Getting through

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Based on a true story
A young man tries to make it in Miami Florida after getting a job at Regal Cinemas. He has the hottest girlfriend and cleans up for a living. His life changes when he meets someone who might make him feel like himself.

Table of Contents

First day

A young man tries to make it in Miami Florida Read Chapter

Settling in

Later that night, Naesha screams in pleasure as she wraps herself in the sheets and lies next to Talique, both of them out of breath. ... Read Chapter

New kid on the block

"You can be a lot of things when you're Puerto Rican in my family." Talique said to CJ and Keisha on a slow Monday afternoon. \"One thing... Read Chapter

Disney World

The following Saturday, Talique, Naesha, and Naesha's friends, Natasha, Adam, and Joe, drive to Orlando. Metal music blasting out the w... Read Chapter

Day off

A helicopter flies over a valley on a clear sky day. Gunfire heard from below. The back of the helicopter opens and there stood Talique i... Read Chapter

Back to work

Cassidy walks into the lockerroom on a rainy Wensday morning. She sees Kiesha applying make up in front of a locker's mirror. "Morning Ki... Read Chapter

Do you in

Cassidy and Kiesha go to the break room as music is heard. Kiesha walks in first and bumps her head to the beat of the music. Cassidy wal... Read Chapter

Saying goodbye

The next day, around 11:48 a.m., Talique walks out of theater 10 and places the dust pan and broom by the ledge before bruching his shirt... Read Chapter

Letting go

The next morning, Talique packs up his clothes, shoes, games, and the rest of his belongings and leaves them by the front door. Naesha st... Read Chapter


Three years ago,  in Waterbury, Talique works the ticket booth at Regal. As he's ripping the tickets, he sees Naesha in a tour group... Read Chapter


Cassidy walks into the locker room with a look of guilt. Kiesha is seen fixing her hair. Kiesha sees Cassidy. \"Hi, Cass.\" Kiesha said. ... Read Chapter


Talique arrives at the bowling alley a block from the theater the following Saturday. He waits at the front door as families walk inside.... Read Chapter

Fallen in love

Monday morning, Cassidy wakes up with a big smile on her face. She climbs out of bed and goes into the bathroom to freshen up. She shower... Read Chapter

New apartment

Tuseday afternoon, Talique, CJ, and Kevin carry boxes of Talique's things into his new apartment two blocks from the theater. The apartme... Read Chapter


Thursday mid-morning, Cassidy walks into the locker and puts her things in jer locker. As she walks to the concession stand, she see CJ g... Read Chapter


Saturday evening, Talique waits outside Regal, waiting for Cassidy. Cassidy arrives five minuets later, lookimg beautiful than ever. ... Read Chapter


Talique and Darren take cover behind a bolder as they reload and take time to heal. "We're pinned down!" Talique said, reloading. "What d... Read Chapter

Second date

Talique and Cassidy go for a walk by the beach side while eating ice cream and laughing. "No way." Cassidy said. "Way." Talique said ... Read Chapter

Drinking challenge

Talique and Cassidy return to Talique's appartment. Talique turns on his black Xbox 360 and Cassidy get comfortable. Talique gets two c... Read Chapter


The next morning, Talique wakes up to hear his alarm ringing. He can feel his head pounding as if he's being hit with aluminum baseball ... Read Chapter

Truth is

Talique leaves the theater and looks around. As he looks around to find out where he wants to eat, he sees naesha walking with shopping ... Read Chapter