If and Maybe

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Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016



Today my fear blew up My terror is no longer at bay I've lost. I've lost my body, soul and mind. My body was taken By the common man In a fit of lust. It was ravished Instead of savored Passion was absent In the presence of a crazed beast And so my heart ran Instead of my feet My words falling silent My body was stolen. Leaving my soul to be Arrested and battered Shaken in the aftermath Curdling at the idea Of another man, of his hands. I can't look my hero in the eyes For fear he'd see my soul He'd see the despair and Anger that have been mingling-- OR even the pity, That has be throwing parties Every single night. He wasn't supposed to know That my soul has been captured. I am left with my mind My greatest weapon in the world But now it's turned against me Determined to be my end All the questions and lies and doubts Has thrown it into overdrive My only option is to self abort-- But it paused to consider him To consider what would happen, 'What if he notices, he wouldn't be happy' 'He didn't notice last time' 'He doesn't care for you anymore' 'He acts like this because of you' 'You are no good, you've failed' The madness needs to stop I need relief, I can't breathe I can't think, I can't feel. I used to know these answers But something has changed. Creating too many ifs and maybes Maybe the answers will flow better If my wrist flow too Staining everything in its path My mind has been overthrown And I am a prisoner To this game called life.

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