Is This a Dream? (Poem)

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Is this real? Am I dreaming? It seems almost too good to be real, or at least too good to last...

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



Is This a Dream?


Wake up, wake up!

Don't stay asleep!

You'll get hurt!

This you can't keep!

Wonderful today,

But what happens tomorrow?

I don't want to hurt,

Or fall into sorrow.

But I love you so much,

I've loved you for so long,

Now you're finally with me,

And what we have is so strong.

It's been beaten into me,

This uncertainty and insecurity.

I don't want you to take it the wrong way

And ruin this purity,

But if I'm so unsure about this

Can it really last?

I'm not doing so well;

What if it's over too fast?

But what if it never was;

What if I'm just a rebound?

What if this isn't real

And I get beaten into the ground?

From you I don't think I can take it

If you hurt me like that.

From you it would destroy me

If you thought I was a gnat.

But it seems so good,

So very right.

This all looks perfect.

Oh, what a sight!

How I love you,

And I always will,

So I guess I'll take what I have now

And get my fill

While you're still mine

And this world is kind.

And then you'll leave

If you're of the mind.

I'm not doing well,

I'm going to make a mistake,

I'm going to do something wrong,

But I don't want to seem fake.

Is this a dream?

Or is it a nightmare?

This is so wonderful, so perfect,

But I'm well aware

That it's not forever,

So should I stay asleep?

Or should I wake up and realize

I'm in too deep?

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