she went to school  the next day and  her friend  kept on calling her marmaid !!! so she went inside her mum room after closing she seached and seached  and she saw a bottle of water and she opened  it and drank a little out of it then her mother came in and colleted the bottle from her.

Watch out for part (2)

Watch what will happen to Bose




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