Dear daddy, Dear mummy

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poem i wrote when i was slightly upset and felt guilty for leaving my dad.
please give feedback and enjoy!
xoxo, takkaz

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



Dear Daddy, Dear Mummy

Dear daddy,
I'm sorry I had to leave you,
I'm sorry I broke your heart.
I'm sorry I deceived you,
Knowing it tore us apart.

I'm sorry I can't be perfect,
But you're far from it to.
I hope that this was all worth it,
For the amount of pain it has caused you.

I know you will forgive me,
For what I've done to you,
I know that you'll always love me, and that my wish will come true.

I wished for a life better then this,
In a world that will be fair,
I wished for the day to come,
When there'll be nothin you can't bare

Dear mummy
I'm sorry if I didn't turn out,
The way you hoped I would.
I'm sorry I made you scream and shout,
Just for being misunderstood

I'm sorry I broke your trust,
I'm sorry I broke your heart.
I knew That i would bust,
I knew it would make us part.

Knowing I needed to leave you,
Made it harder to say good bye,
Knowing that i hurt you,
Made it impossible not to cry.

But my wish, for you,it did come true,
It made me understand,
Why in times of hurt and need,
It was so difficult to take your hand

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