Valentine's Day (Poem)

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A true poem about last Valentine's Day. :)

Submitted: July 04, 2010

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Submitted: July 04, 2010



Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is supposed to be
Filled with love and romance,
But my Valentine's Days were lonely
Until I fell into your trance.

You enchanted and bewitched me
And never threw me a second glance,
I never thought it would be my turn;
I never expected I had a chance.

So when the day came that you were alone,
And I was the only one to comfort you,
You realized what you had done to me,
And you knew my love was true.

Valentine's Day is special,
And 2 a.m. is grand
Because that was exactly when
You reached for my hand.

My first chance to be happy;
I grasped it with all my might,
But now I've realized
That I held on a little too tight.

When everything fell apart,
And I thought it was all over,
I couldn't keep it together;
I couldn't even stay sober.

Now I have myself under control;
You'd never notice that I'm still in pain,
But the hurt is now a part of me;
Sometimes I feel like I'm barely sane.

But even now,
Just like all the time I've known you,
You save me and save me again,
And still my love is true.

I can't tell you this now
Because you'd never accept me,
But I still love everything you are,
And everything you'll be.

You'll never be mine again,
No matter how much I dream,
But I love you more than life itself,
No matter how untrue it may sometimes seem.

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