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poem i wrote a short while ago,hope you enjot, please leave feedback
xoxo takkaz

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011




Cause she stands there quietly,
Not making a sound every single day
Listening to all of those horrible words
That you lowlifes have to say

You bitch and bitch,
Not caring who it'll hurt
It makes her so mad,
When you talk about her like she's dirt

You think she can't hear you,
Not that you's even care,
You act like everythings fine
When she's standing just there

But When you think she's not around
You start to speak your mind
With all The whispers she hears,
It Makes her want to crawl away and hide

She runs to her room,
Grabs the razor from her shelf,
She had never wanted to do this,
To inflict harm upon herself

But she doesn't know any other,
Way to remove this pain,
So she uses a quick sharp slice
Diagonally down her vein.

It makes her feel better,
When she feels blood trickle towards her ring
She sees the many cuts ,
and feels the painful stings.

The cuts heal but the scars,
are forever on her arm,
she does this to herself,
It causes so much harm

With one final touch,
She puts the razor back on it's shelf,
And makes a promise, never again
Will she harm herself

A fake smile plastered on her face,
She hides behind the mask
And silently she hopes
That no one will ever ask.

Just how those scars
Scattered Upon her arm
Really came to be there,
Did she really self harm?

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