It Spreads Like A Virus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
This Story is about the life of a boy named tak and what happens to him

Submitted: November 05, 2013

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Submitted: November 05, 2013



Hello my name is Tak I’m 15 years old and I go to Christchurch Boys High. My whole family has gone my dad is dead he died in the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake, My mum and step-dad have moved over to Perth. People always ask me “Tak why are you staying in Christchurch? Why don’t you move over to Perth?” I replay “There’s nothing there for me, I may have family over there, but I’ve got life plan here”.

Monday 7/1/2013 “Dear Diary it was the beginning of a new year I had a gut felling this was going to be the best year of my life”

Friday 11/01/2013 “Dear Diary what the hell have I done??? I f**ked up my life. I fell like shit And to make it even worse today is my Birthday. Grr, How did this spread so fast? I trusted my ex-Best Friend (Channing), with my secret, but NO he had to go behind my back and tell everyone. God I hate him” To see what happened in this 4 day period let’s start on Tuesday 8/01/13 It was lunch time the sun was shining and I could not help but notice the sweat dripping down Channing’s body and I must have been starting at him for quite a while because Channing said “Man you a fagot or something?” I just looked away and tryed to forget about what my best friend had just called me. We sat there in silence the rest of lunch time. When the bell rang I decided to ditch last period because of what Channing had called me and because we take all the same classes. That just makes matters worse, I knew if I did go to class all the boys would have laughed at me and teased me I didn’t need that shit in my life.

Wednesday 8/01/13th I had arrived at school around 8am with the sun streaming through the trees and the corridors soon filled with rushing teenagers, the sound of Phones going off and that idiot’s music the guy who always thinks that he has the best music taste and wants everyone to hear it. I waited outside my English class for About 10 Minutes before Jordan shows up. Jordan has always been like a brother to me, in fact when my family moved to Perth I asked him to be my brother from another mother and ever science that day we have. It was half way through English period 1, and I got so board I pulled out my iPhone and checked my texts. I had a text from Channing saying “ Why r u nt speaking 2 me im ur bf dude cum on I loved you man” I replied “Because dude you called me a fagot yesterday and bro I love you to” “really dude this is why you’re speaking to me that’s stupid!” “YES, THAT’S WHY IM NOT SPEAKING TO YOU, ITS NOT STUPID!! YOU DUMB F**K” “wait what??!! Your gay aren’t you?” “eww wtf no” “dude you can trust me cum on” “hmmm, I know I can but what if someone goes through your phone and sees this convo?” “ DUDE!!!\"Are you gay yes or no? “YES!”

And that’s when the txting between me and Channing stopped, I looked over at him and he had his head down smiling and smirking, I saw he had taken a screenshot of our convo and this made me so mad I grabbed his iPhone outta his hand and threw it against the wall .Our English teacher Linda was shocked by this. I got up to retrieve his broken iPhone, but when I picked it up I went looking through his texts, he had sent that screenshot to everyone at school. I went over to him and said “ Listen you little cunt I thought I could trust you, you’re the scum bag of the earth.” I dropped his iPhone on the ground and jumped on it complety breaking it. “TAK GET OUT OF CLASS NOW!” Linda said I ran back to my apartment where my roommate Dan was waiting for me. He told me to sit down but I just ran off to my room and starting Crying. He entered my room and sat on the edge of my bed and said “I got a txt from Channing, it says you’re gay, Tak I don’t care if you are, Tak I’m Gay myself” said Dan, this made me sit right up, “Wait what, your gay?” I asked him “Yes I am I’ve tired to tell you like a million times but you’re always on that bloody YouTube account of yours.” Said Dan “You Tak, there’s always something I wanted to do with you”, Dan started leaning in and his lips touched mine his mouth so was so hot and he seemed to know what he was doing. I tried to pull away before anything else happened but Dan just pushed me down on to the bed and held me there and continued making out with my mouth. After about 5 minutes he stopped and pulled away and just walked out of my room. I didn’t want it to stop I was just getting into it, and as he walked out of my room I yelled, “DAN, I love You.” Dan came stomping back and shouted at me. “DON’T YOU EVER SAY THAT TO ME, OR ILL BREAK YOUR HEAD IN” This made me feel so scared that I didn’t know where to go. I grabbed my iPhone out of my pocket and scrolled through my contacts “Damn No one that will care about me”, I went scrolling through my apps till I found Grinder a gay dating and hook-up app. I went to my message’s there was 1 message from a guy named Cody “Hey Tak how r u?” “I fell like shit” “whys that bud” “everyone at my school just found out I was gay” “Why that matter does are you not (out) yet?” “no” “ohh dude that sucks man” \"You Think?\" “hey man I’ve gotta go but txt me “ He gave me his number and then he went off line. I decided to go try make things right with Dan I took him out for dinner and for the whole drive no one said a thing, When we arrived at Wac Café and I unlocked the door, we went in and sat at a table in darkness, It was really awkward no one said anything. “I’m sorry Tak that I snapped at you, listen okay I’m having boyfriend problems at the moment and I didn’t mean to take It out on you.” Dan said Whoo this was unlike him to apologise to me, We sat there for a couple more minutes then I said “ Right well better cook dinner otherwise no one else is going to do it.” I got up and headed towards the kitchen I heard Dan get up and walk behind me, Dan then said “ I saw you on Grinder last night, it was fun chatting to you” he puts his hands on my hips and pulled me in towards him. “ Dan No” I said but he just pulls me in for another make out session. This time I push him to the floor and rip his top off and start rubbing my hands against his chested abs, When it was all over I no longer had my virginity, Dan had it yes that’s right me and Dan had sex. We both lay there on the floor of the café my head on his chest. “Was that good?” asked Dan. I was so out of it I didn’t answer, Next thing I knew I was in an ambulance being rushed to hospital and one of the ambulance staff asked Dan what his relationship to me is “ Boyfriend” Dan replied I tried yelling but no one heard me ,

Chapter 2

“Tak wake up ,come up, beeb” I heard Dan say. I flicked open my eyes and the first thing I saw was Dan. “What, what happened?” I asked barely awake, “Dude we had sex then you passed out” replied Dan “WE WHAT?” I yelled “Tak ,clam down, its fine we used protection, besides I’m glad you’re awake because I’ve gotta surprize for you.” Dan Said. My mum and little brother Diego walked into the room “Mum is that you?” “Yes honey Dan phoned me as soon as you passed out .I know you guys did it, I don’t care All I care about is you, I’m glad you’re okay.” My mum said, I looked down to see Diego my little brother, “Takason I’ve missed you heaps and heaps this much.” Diego stretches his arms out to show me how much he’s missed me. “Oh buddy come here, Dan can you pick up Diego” I ask. Dan then picked up Diego and places him on the bed were me and Diego cuddle for what felt like only 1 min before the doctor comes running in and said “ we need to get you into surgery now, you can only take 1 family member” “My Mum” I chose I still don’t know what’s happening but when wake I’m lying back in my apartment bed, I look beside me, “okay no one’s there” just my iPhone on its dock. For some reason I feel great I get up and walk out to the lounge were Dan and his best friend Mira are playing GTA 5, “Hey Mira Hey Dan what’s up?” I ask “Get lost you little freak” Mira answered Dan jumped up off the couch and I’m afraid he’s going to come and punch me, but instead he ushers me back to my room where he lays me down and tucked me in “ thank god you woke up, I thought you were dead” Dan said “ wait so that was all real? “I asked back “What was all real?” Dan replied “the hospital the café the making out the SEX?” I yelled, “Yes Tak that all really happened, now I’m going to take you to school today okay?” Dan demand. “Okay Sir” I replayed, I sat up in my bed and stretched “what’s today going to be like?” I asked myself I got up got dressed and jumped into Dan’s car. We arrived at Christchurch Boys High early, I went to go jump out of the car but Dan shut off the car and came out with me. “I’ve gotta go talk with the office about why you’ve missed A month off school” Dan Said, Me and Dan were walking towards the office when I heard someone yell “TAK YOU CUNT, YOU OWE ME A NEW IPHONE!” I turned around to see that it was my ex-best friend Channing, he was running towards me . ,I felt so scared “ Leave my boyfriend alone you fagot” I heard Dan say “ What are you guys like the rainbow couple or something?” said Channing with a smart-ass tone “Yes we are, were dating you don’t have anybody Get lost loner.

11/02/2013 Dear Diary today I began my new life with my new partner and roommate Dan , I couldn’t have wished for someone better He is the best, thank you god for bringing him into my life” . Tak C.H

(This story has real life people in it, this people Do Not act this way in real life whatever you do not try and contact them) Thanks To Linda, Mira, Dan and Jordan for letting me use them as characters in this short story

Copyright (GC) 2013-end of time Written By Seth Costa Hughes Edited By Seth Costa-Hughes

About me: I’m Seth I’m 15 and I got this idea for this book from reading lots of gay novels and so I decided to create one of my own, I hope you enjoyed it. It was super fun to write and hopefully there’s a part 2 to come soon

© Copyright 2019 tak123nz. All rights reserved.

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