Laws of the desert

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A little back story to the Bara-Magna series.

And for those who will judge, yes, I know most parts are from the Jungle Book. It's what inspired me to write this short story

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



In the Jungle Tribe of Tresarea, a 12 year old Knesh runs along the grass for dear life along with with two others as something above the trees pursues them. Knesh is followed a girl his age with a fish tail and a dorsal fin. Knesh grabs the girls hand and they run up the trees. Knesh and the girl run along branches as whatever is chasing them gets closer. The girl falls off the branch and Knesh grabs her arm. As Knesh pulls the girl up and the figure is revealed to be a Glatorian in green who grabs the girl and pulls her down.

The Glatorian pins the girl down and places a dagger at her throat. The Glatorian removes his hood and sighs. "You have to be by far the worst Glatorian ever." Gresh said.

"Well, dad, if you think about it, Akida would've made it." Knesh said.

"You're Glatorians." Gresh stands up. "Not Spine Stone Apes. Let's get the others and get back home."

Gresh helps up Akida and the three walk back to Atero. At the entrence of the Glatorian city, Atero, the children scatter. Gresh and Knesh return to Kiina as she feeds a young Berix.

"Oh, good, your back." Kiina said happily.

"Hey, mom." Knesh said.

"What's wrong, sweetie?"

"Nothing." Knesh sits down and starts sharpening a knife.

Kiina looks at Gresh. "What's wrong with him?"

"Just got rough during training today." Gresh answered.

Akida walks up to Knesh and sits next to him with her hair in braids. "So..." She began. "That did not go well."

"No." Knesh said not looking at Akida. "It was pretty bad."

"Maybe next time."

A few months pass and the clouds vanish and the skies turn dark green as the green moon blocks the sun. The Rahi burrow under ground while the large Rahi travel to the Water Tribe of Tajun. Many Glatorian, Agori, and Bone Hunters travel to Tajun as the air becomes dry. 

"Why are we going to Tajun?" Akida asked.

"Because it's the dry season." Kiina answered. "Once every four years, the green moon blocks the sun and the sky turns green and dries the moister from our villeges."

"Everyone comes to the Water Region to drink." Gresh added. "Because the law of Bara-Magna is; drinking come before fighting."

"Well that's stupid." Akida said.

The Agori took the east side of the villege's lake, the Rahi took the north. Bone Hunters took the west and the Glatorian take the south. Gresh looks at the Bone Hunter leader Frenzy and they stare each other down as both tribes drink from the lake.

"Glatorian." Frenzy said.

"Bone Hunter." Gresh said back.

"I think you know what the season is."

"I haven't forgotten. But let me be clear; once the sky is blue again, this truce is over."

"I'm aware. So do what you will, but stay out of our way."

Knesh sits with Berix with their feet in the water and helps Berix drink. Akida jumps in and swims along the water line. Kiina stands in front of her and Akida stops.

"Akida, what are you doing?" Kiina asked.

"Sorry, Kiina." Akida said with guilt. Akida clims out of the water.

"I know you're part Takea Shark, but that doesn't give you a reason to swim in the water from where we drink."

"But the Bone Hunters are doing it."

Kiina looks over and sees a little girl splashing in the water. "They are Bone Hunters. They are not civilized."

Knesh looks around to sees wild life and villegers drinking without fighting. Even the Vorox didn't start trouble.

A little girl walks up to Knesh. "Excuse me." She said.

Knesh looks at the girl. "Hello."

"For you." The girl hands Knesh a rock.

"Oh. Thank you." Knesh said smiling while also confused.

The girl runs back to the Bone Hunters. Gresh and Kiina watch as everyone drinks without tension. Suddenly, Gresh hears Lava Hawks and sees them circiling the water. Gresh's smile fades away quickly and stands up.

"Akida, come." Gresh said. Akida gets up and runs to Gresh. "Don't leave my side."

"Dad, what's happening?" Knesh asked.

The Rahi look up as a figure stands at the edge of a hill. Agori look over takes steps back as the figure walks down the hill. The Agori and Rahi clear a path for the figure. The figure is a tall red and black warrior. His right hand with two fingers and his left arm with a blade sticking out. The warrior kneels down by the waterand drinks a handful before standing up and walking along the water line towards the Glatorian. The Rahi step back in fright from the warrior.

"Who is he?" Akida asked.

"Every four years, the skies change and air dries out." The warrior said. "And every four years all life on Bara-Magna comes to Tajun for water. But I can't help but notice there's a strange oder today. I could be mistaken, but it smells like a- Hordika."

"Akida belongs to my tribe, Sidorak." Gresh said.

"Akida." The warrior laughed. "They given it a name."

"She's just a child. She means no harm."

"Let my face remind you of what a grown Hordika can do." Sidorak faces Gresh with claw marks on the left side of his face. "Hunt for a few years and everyone forgets the law of Bara-Magna." Sidorak walks towards the Agori. "Well let me remind you. A young Hordika grows up as an older Hordika. And Hordika is forbidden!"

Kiina steps forward. "What do you know about law?" She asked Sidorak. "Hunting for pleasure. Killing for power. This child is mine. So go back from where you came, you scared beast!"

Sidorak clutches his fists and steps forward. Gresh steps in front of Kiina. "I'm certain Sirdorak knows who own this side of the desert." He said. "So I'm certain he doesn't mean to start a war. Especially during the dry season."

Sidorak opens his fists and steps out of the water. "I am sacred to these laws." He said calmly. "But know this, the skies will return to its original color. The moist air will return and the villeges will regain their water and these canyons will dissapear, and when they do, the season will end. You want to protect her? Fine. But ask yourselves this; How many lives is a Hordika worth?" Sidork climbs the hill and walks away.

Agori, Bone Hunter, and Rahi all turn to Gresh and everyone leaves Tajun. The Glatorian pack their belongings and depart. Gresh stands at the lake with Akida and closes his eyes enraged.

Every day, Akida sat at the top of the cliff to the lake as the skies fade from green back to blue. The moisture fills the air and the lake grows day after day. Akida sat by as the water got closer and closer to her feet. There would be days where Knesh acompanied her. The lake finally grew and the homes were surrounded by water. The last day, Akida got up and walks back to Atero.

"I'm leaving." Akida said. "I don't want to see anyone get hurt."

"Akida, why?" Knesh asked.

"I can't risk the lives of the people who raised me. I am greatful for what you have done. I'm sorry."

"Where will you go?"

"I don't know. But I can't stay in the villege."

"Are you sure?"

Akida walks up to Knesh and hugs him. "I promise I'll come and visit."

"What am I suppose to tell my father?"

"I'm sorry." Akida turns around an walks away. Knesh stands outside of Atero's canyon as he watches Akida dissapear into the desert.

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