Pray for the day

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Watch your back

Submitted: March 20, 2015

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Submitted: March 20, 2015



I ain't tricking the narrative

People say it's suicidal and arrogant

 Crucify me as heretic, perished to embarrassment

 Heralding under marriages, pocketed in its garishness

Murder splurges in fervently, gather me its inheritance

 Kill the messanger, knock him down across a valid blessed verse 

Massacure the hour until the power aches and seconds hurt

Fate is half a mistress, but the rest of her is a passenger

She is tragedy to those who death defines and makes her work

I don't believe in time

Stick a knife into my spine

Watch the shadows bleed me dry, take my eyes, and leave me blind

Heaven's hell is no surprise

 I'm just here to scrutinise and euthanize

About the sacrifice but never eulogies

 I swarmed over elegance and decadently in sentences

Maybe I'm just a veteran running out of his medicine

 Maybe a definite epitaph would have been generous

 But all I get is a whisper "Hey, where the fuck is Connecticut"

So pick your poison

Shotgun shell to the face?

Or should I pull this side arm from my waist?

Ruin the whole scene

I ain't coming from a civilized place

Where violence is perfered instead of saying grace

The young worlock ain't got patients or respect

Because his animal don't even speak that dialect

And all they know is war, so you better come correct

Or catch a bullet to the head just for dramatic effect

These savages are mean and only understand gunfire

Don't get caught slipping up in the jungle, squire

They want your armor, so believe in one simple fact

 Just for that, they'll take your face off, just like that

Lies and deceit, disguise and creteit

Be on your P's and Q's with everybody you meet

And trust is weakness on this side of the fleet

Because they'll fake showing love, and leave you bleeding in the street

And that's real

Pray for the day the lies don't find you

 Pray for the day the end isn't right behind you

© Copyright 2018 Talique Metz. All rights reserved.

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