Removal of you from my mind and heart

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Expiration of the pain and feelings going through my thoughts after breaking up

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



I can't have you in my life
This is no outta line
Your an infection crawling within my mind
Why wont you just leave my life?
Pack your bags and shut the door.

I feel exposed
Out in the open
This cold is starting to burn away at my insides.
I was certain that you would self destruct
Before me...

Clearly this may not be the case
You from my life to be erased
Why can't it be?
I'm suffering why?
Im almost down
I'll do whatever it takes
To never bow
Or stoop to your level
I'll bleed as much as i need to bleed!
End it now

Succubus you're draining my life
I'm been backed into a corner
I have a choice
But what to choose?
Do i disconnect from the world and everything that it possibly has to do with you?
Or do i try to remain strong, stand tall against this, defeat you slowly but surely.
But at what cost?

Ever felt like you about to burst but can't.
It's like that...
A parasitic plague haunting me
From within the depths and hollows
Of my soul deeper than ever before


The thought of you lingers
The memory of you strong
The decision made
The right one

I have done the best i can
To dissect you from my life
i feel permitted to grow
But when with you i suffocated
I no longer have time nor paitience
So i chose to cast you aside

Harsh? Maybe..
Neccessary? Indeed
For my own sanity
For my own design

Suffer at your hands no longer
Internally i remain strong
Even though you have tested my all

I will not self destruct
I will not hold back
I will not allow you to control me

So aside you go
Like a used cigarette

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