Sting Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young female Assassin in her field of work.



The woman sat in the corner of her cell in the highest security prison still in existence the guards thought that they had tamed her. A smile crept onto her face at this thought she was simply biding her time until she could get out but if she was good she could get out early. She was in there for killing a man that was trying to kill her but she used his weapon to kill him so it was seen as she who attacked. There were no witnesses to protest otherwise but she wasn’t as tame as she sounded she had her own quirks. Sitting behind a panel in her wardrobe she had a weapons cache containing knives, throwing and normal, 1 magnum, 1 m16, that she didn’t like using much, a 9mm silenced automatic pistol, many crude blades, made by her friend, and a 5ft sword that only came out for special missions. Her profession was an assassin but she hated being wrongfully accused if she had killed the man and was caught she would have gone easily it was just how she was. Because she was a free-lancer no one would get her out, or so she thought.

Footsteps came up the passage and all the prisoners looked out at the sole man walking up the corridor. One foolish prisoner tried to throw a knife at him which he caught, bent in one hand, and threw it back at him this deterred the other prisoners from trying anything. One single cell didn’t have a prisoner looking out. He walked straight to it and saw the woman inside look up and begin to laugh. ‘You are the last person I would have expected to come in’ was said in a very harsh voice.

‘Is that a good way to say thanks to the person who got you out of this hell hole?’ he laughed.

She laughed again ‘what is in this for you? Or are you being charitable?’ she laughed as if she had just made a joke.

The man shook his head and simply said ‘The Grey Crow’.

She suddenly became very serious and stopped laughing. All she said in reply was ‘Thankyou Gareth when do I get let out? I will have to find the blackbird when I do. I also hope someone looked after Polly.’

This time the man named Gareth laughed and said ‘Yes Polly is fine and you get out right now’ as if by magic the door opened and she cautiously walked out.

‘Was this legal?’

‘I’m shocked that you think I would bust you out illegally but follow me’

She followed him out and when they left the cell block the guards were all unconscious she looked at Gareth and he simply laughed and said ‘well maybe I was a little unlawful’.

She shook her head and left the building with him they got into a van and it drove off down the street.


Gareth decided that it was easier to take her home before allowing her to meet with blackbird. When they reached her house she went to her room changed and equipped her preferred weapons for when she wasn’t on a mission. She got back to the kitchen and found Gareth making a sandwich and drinking a glass of ginger beer. ‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m getting you something to eat. I’ve heard that prisons food is quite poor’

‘True.’ She agreed with him for the prisons food quality. ‘Thankyou Gareth.’ She said after a short while.

‘Well while we are talking what name are you going by at the moment?’

She smiled and replied. ‘Well I was named sting in prison so I may as well use that for the moment.’

‘Well Sting’ he smiled ‘we should move on.’

They left again and drove for half an hour with only the radio for noise. When they reached their destination all sting saw was a half burnt building but she knew very well to never judge places by their appearances she gave a brief look around apparently taking in her surroundings but she was finding out where the lookouts were. She noticed 10 in the 3 adjacent buildings and 2 men almost escaped her sight on top of the burnt building. So 12 men were all they posted she could take them all out if the need arises. She went inside with her arm through Gareth’s as was their cover, much to Sting’s disgust, they entered a beautiful room whilst it was only small it was very detailed. Sting’s eyes automatically scope the area for places to provide cover. She was doing this as a very well built man came through the other door and silently waved them through. They walked along a short hall until the man opened a large oak door that was obviously from an old mansion that had been torn down from the few almost invisible scratches on the edge. Inside the room sat another well built man in a red velvet chair he noticed who came in and got up shook Gareth’s hand and said something that Sting couldn’t make out then gave her a hug and a kiss and said ‘welcome back to my establishment I’m sorry that it is a little smaller than it was the last time.’

He offered them a glass of expensive brandy which both politely declined. Gareth stopped drinking after a bad accident that had killed his fiancé and Sting had never liked the taste of alcohol and would never take anything that could jeopardise a job.

The man then talked to Sting about a job for her if she was interested but she would need to work with Gareth and would have to report to a contact frequently. This was different from her normal jobs but she still agreed to it because she was in need of money so she could attain a new premises. Their job was to take down a man named Sir Paul Freedman. He was a man that answered only to the president and was a threat to all crime syndicates that operated in the city because he couldn’t be bought. He was scheduled to be going to a play at the biggest theatre in the city and he would be a fairly easy target if he was taken out before or after the play. This made Sting wonder why she needed Gareth to help and to report to the other man, he was to call every 2 hours but leave no name. She went along with the strange plan and found Sir Freedman a simple target in the crowd so she pulled out her pin point sniper rifle to take him down. The nameless man called and asked how she was progressing and she told him she was about to take the shot as he called so could he please not ring until 4 hours later so she could take him out uninterrupted. He agreed and so she waited and talked the time away with Gareth when the play finished Paul walked out with everyone else so she lined him up and took the shot then quickly ducked out of site as she heard screams indicating that her shot struck true. She made her way back to their van to find it missing she cursed at the luck and cleaned down the weapon disassembled it and scattered the pieces around the block then she remembered Gareth he was still on the building asleep. She pulled out her phone and called him but he had turned his phone off she then heard a shot richochet off the ground next to her so she ran to the nearest cover and pulled out her pistol and ran from cover to cover until she was sure she was out of the area. She holstered her pistol and ran to a safe house she knew of and found the head man sitting in there. He congratulated her but then apologised for having to kill her as he pulled out a sword so fast that she was almost cut in half as it swung. She instinctively went to her hip for one of her daggers then remembering that she hadn’t brought them she pulled out the sword from its scabbard on her back and paried as the next attack came. She found that he was a very competent swordsman as she continued to dodge his flawless attacks.

It was only her natural ability of dodging moving things that kept her alive. She noticed he was attacking in a pattern, a fore hand slash, a back hand slash, a stab and to finish it a two handed slash down from above his head. She took the chance between his stab and the downward slash to lunge in and try to harm his exposed body. Her sword slipped straight and true into the gap but it glanced off his body with a metal clang as she realised he was wearing medium armour. This cost her a cut to her left arm, which was her main sword hand, she grabbed the sword with her right hand and tried to work out where his armour covered but cutting the clothes hanging over it. She found gaps between the joints from the cuirass and the greaves so she waited for a gap she could lunge in with and take him in this gap. She knew that if she missed she was dead so she waited and finally noticed a gap which she took. Time seemed to slow down so greatly it almost stopped as she stepped forward and was rewarded by a squish as the sword took the man in his side she twisted the blade and ran it up into his heart then removed the blade as time resumed a normal pattern and he slumped down to the floor.

She was puffing from exhaustion the fight had drained a lot of her energy and the wound had taken more she know had time to think about the wound. She realised this was a mistake as she looked and felt all the adrenalin leave her and the pain flood into her and cause her to cry out and slump to the floor. She heard a clapping and felt gentle hands pick her up and take her to a couch but she lost consciousness.

When she awoke she found herself on a couch and tried to sit up but fell back in pain as she felt her wound move she looked down at it and found it bandaged.

She then realised that her jacket wasn’t on and she was only wearing her underwear and a thin top. She looked around the room and saw Gareth sleeping in a chair near her. She called out and he awoke startled she asked what had happened and all he said was. ‘You passed the test well you obtained a mild wound but apart from that you passed your test with flying colours.’

She blinked in surprise and confusion as he got up and came over to her. He lightly stroked her hair and brought his head close to hers and whispered ‘You are know the 2nd highest ranked assassin in the world’

She looked into his eyes and said ‘when did this test start?’

‘When you killed the man and got taken to prison’

‘You mean it was all a set up to test my skills?’


she reached the short distance to his face and gave him a hard slap ‘that’s for setting me up and seriously endangering my life’ she then put her hand behind his head and pulled it down and kissed him and said ‘That is for believing in my abilities and letting me proving my worth.’

She took 3 days to recover from her wound then she found Gareth who had been gone since the day she awoke. She was taken back to the warehouse by a bodyguard who said he was known as ‘The Shadow’. He followed her into the warehouse and entered the room with the velvet chair which now contained a different man.

Shadow stood by her the whole time until she walked up behind the man in the chair, who was sleeping, grabbed him from behind, which awoke him in a panic until he saw Stings head reach over the chairs back and kiss him. She laughed at him and he told her to have a seat at the table she chose a nice timber chair around the corner from his chair. Shadow sat beside her and Gareth turned his Velvet chair around and said ‘Well my love, and Shadow, you are the first member of my new Board we shall be known as The Night Fiends and we shall recruit only those we all deem worthy.’

‘For now though are you ready for mission Sting?’

Submitted: April 24, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Talas. All rights reserved.

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