"Restless Souls in a Haunted House

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This is a short story for a Halloween treat.

Submitted: September 19, 2013

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Submitted: September 19, 2013



“Restless Souls in a Haunted House”

By: David Hill


It was a stormy Halloween night and the storm clouds were moving closer. All I could hear was thundering and saw flashes of lightening. I went trick-or-treating alone.  As I walked down the street, I noticed an enormous multi-story mansion. I remembered hearing about this mansion from a friend in the previous years. There was a couple who died in that mansion one by one. Every Halloween, they would make themselves a guest at the house. This house was antique with a spooky chill to it. It resided near a lake in an unknown area. I decided to take a fright for the night. As I approached the door, a chill immediately ran down my spine. I noticed that the door knob was broken, so I was able to walk right in. When I got inside, I paused and looked around. Everything was antique and full of dust. The floors and walls both were hard wood. Glancing around nervously, I noticed a portrait of the deceased couple on the wall, accompanied by layers of dust. The windows were cracked as if the storm hit it. Cold and hesitant, I walked laggardly towards the window. Trees began to tap on the window as though they were trying to get my attention. I walked upstairs and entered a room. On a table lied a book of spells and two voo-doo dolls. I picked up the two voo-doo dolls and opened the spell book. In less than a minute, the lights flickered and chairs flew across the room. Next, the door began to open and close. All I could see were the eyes in those portraits staring at me. I felt as though the room was spinning. I panicked and ran for the door. The door was locked and I could not get out. Suddenly, the house began to shake, dust flew in the air, and everything on the wall fell onto the floor. There was a knock at the door, but I felt hesitant about answering it. Then I heard a voice say “Get Out”!!! I screamed like a child. I pondered about whether the spell in the books would send the couple back from where they had come. I thought it was all dream. Shadows swirled around my feet and the storm had gotten very bad. The house was in complete darkness with no sign of light. The wind began to howl and I was raging in intense fright. The couple began to speak again and told me to leave. This old house was nowhere for me to be on Halloween. I kept flipping through pages of that spell book.. I found one that would end it all. When I made the spell, the couple went away and the house returned to the way it was before I arrived. I expeditiously ran to the door and left there for good. As I exited the door, the storm ceased once and for all. The clouds were as clear as crystals. I passed the story along to others, but no one believed me. I knew if I ever went somewhere again on Halloween, it wouldn’t be that old house. No one wanted to believe me, until one year later when a young girl encountered the same experience. She never returned home that night.

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