Deer Hunting With Bill E.

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Bill E. joke. I heard it on t.v and it was too funny!

Submitted: March 04, 2009

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Submitted: March 04, 2009



Okay this is the stupidest thing I have ever done in my entire life.

I took my wife deer hunting.

So we're getting ready and we're driving in the car. Here I am with my camo pants, shirt, hat and face paint. Then there's my wife next to me and she's wearing a white jogging suit, bright yellow tennis shoes, and she brought her purse.

So my wife is the smartest person i know. Honest to god she is. Well, i'm driving down the road and she leans over to me and says, "Why do they put those deer crossing signs up? Deer can't read!"

I turn to her "No, but they recongize pictures of themselves! Will you please shut up!"

So we get there and we're walking though the woods, and we go up a tree. It's early morning, I can hear the birds chirpping, the squriles scampering on the forest floor. It's all so peaceful. Then I hear "Bill, Bill. When are all the deer gonna show up?" (whispering)

"I don't know. They never returned the call about the meeting. Will you please shut up!" (Whispering)

a few seconds later i hear "Bill, Bill. I have to pee" (Whispering)

"Then go use the coffee can. Shut up!" (Whispering)

Then I see the buck. A giant beauty, just waiting to be shot. then i hear.. "Aww! ain't he cute! He looks like bambi's daddy! Do you remember when we saw the movie with the kids."(Whispering)

"Yes, i remeber the movie" (whispering)

I aim the gun at the buck. then i hear "Wait! You ain't gonna shoot it are ya?" (whispering)

"No i brought this gun incase the deer tries to climb up this tree and rob us. Yes I'm gonna shoot it!" (whispering angrily)

"No! No! Run deer run!" my wife yells

That was the first time I had ever pushed a woman out of a tree. and the first time i had ever seen a deer laugh at me.

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