who is my real father, the god given journey to truth.

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is this man my real father? god showed me many confirmation in last 33 years of my walk from afar concerning this prophet, and god has used him to change my life around. i am living proof of what god can do. whether he is my real father, or not does not mean i am evil, or that i am wrong to search out the answers. no one can understand what it is like to grow up without a father, a identity and grow up with medical issues that have put you through much persecution in the health systems, putting you through great hardship and enforcement against your will. causing your life to be one that is uncertain, and hurting you, affecting your relationship with god.i may be a adult but i was a child ounce, and growing up without a real father, and a mother who hates you, and reminded you that she wanted to kill you, reflecting on her pain concerning her dealing with my real father, is not something a child growing into a adult should have to bare. then as time goes by, she reveals the truth, and everyone who know this prophet abandons her and her friends , churches and more make excuses for it, telling her she should forget about it, and go on. that god should be her main concentration, making it look like she is the guilty one. i am not the guilty one, and jesus christ is my main father in whom i love more then anyone or anything in this world. i could and would not be a live today, or have gotten through my journey without him. i talk to jesus christ everywhere i go. i do not believe any of this is my fault, but the fault of those who bore witness to me, and the governments who have stolen my birth right, destroying my birth records, and my mother who will not tell me who my father is, and the nations who have put me through the mill, taken away my freedom, and taken every way to finding out who my real father is. you have caused the issues, put blocks in my way, stopped me at the boarder, taken away my health rights, birthrights and so much more, making me look like a evil woman. i am not evil, and i do not believe my father is evil either, and you all have no right to treat me this way, in jesus name amen.
if anything you who say you love me, and desire the best for me, should be doing everything in your power to help me find out the truth, and get the closure i need, in order to help me maintain a healthy , productive life, and a relationship i so desire with my heavenly father above, in jesus name amen.

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Who Is My Real Dad?

Submitted: February 10, 2016

The Profile Picture is prophet Peter Popoff , a Minister of God. Is He my Real Father, And how should people reflect on that? Is it fair to hurt me because of it, or should those who say they care and love me, help me find out? Read Chapter