Insane girlfriend

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Normal school life turn into a romantic comedy

Submitted: December 27, 2017

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Submitted: December 27, 2017



The world is a painful place, everyone is so selfish they help others, but in reality they help them to gain something back nothing is always free, like the old saying an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and evil for evil, so I always keep this saying inside my head, when I was 7 years old, I got bullied the  teachers know, but they never help, I have friends, but they betrayed me I told my parents, but they didn’t do anything they just hug, kiss me and say everything is going to be alright, but it wasn’t alright.

In the age of 13. I learn many things from the inside and the outside world, I learn to act and keep my distance and that humans are monster, the most important thing is being alone is better than being with someone else though it’s a pain in the ass to act all the time I hate to smile, And talk about stupid things every day.  I prefer to play games and read books, and who knew that playing games give you more knowledge then going to school.

The only best thing about school is that I can sit alone and it’s quite, but one day when I was reading a book in my zone there was a new hot transfer student with glasses and short brown hair, and when the teacher told her to introduce herself, all she said was her name chise that’s legit like me when it was my first day at school and I thought about dating her, but I kind of given up on girls when it was my middle school year. When I tried asking one out, she say a couple of nice things, then she shot me down. Actually I was just testing that I have any talents with the ladies, and actually it hurts like crap. Even though I don’t like her like her it still hurts like crap.

So from that day on, I never even think about loving anyone. And beside I never gotta have a shot her with she’s way, too hot.

Until I thought when the teacher told her to choose to sit anyone in the class and when I mean anyone I mean anyone. And what is the possibility her sitting with me and I don’t even care about asking her, but there’s one thing I know that she will never like me. And like I said, I will never have a shot with her, So the next thing is I continue to read my book I enjoying it until I notice that she was staring at me and she wasn’t even trying to hide it. I pretend not to know and started reading again I was hoping that she would stopped and she stopped I was relief, until I saw her hand on my lap. I kept quiet and kept reading, but her hand just keep going closer to my crouch.

Until I finally, have the courage to stop her, and oh god just in time I was almost going to scream like a little girl, and when I stop her. She said, why you stop me don’t you want to feel good. And I just I replied without thinking feel good we’re in class. And I didn’t think that my replied gives her the wrong idea.

Then she replied, ok then you don’t want to do in class, but you want to do it outside. And I don’t know want to say anymore I was so red, I was really red. Then she touch my forehead, and she told the teacher I have a fever. And I scream I don’t have a fever, but the teacher didn’t believe me wants worst is that she told chise to bring me to the nurse office. And got a lot more worst.

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