Strange (Poem)

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Life is confusing, and so is he.

Submitted: June 25, 2010

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Submitted: June 25, 2010





Everything is so strange,
It isn't the way it should be,
I've done things I'm not proud of;
Is this what I want for me?
Some signs say yes,
But many say no,
Heart and mind pulling apart;
Which way do I go?
I've been through this before,
Chose to push away or allow,
I know what I chose then,
But is that what I want now?
I chose before to push you away,
I chose before to be without you,
But then I changed my mind,
And you got another chance, too.
Now the worst is over and done,
I did what I said I wouldn't do,
And I want to believe what you said,
When you said, "I love you."
My mind screams that it was just the passion,
That you didn't really mean it,
But I want so bad to belive you;
I'm in such deep shit.
I told you not to say it
Until you can say it and mean it,
I didn't want you to say it
And away from the passion you never repeated it.
It probably wasn't true,
You were just caught in the pleasure,
I'm sure you didn't mean it,
But the memory will last forever.
I shouldn't have done what I did,
It was stupid and reckless and rash,
I just wanted what I couldn't have,
And, of course, you were gone in a flash.
I don't know what to do now,
I don't know if I helped you cheat,
I have no claim on you anymore,
Only this unbearable heat.
You wouldn't want me to know,
But I have to ask anyway,
I have to know the truth;
It'll help me decide to leave or stay.

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