Dear my friend

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A friend by your side is a friend to the end

Submitted: February 08, 2015

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Submitted: February 08, 2015



Good times, bad time, I can count on being with you

 I thank you for staying so true

My life will go for a long time, have to catch up when I see you

You my reason I can make it through

 I will give my word that I will be there for you

 My heart will always be with you

 I'm so glad I met you, being with me wherever

We're made for each other forever

 I know life can be tough on you time and time again

After we are far away

I will wipe away my tears tomorrow

 Life must go on, not so easy when we travel away

Memories you can recall with me anytime of day

I can see you, I can feel you in my heart

You will be there if I need you, I will come no matter how

 Because we are very special friends

 So send me a letter, let me know how you're doing

 You are my lifetime and true friend

 We'll never be forgotten

 Having trust is all we may need

You always lead me through the life I live

So far from the life use to know

Worries aren't to fall through

 I will stop and close my eyes, remember

And at the rainbow, I will take you, I will catch it for you

I will be there if you need me, and I know you'll do the same

You can ask me, you tell me from the heart

I will answer when you call me, I will come no matter how

 Because you're my one and only friend

 Just like a river that flows

Just like stars in the dark night

I'll lead you through the storm

You'll lead me through the dark

You are the knight of life

Memories you can recall with me

You can reach out, you ask in your soul

We will be there for each other

 I would never have to guess

 Because you are my dear friend

© Copyright 2018 Talique Metz. All rights reserved.

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