It's All About Destiny-The Ultimate Detachment!!

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This short story confronts the teenagers with the reality that the feelings experienced during this specific age group are not to prolong forever instead they make you suffer from sadness,pain and ruin your personality to deeper than the soul. Even the Predestined Lovers fall apart. In order to discover the veiled face of fake transitory affection,please read on..

Submitted: August 11, 2013

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Submitted: August 11, 2013



Nobody could ever bring it to the thoughts of their mind that the most renouned,exemplary and a unique lovestory would reach such a horrible,unexpectedly heart throbbing climax. Who would have ever known that the two die-heart,obsessed lovers would end up in poorly improbable manner.

In the well established,tantalizingly furnished estate of Adminton lived this happening couple of George Kingston and Rosalie Grey.George was the offspring of a filthy rich landlord while Rosalie belonged to the lower middle-class family who had no divergent means of earning except for farmwork. The ladies of this family used to invest their energy on the farmlands of these wealthy,mon-eyed mortals. Surprisingly,the bond of love that these two significantly distinctive classed birds shared was beyond the natural instincts of ordinary as well as affluent graded beings existing there. If one endured any injury,the next would eventually undergo discomfort. It was their casual phenomenon to meet eachother and if not that,atleast to see eachother slight distantly.

Astoundingly,George was merely 15 years old school going lad when he proposed Rosalie for the committed relationship. Rosalie was a 11 yeared young girl who had just stepped into her Teenage dreamy world. She was best known for her happy-go-lucky biological capability. Unlimited fun and Jack of all trades aptly traced the outline of her inheritance. She accepted the proposal randomly,for the sake of timepass. She was not a least bit interested in the sternly arrogant and tough-in-taste guy. The little lady intended to flirt with the guy initially and later to ditch him within a few months. Isn't it startling to believe this lovetrack continued to inspire the young generation for 7 years? :0 Ironically,indeed!

Slowly and gradually,as the days harried by and the moon in sky evidently enlarged,their attraction gained intensity,transformed into ageless compassionating affiliation which proved to be the fundamental cause that dragged this geminate into the Halloween of Hell. Every time that they met,they planned their future life after marriage. The fear of losing eachother was so much so that they couldn't tolerate when any of them traded even a few gentle words with the opposite gender. George was comparatively more possessive and had an strict watch on every move of her. 

They were so madly in love with eachother at this peak that they were still firm on their decision of forever-engagement when Rosalie and George were both beaten mercilessly with iron rods along with thick rubbered Tyre belts as the secret of their concealed relationship revealed. Together they encountered this tough time with full fledged determination. Rosalie's mother was convinced for their union after witnessing the devotion and staunchness of George for her innocent daughter. The days of torment finally approached an end. End for bad. 

Certainly,George was a sincere and a reverent lover,also,he was fervently adhered to his relationship with Rosalie but he was unaware of the fact that his friends actually turned out to be his foes who satisfied their jealousy and enemity to the fullest. They indulged him into impious and severely forbidden,irreligious acts by promoting increased carnal knowledge and adapting sexual behavior. George was proceeding by dribs and drabs towards these dirty habits of drinking alcohol and taking drugs for sensational relaxation which progressively ingulfed his faith and denomination. 

And this desperate stingy attitude of George initiated the downfall of this fascinating,magnificently mesmerizing lovestory. Each time that he met Rosalie now,he provoked her to enjoy this eroticism with him and she constantly kept on refusing him. This exceedingly wicked attitude of George resulted in a tremendously massive disaster that shook their felicitous world reshaping it into a living bloodcurdling nightmare when once he visited Rosalie and forcefully,crossing all the limits of respect and decency,abused her,physically as well as verbally,attained all the possible recreation from her that his strength allowed him. Rosalie tried to her utmost to hold him hiking his track yet she flunked. And now what?? Any key to this answer??.. Please read on.. 

And now she was gravid,owing his unborn offspring in her body. Yes,she was pregnant. When she confessed this bitter truth to that so-called lover boy,he declined to accept it,rather he predicated her for having an affair with some external intruder :0 She almost lost her conscious state of mind when he treated her in such a scornful and annoyed way. She begged on her knees,she pleaded with floating river of tears but he pretended as if he had never breathed closer to her. The helpless 17 year old girl stood hesitantly,spoke no next word,gathered the shattered fragments of her broken dreams and walked away silently,leaving him behind for all the births to raise. That atrocious day notified the end of their eternally timeless saga. Almost three months later,George celebrated his wedding with a cousin and unfortunate Rosalie migrated to some other estate of Canada. 

Arriving at the last resort,look how do the destinies alter their paths and love-filled hearts burn in the fire of prejudiced hostility. This teenage love is worthless. Basically,the moral of this story is to protect yourself from this bullshit. Don't submerge yourself into chasing after what is totally unpredictable. Set your aims high,be ambitious,serve your family,achieve your desires,fight for your rights,hit on the pedal and accelerate towards success. This world is yours,conquer the happiness,bury the sorrows and tour the seven skies of God. Shine on like the sun,the stars and the moon!!

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