She knew not

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Whilst on a night out with her friends, Lexie meets a handsome stranger whom provides her with the night of her life, however also leaves her questioning what she wants from her current relationship.

She awoke the following morning, with a smile on her face but with a headache that felt like a pounding drum. As she lay curled up in the corner of her oversized sectional, flashbacks of the previous night began funneling in. Stirring and stretching, she picked up her blanket and headed towards the kitchen, letting out a small shriek when her bare feet hit the stone cold tile floor. She clicked on her kettle and placed a teabag in her mug, before heading out onto her balcony which looked over the bustling city centre beneath her. Clasping her blanket around her, another wide smile encapsulated her face. She knew not his name, nor the city he was from but she was aware of one thing, he gave her a true taste of what she had been missing. Pure, devilish fun.

Lexie had met the handsome stranger whilst out with a group of work colleagues the night before. The night started off, as it had done many a time before, however thanks to a new club opening their usual end-of-the-line haunt was altered. It was called Romany and was a new luxurious, heavily promoted swanky nightclub. The simple offering of free drinks was enough to encourage them to check out the glitzy new venue. It was about 11pm and the trio of ladies were sat in a squeaky new leather booth, all rather heavily intoxicated by now. They were amidst giggles and laughter when Lexie's friend Kalissa noticed someone she knew, and shouted to him to ocme over. "Jack...... Oi.....Jack Stainton... get your butt over here" she squealed towards him. He turned, grinned wickedly and began heading their way. He beckoned to his friend to come over. They both stood momentarily at the end of our table until the introductions were done. When Jack introduced him, his name passed her by, for she was entwined amidst his bright green eyes, and tantalizing smile. Kalissa encourages them both to sit with us, Jack squeezing up close to Kalissa, while he scooted up towards Lexie. She turned to him and smiled, and he gleamed back at her. A waiter appeared with a tray of free shots, and we all partook in several, before the gentlemen bought us cocktails. Conversation flowed easily between the table, and before long they were all laughing and joking together. Suddenly Lexie felt a hand on her thigh, it was his. She did not look up, nor visibly react, just bit her lip and tried her hardest not to smile. He began talking with her other friend Jane, and whilst doing so began gently stroking her thigh. She leaned back to allow him to speak with Jane more easily, and casually sipped on her Mai Tai. He continued caressing her thigh, ever so lightly, not venturing too high, yet enough to drive her wild.


........ to be continued

Submitted: September 30, 2013

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This is well written and interesting. You did an amazing job.

Mon, September 30th, 2013 9:05pm


I hope you finish it. It was a good start.

Mon, September 30th, 2013 11:20pm

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