My Stranger 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Second Chapter Of My Stranger./ (MyStanger2)

Many nights passed.And every night still ,he would come and take me away from the world for a few hours...Our kisses got more instence by now.Dispite the fact that he was alot older,I wanted to take things further...I started to daydream about things a 13 year old shouldn't..I couldn't even talk to my friends or parents about how ''In love'' I was.
They would never accept or understand how i felt.
I often hated my parents. Always telling me how to live 'my' life.
''That's not right it like this...'' Was all i tended to hear from them.So My room was my sanctuary,I'd run striaght up stairs after school most days and just wait for my stranger.

After a long day and cold shower,I sat in my room waiting for Dorian.I decided i was going to tell him what I'd been thinking about..I didnt get dressed I stayed in my towell and lay on my stomach on my bed, Then drifted off to sleep.I remember cold breeze waking me up... I tured over to see Dorian beside me.He smiled...I smiled.
I felt shivers all over my body I sat up and looked into his grey eyes..
''Iv'e been thinking..''I started..
''Me too'' He interupted..Before i could finesh we were kissing His left handon my right cheek..That slowley moved down to my chest.
As his tounge became more powerful We fell slowley to lie on my bed. He was now on top of me smilinginto my eyes.My towell was now undone and his hand was runnig up and down my body.I bit my lip and Leaned up to kis him...
He then took off all he was wearing too.
I thought by now i would be ''shitting'' it. but i was calm. we carried on kissing.
Then 'It Was In' He was grabbing my hips while slowley moving his forward and back.He ws kissing all down my neck.
''Do it'' I whisperd in his ear
he stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes..He's eyes were so sexy...Then licked then bit his lip and went back to my neck.
Then he did it.
It Never Realy hurt to be honest.Icould feel the warm blood trickling down the right side of my neck I felt brave. I smiled at him.
''Forever?'' I asked.
''Iternity'' Was His answer.He kissed All Over My body...The Sun started to rise as it did everynight.
Dorian put on his clothes and smiled.And off he flew into the night.
The next morning i could barley open my eyes...My whole body was burning.I got up holding my hands over my eyes and felt for my curtain.I shut them and moved my hand..I looked down at my body i was my skin looked cold and grey,Dead infact.i Went over to my mirror.
I stared at my self for a bout 10 minuties
Finaly My dream had come true.
I was a vampire.

Submitted: August 14, 2009

© Copyright 2021 TalOoLaVampiire. All rights reserved.

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This is great!!!! I absolutely loved it!!!! Great work!!!!! Update soon?

Tue, August 18th, 2009 2:23am

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