Something Like Life

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I wrote this in an afternoon after I got home from work. I was going through some real struggles and didn't feel I was making much progree to reach the surface. A real true friend has shown up in my life and through compassion and understanding completely turned it around. I wrote this specifically for that person. I look forward to reviews of my work. I have recently returned to my love of writing and I intend to publish some of my other writings in the near future.

Submitted: December 16, 2006

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Submitted: December 16, 2006




There’s no one that can feel what I feel.

There’s no one that hurts what I hurt.

A broken glass can hold nothing just as

A heart is emptied when shattered.


Where are the light and warmth of the sun?

How do you look up when it has rained so long?

I can’t catch my breath and there is not time left.

My heart has slowed and the cold is setting in.

A light.

There, in the darkness, I see a glimmer of shine.

A beat of my heart stirs and I feel a glow.

The closer I get, the warmer I feel.

Where is this light that I’ve searched for so long?

An identity.

I see a resemblance of acquaintance I knew.

Where have I seen this? I must get closer.

The warming is opening my consciousness.

Life returns like a surge of summer waves.

Those eyes.

I am entranced in the vision of what I see.

This familiarity is becoming clearer with each step.

Existence is now full of hope, eagerness, and want.

Beautiful eyes wash over me and quicken my heat.

A face.

A friend’s features are now open to me.

I know who this person is.

I am pulled from this drenched and cold.

I see whom now that I am near and secure.

It’s you.

I see you who has felt what I felt.

I see you who has hurt what I hurt.

A heart filled like a glass of red wine.

I see you who holds me tight.

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