"Injury Established Beyond Any Doubt"

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This poetry highlights the significance of dreadful shadows casted over your emotions when you flunk to stand upto the expectations of dear ones around!!

Submitted: August 13, 2013

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Submitted: August 13, 2013





It seems as if my world has accomplished a dead end,

Lonliness appears to be my only heart-to-heart friend..


 This state of affair has wounded me to such a horrendous height,

I have intimately lost my vision of affirmative sight..


The period of stagnation is gloomier than the sadness of gruesome nights,

My dreams,from here on hangdown to mournful mights..


Brutal battle of this vicious defeat is rightly what I cannot fight,

It’s like watching over stars in the sunlight..


Faces nourished with glad tidings beyond the casual demarcation,

Certainly,have demoralized my spirits of zestful innovation..


Counterfeit greetings yet hideous hostilities behind cherishing smiles matter to me nomore,

I only find myself surrounded by nightmares back and fore..


Classical mythology has led me to such a humorous climax,

Violent fate has menacingly shot me down with arrow and an axe..


I can feel the tormenting heat of this injury whirling along my blood,

Wish could rescue my muddled mind from this sentimental flood..


I wonder if it is the critical examination of my patience,

Or maybe a refined evaluation of intellectual hierarchy of my tolerance..


Flame of the failure,ignitable enough to keep burning my soul forever,

Opportunity to excel over the sphere is at the door,it’s now or never!!


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