The Crime in Oz

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The Wicked witch of the west's story of what really happened on a very windy day in Oz.

Submitted: January 06, 2010

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Submitted: January 06, 2010



Ok, I swear to tell the truth, nothing but the truth and only the truth. And, yes I came here on my own accord to stop the evil Glinda. Because I was the victim here! It’s my turn to tell the story! The world needs to hear my side! The real truth of what happened on a very odd day in the merry ol’ land of Oz…..
Three months, two weeks, and four days ago I had been taking my daily stroll down the yellow brick road just minding my own business. Enjoying the clear blue sky, the birds chirping in the trees, and even the occasional munchkin and living tree playfully tossing apples back and forth.
“Ah,” I smiled to myself.
“What a lovely day. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.” I said happily.
It was then that a sleeping tree awoke and looked around for any others beside me before giving me and odd glance when they saw I was alone, and with a huff that rustled its new spring leaves it closed its’ eyes once more.
“I really need to stop talking to myself.” I mumbled, controversial to the fact that I was still talking to myself. Quietly laughing inside I decided to go pick some flowers from the field of posies for my sister Nessa’s birthday tomarrow.
I decided to take a short cut and go through the main center of town on my way there. By the time I reached the towns outer limits it started getting a little windy. Then I felt a sudden bone chilling gust of wicked cold air. Hugging myself tightly I looked up only to discover a dark, morbid cloud hanging overhead; I saw something giant swirling endlessly in the dreary harbinger of cold. It started spinning faster and the wind picked up, forcing me to hold my hat down to my head as I felt another burst of the freezing air.
I stumbled backward and almost tripped over a munchkin’s wheelbarrow. Regaining focus I peered at the on coming object. It seemed like it was getting bigger and bigger, until I realized that it wasn’t getting bigger, it was getting closer! I looked carefully at the quickly moving object, trying to figure out what it was.
A house! It was a house! Flying though the air! Odd, but not impossible.
 “Whoever did this must be one heck of a magician,” I spoke softy, completely forgetting my new goal to discontinue projecting my inner-babble aloud.
I squinted to see the magical house better but only found to my own surprise that I no longer had to squint. The house was superlative! It seemed so close already but it kept approaching and I knew it would surely crash soon. It seemed to be headed off more to my left so I knew I was okay.
Then it hit me. (No not the house silly! Close your mouth, I’m telling my story!)
“The town was to the left!” I had gasped
I quickly peered to my left to see if there was anyone else still outside during this dreadful twister. I saw only a single figure in red heels in the town square.
“Nessa!” I screamed for I saw that the rapidly approaching house was headed on a course straight for my sister. I tried to move my legs and run to her, but they were uncooperative. They seemed to be frozen with fear, as was my mind.
So I could only stand there clutching my hat to my head as I witnessed Nessa hear my cry and spin around to face me, giving me a sad but loving look, just as the house landed. Right on top of her.
“NO!” I screamed and forcefully willed my legs to move. The chill had stopped and my legs decided to let me run. I ran as fast as I possibly could to try to reach my wonderful sister.
“Nessa!” I wailed falling to the ground at her feet. The only thing I could still see that had not gotten squished by the treacherous sister squasher. I didn’t realize I was crying until I saw my tear land on the tip of her ruby red slipper.
“Whoa, Toto! I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!” A strange girl dressed in plaid stated as she stepped out of the terrible house with a little black dog.
“That’s right dear, you’re in Oz. My name’s Glinda the Good Witch.” That perky little fairy dressed in pink and ruffles said sweetly to the newcomer.
I got up off the ground and wiped my eyes; stomping over to them. “You did this!” I pointed at Glinda.
“Did what? Brought a wonderful girl to come visit a merry ol’ land?” She asked calmly.
“YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!!” I snarled. “You killed my sister!”
“I did no such thing! I had no control over that twister what-so-ever!” Glinda insisted.
“You started it! You purposely had it land on her!” I snapped. “You murderer!”
“I am not a murderer! I was merely showing the citizens of Oz what happen what people temper with the Wizard.” She tried to explain.
“What? Because he was mad that she wouldn’t return the ruby slippers? They wouldn’t come off her feet for heavens sake!” I said furiously. “This was your entire scheme from the start! Wasn’t it? This was your entire plan to rule Oz! To kill my sister, then what? Me next? So you’d be the lone magician in all the land?” I was almost steaming from the ears; until I remembered the slippers. I turned around and saw they were gone off of Nessa’s feet. I watched as her feet horribly curled up and vanished beneath the house.
“What did you do with Nessa’s shoes?” I questioned already infuriated as I whipped back around to face my enemy. She pointed down and I followed her finger with my gaze. They were on the little new brats’ feet!
“Give me back the Slippers! You took my only sister away from me just let me have something of hers to remember her by!” I begged, tears threatening to spill once more. The Kansas girl opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted.
“She will never take those shoes off of her feet. Got that Dorothy? Never take them off. Ever.” Glinda sneered.
“Ahh!” I cried and disappeared in a puff of green smoke back into my room in my castle.
And you know basically how the story goes from here. I chase Dorothy around trying only to reclaim my dear deceased sisters’ favorite pair of ruby red slippers. Yadda yadda yadda…. I get cornered and the stupid girl pours water on me until I’m soaking and can no longer use magic. And now you’ve got me sitting here in the middle of a court room, and all I’m trying to do is show you that I was the victim here! My only sister was murdered! All I wanted was her shoes back so that I could better remember her! It was all Glinda’s evil scheme! Her evil plot to try to take over Oz! She killed my best friend and she tried to kill me!
No! What are you getting those handcuffs for? What’s with the straight jacket? No! I’m not crazy! Arrest Glinda! Not me! No you can’t help her win! Let me go! You can’t let her succeed! She can’t be the only magician there! No! Put me down! No! Noooooo…………

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