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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Knesh and Kieana have triumphed over the Skrall and Makuta Teridax, but nothing can prepare them for the powerful menace that is the Great Beings.

Table of Contents

Getting to know someone

Part 1: New characters, new villains, a new adventure.
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Light among the shadows

It was dark in a large foyer. Takanuva walks into the foyer clutching a snake in her right hand. She walks further in while an eight year... Read Chapter


Talique walks down the halls of the YMCA and sees Megan sitting in the cardio room with a group of people. Talique watches them from the ... Read Chapter


Knesh continues to sink to the bottom of the ocean. He was pursuing a Skakdi group of six, who call themselves Piraka, another word for ... Read Chapter

The end is near

The sun peaks over the island of Xia. In Atero, Xia's golden city, near the shores of the island, Matoran and Agori get to work. Some wer... Read Chapter

Chaos in the streets

Talique gets off the train at Pionier Square in Seattle. He leaves the station and walks across town. Talique enjoys long walks whenever ... Read Chapter


Roodaka walks out onto a large balcony the size of a football feild. Surrounding the ledge of the balcony were robotic beings that greatl... Read Chapter

Cat and mouse

Talique, Madison, Angel, Takanuva, Tanma, Lihkan, and Norik sit in the train to Seattle. Takanuva, Norik, Tanma, and Lihkan felt uncomf... Read Chapter

Street fights

Talique, Angel, Madison, Tanma, and Norik fall onto the floor of the train. Talique sits up and sees Megan in one of the seats. "Talique?... Read Chapter


Zaktan burst into the subway that goes beneath the city of Seattle. The only thing he thought about was being easily defeated by Takanuva... Read Chapter


The eight of them enter the Seattle Arts Museum. Megan walks up to the front desk where a young woman greets her. "Hey, Alexis." Megan ... Read Chapter


Beneath the streets of West Main Street, Talique looks around to see if anyone was around, particularly security. The eight of them were ... Read Chapter

Like father like daughter

Knesh makes a run for the tunnel that leads to the subway. He was so close. The only thing that ran through his mind was finding the an... Read Chapter


Knesh looks at Takanuva while holding his sword. He couldn't believe what he did. He tried to kill his own child. Knesh then looks around... Read Chapter

End of the world

Dark clouds spread throughout the world, darkening the skies and spreading fear into the hearts of millions. Giant black holes open over ... Read Chapter


A million thoughts ran through Takanuva's mind as she, Norik, and Tanma fought back against Teridax and the Piraka. The first thing she ... Read Chapter

One chance

Knesh and Lihkan charged towards the stadium first. Takanuva, Tanma, and Norik followed right after. Megan, Angel, Madison, Talique, Na... Read Chapter


Roodaka's power grows stronger and stronger and the ground breaks apart around her. Everyone, including the Piraka and Rahkshi begin to ... Read Chapter


Takanuva and Lihkan jump through the portal and it closes. Norik and Tanma waited for them and they gathered. They look around and hoped ... Read Chapter

Locked up

Thousands of miles away, Hydraxon's ship travels through the cosmos at light speed, destination yet to be known. Hydraxon pulls Knesh out... Read Chapter