For the Touch of Hands

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This is a short story I wrote many years ago. It came to me one night about 3:00 in the morning (it seems most of my inspiration comes when I should be sleeping). I had just learned a song called One Scarred Hand that really had me start thinking of this story. Please enjoy what I have written and let the story sink in.

Submitted: December 16, 2006

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Submitted: December 16, 2006



In most children’s stories the introduction usually begins, “Once Upon a Time” or “In the Beginning”.This story has a different intro because there was no beginning.  Time is a creation of man and we use it to calculate the moments of our existence.  For God, His existence is infinite and needs not to be charted.


Now the wonder of God has been explained as not having an origin and the design of this story can be revealed.  This story is about a fathers hands and the truly endless meaning of love and loyalty to his children.


Consider this, the mighty hand of God can vaguely be summed up, according to our history, in this manner.  In the infinite span of time there arrived the need for acquaintances.  With his hands, God created the angelical bodies of the heavens. 


God then saw the need to create a universe of intricate design. With superior precision each star was hand shaped to light up this massive space.  Planets of exceptional colorings and amazing design were then placed by hand in their new homes.


“What I have done is good…but it is not enough.”  Alas God longed for a family. With the power that created the universe, these mighty hands created life. The magnificent design and incredible complexities were surpassed by the image of this man who was made in his own likeness.  These children would be his lineage.


Let’s take a second to ponder this choice God made.  This body with its complex abilities was created to harness the very essence and spirit of the man.  This elaborate structure comprised of a conscience mind with the ability of choice. This free will allows us to decide our own life’s path and hold our own fate. Through God’s love He grants us this so that we can love and follow him freely. But not all of God’s children chose this course.


In a span of time God’s children turned from him and fell captive to the corrupt ways of sin.  This sin became a prison and held tight to its prisoners.  God again showed his love for his children by making provisions for their release.


God stepped down from his home in the heavens and came to earth, became human, and walked among us.  He chose to face this sin and pay the ultimately price for the release and redemption of his children.


He allowed his wonderful hands, these hands that created the angels, that created the universe, and that created you and I to be mutilated.  Hard steel spikes with hammer to drive them pierced his hands and drove them into a wooden cross. This was not satisfactory for sin. Additional steel spikes were driven through his precious feet. His body was suspended from this wooden display of hatred and ridicule.  Yet this would not satisfy our sin.  God’s sacrifice became apparent and through His choice for our behalf…Died.


How many stories have we heard end when the hero dies?  The wrongs have been righted and goodness overcame yet the hero has to die.


Surprisingly, this story doesn’t end that way, for in three days of His death, he had risen and in his scarred hands he has the keys to hell and the prison that holds his children captive.


You say, “Wow, what a story!”  Would you believe there is more?


This saga continues on today. God is using his nail-scarred hands to touch our hearts, heal our bodies, save our souls, raise the dead, and carry us when we fall.


What a fitting end to this story, but is it?  Remember when I began this true record of God I mentioned that there is no beginning for the story because the Father is timeless.  Well if that’s the case then for obvious reasons there can be…no end.

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