The last kiss

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After a break up, two friends try to stay as friends

Submitted: February 13, 2016

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Submitted: February 13, 2016



Friday, November 13 2015. Alex Ortiz walks into the cafeteria and waits in line with the rest of the students on campus to get dinner. Alex looks around, searching for his friends. Alex senses a presents behind him and quickly turns around to see his ex-girlfriend Eliza walking up to him. She stops mid-walk and smiles.

"Oh, you ruined my surprise..." Eliza mumbled.

"What?" Alex said. "Were you going to poke me in my side?" He asked smiling.


Alex turns around. "Go right ahead."

"No." Eliza laughed. "Because I know you're expecting it."

Alex laughs hysteically and turns around. "Alright then." Eliza smiles and blushes and walks away.

Alex gets his food and his drink and searches for a place to sit. He finds a spot in the far end of the cafe and sits down by himself. Alex gets back up and grabs the salt and a fork and goes back to his seat. He stops mid-way and sees Eliza sitting in his spot. Alex's stomach twists and twirls and he proceeds to his seat.

"Oh, you're sitting here?" Eliza asked.

"Haha, that joke was so funny I forgot to laugh." Alex said sarcastically.

"There's no need for the sarcasm."


Eliza pokes Alex in his side as he drinks his drink and flinches. Alex looks at Eliza as she smiles and tries to look innocent. Alex wipes his face and pokes Eliza back.

"Meh..." Eliza mumbled as she flinches. They both laugh and it goes quiet between the two of them as they start eating.

Alex wipes his mouth and taps Eliza on her shoulder. "Do you still need to go shopping?" Alex asked.

Eliza holds her index fingue up to signal Alex to wait a moment as she still had food in her mouth. Eliza swallows and looks at Alex. "Yeah." She said.

"Well, I'm leaving right after dinner. I need to pick up a few things myself. If you want to come."


"Alright cool."

A little while later, Alex and Eliza get on the bus. Alex sits by the window in the back and Eliza purposly slams into him.

"Ouch..." Alex mumbled. Eliza smiles. "You're lucky we're friends." Eliza hugs Alex and he hugs her back. All of a sudden, Alex feels something wet brushing against the side of his neck. "Oh, gross!" Alex said as he shakes Eliza off him. Eliza chuckles. "Really?"

"What?" Eliza asked with an innocent look.

"You just had to lick me."

"What? Am I not allowed to lick my best friend?"

"Not what I meant." Alex wipes Eliza's saliva off his neck and wipes it on her jacket.

"Meh..." Eliza mumbled.

Alex smirks and looks out the window as the street lights come on. The bus turns into the highway. Alex looks at Eliza as she plays a game on her phone. Alex pokes Eliza in her side and she jumps a bit. She starts smiling and exits her game and looks at Alex.

"You can 'meh' all you want." Alex said. Eliza blushes and lays her head on his shoulder. "Okay then."

"What?" Eliza asked.

"If I didn't know better, I'm starting to believe that you want to get back together."

Eliza shakes her head. "No. I can't rest my head on your shoulder now?"

Alex sighs in agrivassion. "Okay, well then is it too much to ask for at least one favor?"

"What's that?"

"Just one last kiss?"

Eliza blushes and lifts her head up. "I'll have to think about it."

Alex shrugs his shoulders. "I'll take it."

The bus stops at the store. Alex and Eliza get off and head inside. Eliza grabs a carage and they wonder the store. Eliza grabs a few packs of soup and energy drinks. Alex gets soap, shampoo, and a razor and three bags of chips. They both  pay for their things and wait by the snack bar by the entrance. Eliza opens a bottle of one of her energy drinks.

"You just love energy drinks, huh?" Alex asked. Eliza nods her head. Alex roles his eyes.

"Oh." Eliza gasped.


"I forgot to buy Mt Dew."


"Can you get it for me?"

"What's in it for me?"

Eliza smiles and blushes. "I'll be your bestest friend." She said.

"I thought we already were friends."

Eliza smiles again and tries to look cute.

Alex roles his eyes. "Alright." He sighed while standing up. "But only because you're my friend."

"Yay!" Eliza said happily. "Thank you friend."

"Uh-huh." Alex walks down to the drink aisle and grabs a small pacl of Mt Dew and brings it to the cash register and buys it. "There go."

"Yay! Thank you best friend." Eliza smiles more.

"Oh, the bus is here." Alex said, grabbing his stuff. "Come on."

Alex and Eliza get on the bus and sit across from each other this time. As the bus starts to move, Alex puts his head down and it gets Eliza's attention.

"What is it?"

"What? Oh, nothing."

"Come on. What is it."

"It's nothing."


The bus arrives back to campus and Alex and Eliza get off. Eliza starts shivering. Alex takes off his jacket and gives it to Eliza. Eliza wraps her arms in the jacket.

"Meet me back out here." Eliza said as they reach the court yard.

Alex nods and enters the male dorms. Alex puts his stuff on his head and head back out the door and walks back outside in the cold and waits for Eliza. Two minutes go by and Alex starts yawning due to the cold. Eliza finally comes out.

"Okay, you got me out here." Alex said. "So what's up?

"I just wanted to sit out here and hang out. Is that too much to ask?"

"You want to hang out outside? In the freezing cold?"

"If I go inside, I'm going straight to sleep."

"Okay, fine."

Alex and Eliza sit down on the bench by the female dorms. Eliza starts shivering more.

"Hug me." Eliza said.

Alex wraps his arms around Eliza and she tightens her grip on his left arm. They but heads as the wind picks up.

"It's really cold out, tonight."

"Well, you wanted to sit outside in the cold." Alex said.

"Why do you got to be so mean?"

"Alright, I'll leave."

"I was just starting to get warm. To let me go."

"Okay. Jeeze."

Alex and Eliza tighten their grip on one another. Alex starts rubbing Eliza's arms to warm her amrs up more. Eliza looks at Alex and as he looks at her, she looks away. 12 minuets go by and Eliza finally yawns.

"Okay, now I want to go to bed now." Eliza said.

"Okay." Alex sighed. Alex lets go of Eliza and she starts to feel the heat escaping from her arms.

Alex walks Eliza inside and to her room. Eliza stops at her door and unlocks it. and turns to Alex.

"Hug?" Eliza said.

Alex roles his eyes and hugs her and rubs her back. Eliza burries her face in Alex's arms. Alex and Eliza release from their hug and before Eliza walks into her room, Alex grabs her by the arm.

"Hey." Alex said. Eliza turns back to Alex. "Did you want to get back together?" He asked as his heart drops like a rock.

Eliza blushes and looks away. "I don't know what I want right now."

Alex's heart cracks a bit and looks at the ground and nods. "Okay." He said as if he didn't care. "I understand." Alex starts to walk away.

Eliza sighs and grabs Alex. "Wait." She said. Alex turns around. Eliza hugs Alex and wraps her arms around his neck. She looks at him and kisses him. "Something you asked me for earlier." Eliza takes off his jacket and hands it to him.

"Uh, yeah." Alex said in shock as mixed emotions fills his chest. "Thanks."

"Well, good night." Eliza walks into her room and closes the door.

Alex puts on his jacket and walks across the court yard and into the male dorms and into his room. As Alex hangs up his jacket, he feels something in his pocket. He pulls it out and finds the recipt for Eliza's stuff. Alex smirks as all he sees is Eliza's smile running through his head. Alex then flips the recipt over and on the back, was the word "yes". Alex thinks to himself and smiles as he continues to see Eliza's smile. Alex puts the recipt in his drore, takes off his shoes and lays in bed and turns off the light.

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