So Many Lives

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Submitted: December 06, 2018

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Submitted: December 06, 2018



So Many Lives

First of nine
Good morning! I want to stretch my legs. The sun is shining, time for a walk. I walk down 1st Street, tried to cross the street. I was hit by a car. 

Second of nine
Today, I have a plan. I go outside, another beautiful day waiting for me. I cross the street and look to my left. A car hit me, coming from the right. Next time, I'll know what to do.

Third of nine
I’m not staying indoors today, I know what to do. I want to cross the street. This time I look left and right. A wild animal across the street has me in its sights. It chases me, gains on me, and tears me to shreds. 

Fourth of nine
Look out! There is a second car, goddamit.

Fifth of nine
I see the wild animal, on the other side of the street. It's coming for me. I can't seem to outsmart it. The water! They hate it. It follows me, all the way to the docks. I jump in the water, and the animal gives up. I get swept by the tide and drown.

Sixth of nine
I’ll try a different direction today. I meet a man, he treats me well. I follow him, all the way to his house. Should I go inside? He seems nice...I’m curious. He locks me up, not nice at all. He grabs a book with an ominous title, ‘What’s cooking? It smells delicious!’. 

Seventh of nine
Another day, another adventure. What lies in store today? I go outside to explore. I walk around and smell something delicious. It’s coming from the farmers market, it's fresh fish. I devour one and run away from the scene. My stomach feels strange, could it be the fish? Could it have carried disease or parasites? I vomit uncontrollably, my vision blackens. It’s the end of an adventure.

Eight of nine
Through the window, I can see her. She's lonely; she needs someone to play with. I go outside and attract her attention. She wants to cuddle; she doesn’t know her own strength. I feel the air leaving my lungs, I gasp for air. She doesn’t let go, I’m finished.

Nine of nine
I'm staying home today, and nothing will happen to me. A cat only has so many lives, shame to waste them all.


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