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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
After an apocalyptic outbreak wipes out most of the human race, a group of survivors encounter an advanced race of shape shifting beings called Fusa.

Submitted: March 14, 2015

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Submitted: March 14, 2015



In 2002, scientists attempt to create a drug that would cure diseases and tested them on wolves. Four years later, the same drug resulted as a deadly virus that spread throughout the globe via airlines. The virus was eventually called the K-9 flu. Eight years later, the virus had stopped, but it is unclear if there are any survivors left.

A pack of Fusa (humans capable of turning into wolves at will), led by a young adult Fusa named Norik, go hunting in the forest outside of San Francisco. The Fusa ambush a herd of deer and capture a few. Norik's son, Thok, is suddenly attacked by an aggressive grizzly bear and is scarred, Norik and his lieutenant Koda attack the bear and kill it.

Returning to their village, Koda tells Thok that scars make him stronger. Norik is summoned to his home that rests above the tallest tree to see his sister Jane giving birth to a baby girl. Thok arrives shortly after to see his new born cousin.

Later that evening, Norik and his good friend Locus watch the sunset and talk through sign language, wondering if the humans are all gone. While Norik isn't 100%, Locus didn't really care since he only saw the bad in them while Norik has seen the good and bad.

The next morning, Thok and his friend Simba (the son of Locus) return from fishing when they run into a human survivor from the virus who suddenly shoots Simba in the arm out of fright. Norik hears the gunshot and he a many others run down the mountain and surround the human but learn that there are more human survivors. The Fusa surround them in their wolf forms. Locus in a panic wants to retaliate because of Simba's wound, despite Norik trying to calm him. One of the humans, a young woman named Megan, asks everyone else to lower their weapons to show that they mean no harm. Norik spares their lives and shouts "Go!" and morphs into his human form to scare them off. Koda also shouts "Go!" and the other Fusa shout also. Norik has Koda and two others follow the humans to see if there are more.

Koda, Smug, and Zazu follow the humans to the Golden Gate Bridge where they rendezvous with the leader of a small group of human survivors. But don't go any further pass the bridge. Megan's father Sam tells the leader, Dexter, that they couldn't reach the dam up the mountain because they had a run in with the Fusa. The survivors need the dam up and running to get power to the city, since they're running low on oil that has lasted them most of two winters.

Back at the Fusa village, Koda pleads that Norik should attack the humans while they're weak. While many agreed, Norik refused stating that going to attack will cause a war and cost them everything they have: home, family, future. Koda again pleads and reminds Norik that Koda spent his whole life being abused by his aggressive owners and eventually a test subject, Norik promised to think about it over night.

The following morning, the entire Fusa nation travel into the city to confront the humans. Dexter opens the gates to city hall and Megan carelessly walks outside and confronts Norik. Norik morphs into his human form and tells the humans that the Fusa do not want war and only wish to live in peace, but they will fight if they have to. Norik has Thok give back Megan's bag she dropped. Before departing, Norik tells Megan never to return to the forest.

The rest of the day, the survivors go into a panic and Dexter calms them down. Megan asks her father to convince Dexter to allow them to return to the dam to restore power to the city. Megan only asked for 3 days. 

Dexter allows Sam and his friends to go back up the mountain, but Megan and her brother Ryan cannot come. Megan and Ryan stow away in the truck. Reaching the Fusa territory, Megan comes out of the truck and goes to confront Norik and convince him to let them pass to the dam. 

As Megan reaches the Fusa gates, she's confronted by Norik's closest friend Buck, a very large Fusa. Buck alerts the others and drags Megan into the village where Koda has the Fusa surround her. Norik and a sick Jane come out to see what's going on. Megan begs for Norik to let her and her family pass to the dam so they would never have to come back. Norik has the Fusa spare her life for now and lets her show him the way, but if she's lying he will kill her where she stands.

Megan returns to the others and tells an angered Sam that they're allowed to stay, but they have to surrender their guns. Sam accepts and has Ryan give the Fusa their guns. Later that night, Ryan and Megan are told by Sam's friend Matt that the scary thing about the Fusa is that they don't need power, lights, or heat. That's their advantage, what makes them stronger. Sam's co-worker Chris still blames them for the virus that wiped out the planet while Megan's mother Janet tells him that the virus was caused by scientists creating a medical drug, this is not the Fusa's fault.

Back at the Fusa village, Locus destroys the guns, and Koda continues to complain that they should attack the humans while they're weak, but Norik refused, stating he can't afford to lose everything they worked for and let the humans do what must be done for peace. Koda shows Norik all the scars from the past experiments he was put through that cost him his eye, getting aggressive with Norik who grows angry.

The next morning, Norik has Locus bring a small group of Fusa to the human campsite and brings them to the dam where they start working on fixing it.

Meanwhile, Koda, Zazu, and Smug return to the Golden Gate Bridge and stumble upon a group of humans testing out several guns by the bay. Koda takes a closer look and finds an endless supply of ammunition.

Back at the dam, Sam, Matt, and Chris clear the wreckage of wood, blocking the water supply using explosives and Chris is wounded. While Janet tends to Chris wounds down by the river, Jane's daughter, River, plays with Janet and Megan. As River runs around, she sits in Chris's case and stumbles upon a small shotgun. When Chris grabs it, Thok tries to stop him from shooting River. Chris points the gun at Thok and prepares to shoot, but Norik stops him and attempts to beat him with it but Sam asks him not to. Enraged that they didn't keep their promise, Norik throws the gun in the water and forces them to leave and never return.

As they begin to pack, Megan travels up to the Fusa village to speak to Norik. Megan and Ryan sneak into the village but are caught by Locus who brings them to Norik's tree. Norik once again orders them to leave or they will die. Megan noticed a very sick Jane and offers her mother to help. Norik and Thok refused but Jane allows it. Megan brings Janet into the village and gives Jane medicine. Norik has a change of heart and allows the humans to stay for one more day, and one day only, to fix the dam and the Fusa will help.

The next morning, a recovered Jane travels to the human campsite and Ryan sees her. Ryan gives Jane his sketch book. Megan wakes up to see Ryan and Jane bonding and Ryan teaches Jane the term "hanging out". 

Later on, Koda arrives at the dam looking for Norik and attacks Megan and Ryan but they're saved by Jane. Norik confronts Koda who warns him about the humans and accuses Norik of loving the humans more than the Fusa. Angered, Norik attacks Koda and strangles him but stops. Koda asks for forgiveness but then runs away.

Koda travels back to the bridge and confronts the testing gunmen. Koda plays dumb with them, tricking them to thinking he likes them. Koda gets a hold of one of their guns and kills them both.

Sam restores power to the dam and Janet brings him to a nearby gas station. Megan brings Norik inside and plays music in the gas station and offers to dance, though Norik doesn't know how. Megan teaches Norik and they have fun. Norik brings them to the village and shows them the lights from the city, revealing that San Francisco's power is restored. Megan thanks Norik for his help and holds his hand as they look over the city. Norik then sees Koda holding a gun he stole earlier and shoots Norik, killing him and he falls down the mountain. Zazu and Smug set the village on fire using a lighter Koda stole from Chris who he killed earlier. Koda blames the humans for killing Norik and burning the village and convinces the other Fusa and Thok to take action and show no mercy. Jane and Locus has everyone run as the Fusa chase them.

Koda leads the Fusa to the city and attack the weaponry, stealing the guns, to use against the humans. Word gets out to Dexter as the survivors celebrate. Dexter and few others stand their ground by city hall as Koda and his new army attack and open fire. The humans return fire and several Fusa are injured, some killed. Thok and Simba take cover and watch as the humans lay waste to the Fusa. Koda's madness overcomes him and kills the firing humans except for Dexter. Koda takes over city hall and captures every last human they come across. By morning, Koda has those who try to fight back dead, but Simba refused to kill, stating that Norik wouldn't want this. Koda then kills Simba and tells everyone else that he is the new Fusa leader and will kill anyone who apposes him.

Megan, Janet, Ryan, Sam, and Jane try to find Chris but find a still alive Norik who was losing too much blood. Unable to return to the city, the group takes refuge in a house not far from the bridge. Entering the house, Ryan finds a picture of Norik and Jane, revealing that they use to live here. In order to operate on Norik, Jane is going to need the rest of her equipment. Sam chooses to go. Before leaving, Norik reveals to everyone that it wasn't Chris who shot him, it was Koda.

Returning to city hall, Sam manages to avoid Koda and his forces and find Janet's medical equipment. Sam runs into Thok and tells him his father is alive.

Sam and Thok return to the house and Janet operates on Norik. An hour later, a weak Norik finally bonds with his son and Thok apologizes for not having faith in Norik and tells him that Locus, Buck, and few others have been taken prisoner who are still loyal to Norik. Thok returns to city hall to free, Locus, Buck and the others and bring them back to Norik.

While waiting for Thok to return, Norik and Jane go back to their old room they use to play in when they were young, before the virus. Norik finds a video camera, showing footage of their adopted father teaching them to speak in sign language. Megan arrives shortly after and watches that footage with them, now seeing why Norik doesn't want war; because its not what their owner would want. Thok soon returns with other Fusa. 

Megan leads the Fusa back to the city through the subway tunnels. Megan runs into Dexter and 2 others as they set up C4 beneath the city hall tower where Koda and his Fusa army are declaring victory. Megan refused to help and steals Dexter's rifle, attempting to shoot anyone who moves. Megan tells Dexter that they need to give the Fusa a chance to live after seeing their ways. Megan also reveals that she has fallen in love with Norik.

Norik climbs the tower and when the Fusa see that Norik is still alive, they betray Koda. Koda tells Norik that he is weak and is no longer fit to be Fusa leader. Norik replies that Koda is weaker. Norik fights Koda atop of the tower. Down below, Dexter reveals to Megan that they made contact to a military base up north and sets off the C4, killing himself and causes the tower to partially collapse and killing several Fusa and Locus is wounded. Koda is scarred and goes deeper into madness. Norik and Koda continue to fight and Norik uses Koda's wounds to his advantage but it only drives Koda deeper into madness and threatens to kill Jane and Thok. Norik lunges at Koda and knocks him over the edge. Koda begs Norik to help him and reminds him of their rule "Fusa not kill Fusa" but Norik states that Koda "is not Fusa" and lets him fall to his death.

The Fusa return to the lobby of city hall where they reunite with Megan. Megan warns Norik that the military are coming and will kill them all and suggests he leaves. Sadly, Norik tells Megan that the war has already begun and now he must finish what Koda had started. Accepting that this is their last farewell, Megan kisses Norik goodbye before running off to be with her family.

Norik, Jane, Thok, and the remaining Fusa stand over the Golden Gate Bridge as a military boat passes. Norik looks up to see an eclipse and prepares for war.

© Copyright 2020 Talique Metz. All rights reserved.

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