Running with it

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A young man falls for one of the new kids on the block.

Submitted: October 16, 2015

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Submitted: October 16, 2015



It was Wednesday afternoon September 27 2015 at Uconn University. Jose Dominguez had just gotten out of the gym after working out for a good 90 minutes after class with his best friend Jeremy Stevens.

"Bro, my arms are sore as hell." Jeremy said, rubbing his arms as they felt as if they were about to fall off.

"Oh, I know." Jose said, catching his breath. "That was one hell of a work out. Same time tomorrow?"

"You know it." Jeremy gets a drink from the water fountain. "Oh, that reminds me, we're expecting new students today."

"Oh, badass. Do you know who?"

"Not really, but I do know they'll be in the cafe."

"Oh, cool. Let's go see who we're up against."

Jose and Jeremy head down to the Kennedy Hall, passing the tutoring center and the University's library. They enter the cafe and look around. 

"See anybody?" Jeremy asked as he scanned the entire cafe from the door.

"Nobody I haven't seen." Jose answered. "Same people I don't talk to in the same place I always see them in."

"Yeah. No surprise there." Jeremy chuckled. Jeremy looks to the far left side of the cafe and sees two unfamiliar girls sitting with each other. "Oh, hey, there's someone." Jeremy points.

"Where?" Jose asked, squinting.

"There, far back of the cafe, in the corner." Jeremy points Jose in the direction.

"Oh, yeah. I see them." Jose said. "Well, let's go say hi. Make them feel welcome."

"And get some booty." Jeremy laughed.

"Pendajo." Jose laughed, rolling his eyes.

Jose and Jeremy start walking across the cafe towards the two girls. Jeremy stops mid-walk as he gets a closer glimps of one of the girls.

"Dude." Jeremy said with a weird look on his face and lightly slapping Jose in the chest.

"Negrrito!" Jose said in Spanish. "What the hell!"

"I swear that Asian chick looks familiar."

"Wait, what?"

"Her. One of the new girls. I swear I think I know her from somewhere."

"Well, all more the reason to go talk to them."

Jeremy and Jose start walking again. Jeremy could feel his hands shaking as he got closer, curiosity grabbing his attention. As Jeremy stares down the Asian girl with her long straight black hair  covering half of her face, he notices the girl she's talking to, light skin, big brown dough eyes, freckles on her cheeks and dimples as she smiles. Jeremy taps the girl on her shoulder.

"Excuse me." Jeremy said. The girls look at Jeremy. "I'm sorry, but you look awfully familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?"

The Asian girl has a strange look on her face as she starts squinting at Jeremy. "I don't think so." She said looking at the other girl for help.

"We don't mean to intrude." Jose steps in. "We just wanted to welcome you to Uconn University."

"Oh, thank you, very much." The Asian girl said, looking at Jose with an interested look.

"I'm Jose." Jose reaches out his hand.

"Vicki Young." The Asian girl shakes Jose's hand.

"And this is my boy Jeremy." Jose went on.

"Hold on a second." Vicki said, looking at Jeremy. "Your Snap Chat wouldn't happen to be 'Jeremy95', would it?"

"Actually yes." Jeremy said.

"Oh my god, you're the guy I've been Snap Chatting with!" Vicki said as he face lights up.

"Wait, you're 'Vikibabe'?" Jeremy asked.


"Oh my god!" Jeremy blushes and looks away.

Jose looks at the other girl as they both exchanged confused glances. "Is that what just happened?" Jose wondered.

"I guess so." The girl said, shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh, I'm Jose." 

"Hannah." The girl said smiling.

"How do you two know each other?" Jose asked Jeremy.

"She's the girl I be flurting with on Snap Chat at dinner." Jeremy explained.

"Oh, so you guys are..."

"Oh, god no." Vicki said quickly, looking at Jeremy with a disgusted look. "We just talk is all."


It's quiet for a moment between the four of them. Jose looks around with his hands in his pockets. Vicki sits down and Jeremy puts on a red, yellow, and green winter hat. Vicki starts staring at Jose.

"...So." Jose said.

"So." Vicki repeated.

"I don't know."

"Me neither." Hannah said.

"Okay, so." Jose claps his hands. "I'm heading up to my room. I'll leave you and your Snap Chat buddy to it." Jose shakes Vicki's and Hannah's hands. "It was nice meeting you. And I'll see you guys manana."

"Huh?" Hannah said in a confused tone.

"That's Spanish for 'later'." Jose said.

"Ohh." Vicki said as her face lights up. "You're bilingual?"

"I may be Puerto Rican, but I'm learning my Spanish as I go."

"Well I think speaking multiple languages is sexy."

"Right." Jose looks at the ground and blushes. "Well, catch you guys later." Jose leaves.

The next day, Jose comes out of his Culinary Arts class and heads down for lunch. His shirt stained with cake dough and his pants smelling like egg yolks. Jose gets in line in the cafe line and grabs a hamburger, fries and two cookies and a soda, which came up to $8:50. As Jose looks around for a place to sit, he sees Vicki sitting by the vending machines next to the window. Jose walks up to Vick as she looks up and sees him. Vicki's face lights up and she smiles. Jose sits next to her.

"Hey." Jose said.

"Hi." Vick answered, putting away her phone.

"So what's a girl like you sitting all by herself?"

"Well, if I had know you were going to be in this lunch hour, I would've waited for you."

"Oh, you didn't have to." Jose said, unwrapping his burger. "Cookie?"

"Oh no thank you. I just had pizza."

"Ugh." Jose said in disgust. "I hate the pizza here."

"Why, darling?"

"Darling?" Jose shakes it off. "Anyway, it's because the last time I had the pizza here, I ended up getting sick for three days."

"Awe." Vicki puts her hand on Jose's hand. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what? You didn't do anything."

Vicki chuckles. "You're cute. It's a saying."

"I know. I'm messing with you."

Vicki smirks and rubs her thumb on Jose's palm. Five minutes go by and they don't say anything. "So..." Vicki said.

"So..." Jose repeated.

"Meh." Vicki sticks out her tongue and makes a weird face.

Jose laughs a bit. "So how did a girl like you end up in a dump like this?"

"Fella dumped me wrong." Vicki began brushing her hair behind her ear. 

"Seems like you got a lousy taste in men, kid."

"Oh, but this new guy isn't so bad." Vicki went on. "I just met him yesterday. All the guys I've met are fighting for my heart." Vicki looks deep into Jose's eyes. "But then there's this guy, who spends his time avoiding the fight because he stole it before the fight even began." Vicki starts rubbing her thumb on Jose's palm again. Jose starts blushing and moves his hand away from her. "So, what do you think? Should I run from this, or with it?"

"Run with it, right?" Jose answered confused as he tries to process who she's referring to. "Or...what did he do that was so wrong towards you?"

"Not a damn thing." Vicki's phone rings. She gets close to Jose's face. "But never say never." Vicki gets up leaves, gently brushing her hand along Jose's arm as she walks away.

Jose watches Vicki walk out the cafe.

3:45 roles around and Jose sits outside in the gazebo by himself, listening to music with a million thoughts running through his head. He looks around and sees students and staff passing him by, but none of them wave.

"Yo, Jose!" Jeremy yelled, walking down the brown and red brick road, holding hands with Hannah.

Jose looks up and sees Jeremy coming up. "Hey!" Jose waved. "Que pasa!" Jose sees Jeremy and Hannah holding hands. "Oh, I see." Jose starts laughing.

"Hi." Hannah said waving as they come into the gazebo. 

"Hey." Jose said back.

"Why are you by yourself?" Hannah asked curiously.

"Oh, just got a lot on my mind. Trying to clear my head is all." Jose turns off his music. "Nothing lethal."

"Thinking about Miss Vicki, huh?" Jeremy asked, smiling.

"Shhh!" Jose said, putting his finger to his mouth. Jose and Jeremy laugh

"What?" Hannah asked.

"It's a guy thing." Jose said.

Jeremy looks behind him and sees Vicki walking down the road, coming around the corner. "Okay, Hannah, let's go for a quick walk and come back." Jeremy said. Jeremy looks at Jose and winks.

"Wait, why?" Hannah asked.

"I'll tell you as we walk, now come on."

Jeremy and Hannah walk away. Jose puts his headphones in and plays his music. Two minutes go by and Jose hears the vibrations in the floor as someone walks into the gazibo. Jose looks up and sees Vicki. Vicki waves shy-like.

"Hey." Jose said, taking out his headphones from his ears.

"What's a cute guy like you sitting all by yourself in a dump like this?" Vicki asked rocking her upper body side to side.

"Just had a long day in class." Jose answered. "I like to come here and listen to music to clear my head."

"If I had known your day would've been that bad, I would've walked with you. But it didn't seem like the right time."

"I got out at 2:45."

Vicki stops rocking. "I should've joined you."

"Guess you missed your window."

"Did I?" Vicki takes a step towards Jose. "What happened?"

"I'd...rather not talk about it. I don't want to drag you into the drama that's going on in my head."

Vicki gets closer to Jose and gets in his face while looking into his eyes. "But that's your job in the first place." She rubs her nose on his.

"What are you doing?" Jose asked as his face turns red as his stomach twists and twirls.

"I'm running with him." Vicki puts her hand on Jose's cheek. "With you. If running away from your troubles is your plan, we'll run as far as you want."

Jose takes Vicki by the hand and she wraps her hand around his as he slowly lowers her arm. Vicki leans in for a kiss and Jose looks away.

"I- I don't know." Jose mumbled.

"Why?" Vicki asked, rubbing her nose on his cheekbone.

"It's just- I recently got out of a relationship with this chick after two days and..." Jose looks at Vicki. "Then you came along. And now everything is different."

"Then run with me." Vicki lays the side of her face on Jose's face. "We can run from our troubles together. You don't have to fight me on this."

Jose and Vicki lock eyes. Vicki brushes her hand down Jose's cheek. Vicki closes her eyes and her lips touches Jose's as it becomes a kiss. They close their eyes and start kissing more.

"Awe!" Jeremy yelled from behind bushes next to the gazebo.

Vicki and Jose stop mid-kiss and look over to their left. Jeremy and Hannah come out from the bushes.

"Sorry." Jeremy said. "My bad. We'll leave." Jeremy and Hannah walk away.

"Pandejo." Jose laughed.

"Your Spanish speaking is so sexy." Vicki chuckled, wrapping her arms around Jose's neck.



"Run that by me again."

Jose and Vicki start kissing again.

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