24 hour nightmare

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Molli-Anne works at the mall and sees what can really happen to her there late at night.

Submitted: December 06, 2010

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Submitted: December 06, 2010



I am writing about what happened to me on May 2nd, 1997. I’ve never written in a book or diary of any kind, but this needs to be put down on paper. I’m not sure how this really works, but I guess I will say my name and age. I am 18 years old. My name is Molli-Anne. Just in case you are wondering, it is a two-word name and people call me Molli-Anne as in all one word. The worst 24 hours of my life started out a normal Saturday at the mall. It was about 1:00. I was watching little kids push their faces against the glass in front of the ice cream, knowing I’d have to clean it up later. As I was cringing at the huge hand and face prints the kids left on the glass, I was mashing up marshmallows with strawberry ice cream for a blonde woman. To me, it sounded totally revolting, but I just did what I had to do to get paid. I was at my job working for Coldstone Creamery; I’m constantly mashing up everybody’s favorite candies and toppings with their favorite ice cream flavors.

“Mix it around, scrape it up into two spoons, then plop it in the bowl. Give the customer a spoon, take their money, then say have a good day and move on to the next one,” is what had been drilled into my head since my first day there. “Molli-Anne!” I heard a rough voice yell. It sounded like Mr. Ruggers. Mr. Ruggers is my boss. “Molli-Anne!” I heard again. I’d better respond. “Yes?’ I called back in the sweetest voice I could muster. “ I need you to do something very important! I have to leave early from the shop today. Can I count on you to lock up tonight?” Oh wow! Mr. Ruggers never lets anyone lock up beside himself! I must be becoming one of his trust-worthy employees! “Of course sir!” I responded eagerly. This should be exciting. “Very good then Molli-Anne. Here is a typed sheet of directions for you to follow while locking up. Make sure you do everything on the list. No pressure on me. Mr. Ruggers always had a way of making a big deal out of everything. “Ok,” I replied amiably. “Very good. Thank you Molli-Anne!” he said while passing me the list of directions. I looked at them. They read:

1. The shop closes at 10:30 so somewhere around then turn off all machines. NO MACHINE SHOULD BE LEFT ON! 2. Take the cash register and lock it with the combination lock, then put it in the cabinet under the sink. 3. Put all frozen displays in the freezer. 4. Retrieve the keys from the top of the freezer. 5. Lock all doors, including the cabinet under the sink. On the way out, lock the front doors. 6. Turn off all lights. 7. Go over the list and make sure all was done. I can do that. The thoroughness of Mr. Rugger’s directions should make it easy enough! I went back to work then. It was only 2:00 and I had my break at 4:30. I worked from 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and then from 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM on Saturdays. I had actually been there since 8:00 that morning; I was taking advantage of the fact that few people were there and that Old Navy was having a huge sale. I had to go before my first shift started because I had a double shift that day and wouldn’t have time to go anytime else. I can wait until 4:30! Though my thought was unconvincing, surprisingly, the time passed by quickly. It was spent breaking Kit-Kat bars, Snickers, Butterfingers, and all other toppings, and then adding it to the ice cream and smashing that up. Before I knew it, it was 4:30, and I was walking past the Red Lobster (way too expensive for me) to the food court. I stood in front of the ASIANMANIA booth. Their teriyaki chicken is known everywhere as to die for! It was my turn to order and I said “One Teriyaki Chicken Bowl,” wanting one even more as I inhaled the sweet smell of Asian spices and sauces. “Sure, that will be $3.99 mam,” the man at the counter said. I gave her $4.00 and received a penny in return. I then walked over to the counter where you pick up your food and waited about five minutes. I smelled it before I saw it, the sweet smell of teriyaki sauce creeping up my nose. The lady handed me my food and I said thanks and turned to walk away. As I turned, I caught sight of a man standing next to Wendy’s, across from ASIANMANIA. There were a lot of men at the mall, but this one attracted my eyes somehow. Maybe it was the cold, hard feeling he gave off from his body. Maybe it was all of the tattoos across his ripped arms. Maybe it was the fact that he was wearing a ski mask and STARING AT ME WITH HATRED FILLED EYES! Why was he staring at me? I wasn’t doing anything to attract attention to myself! I wasn’t staring at him! “Just look away and walk Molli-Anne,” I murmured to myself. I did just that, but I snook a peak as I was passing Abercrombie and Fitch to go to grab a table. I shouldn’t have looked; his eyes still bore into me like a cat stares at a fish in a pond. I found an empty table (it was meant for two, but there was just me) and sat down.

Why was that man staring at me? There are a lot of people here and yet he stares at me! Why is he wearing a ski mask anyway? I tried to forget it and focus on my delicious meal, but I could just not let it go.

As I was finishing up and putting all of my garbage on my tray, ready to dump into the trashcan, I spied that disturbing man again. Once again, his eyes were on me. Why me creepy dude? Why choose me? I walked to the garbage can farthest away from the unsettling man. It was 4:27 and I had exactly three minutes to get upstairs before I was considered late. I sprinted straight back to Coldstone Creamery as fast as I could, passing the Space Shuttle Adventure Ride and hearing kid's screaming laughter. I looked at my watch, forty seven seconds to go. I slowed down a little bit as I caught sight of our huge blinking sign. I walked through the doors out of breath, but on time with 11 seconds to spare.

Made it! I went right to work, putting on an apron and a hat then walking out to the counter with a smile on my face. My first customer was a woman with four children who desperately wanted ice cream. They ordered one bowl with chocolate ice cream with gummy bears, one pistachio nut ice cream with brownies, one peanut butter ice cream with peppermint patties, one strawberry ice cream with caramel pieces, and for the little toddler, just plain vanilla ice cream. To me, they all sounded pretty gross, except the last one. Plain vanilla ice cream sounded just perfect to me! I rung them up and received a very nice tip from the mother, which was very nice of her. My afternoon stayed like this, fulfilling orders and just pretty boring, until about 9:30. By then, I had forgotten all about the creepy man down in the food court, until he walked into the store, mask and all! I couldn’t breathe.

How did he find me? Was he still going to stare at me? Sure enough, as soon as he spotted me his eyes stayed glued to me. He did not approach the counter, but just sat down at a table with his eyes still fastened on my head and didn’t move. I tried my very best to ignore him, but it was hard. After about forty-five minutes of him staring at me, his cell phone rung and he ran out of there, talking a mile per minute. Thank god! He is gone and I hope he never comes back! Someone’s wish did not come true. I will give you one guess whose.

At 9:45, Mr. Ruggers had to go. He talked me through the list once again, and then I forced him out the door and reassured him everything would be just fine. It was just me in the shop, and I was picking up some last minute customer’s orders. At 10:29, I turned off all of the machines. Next, I locked the cash register with the combination lock on it and put it in the cabinet under the sink. Then I went to the window and took the ice-cream cake display out of the seal tight clear bag (which kept it pretty cold and still allowed to people to see it) and stuck it in the freezer. After that, I took the keys from the top of the freezer and locked all of the doors and the cabinet under the sink. I turned off the lights and stumbled to the front door in the dark. I opened it and that was when the trouble started. There he was! There was the creepy man with his masked face an inch from my shocked face, reaching towards me with his humongous hands. You’d better believe I tried to run away. I kicked towards his crotch, but he caught my leg and twisted it backwards. This caused me to fall down. While he was trying to pick me up, I went completely limp and flopped down like a fish out of water, trying to make it hard for him to grasp hold of me.

“Oh hell!” he said as my foot connected with his mask and my toes curled around it and dragged it off of his head. I caught a glimpse of his scarred, tattooed face and that was the last thing I saw before a needle was shoved into my arm and everything went black. My head hurts! I thought sleepily to myself as I was being bounced around.

“Hello?” I called out loud. I felt a hand connect with my cheek (rather hard) and heard, “Shut up little brat! Boy, taking an older one was supposed to be easier too.” That is when it came flying back to me.

The disturbing man! The needle! I realized where I was. I was hanging over the shoulder of the creepy man who had drugged me. I sprang into action. I flung my head upwards and tried to surprise him. I succeeded and he released me at once. Just as quickly as he realized I was fully back to consciousness, I was sprinting away from him. I ran past the Imax Theatre and the Carousel (there were no laughing children on it then) ending up at the Christmas tree. I could feel the vibration of his feet on the floor as he gained on me. As a last resort, I flung myself into the Christmas tree, hoping he wouldn’t see me. Luckily he didn’t and ran by me, but I had another problem. Those pine leaves were very sharp. One had already caught me on the face, and I could feel blood running down my face as I fought to get away from the sharp needles before I lost an eye. I guess I should of just taken the poking out of my eye because as I struggled to right myself he must of seen the motion of the tree and he dove on me, knocking me backwards.

He said in a menacing voice, “Little monster! You saw my face. Think I can ever let you go now? Even if I do let you go, your life would still be in danger from me. Now that you’ve seen my face and can identify me, you say one word to the police about what happened here, and I swear I will track down everyone important to you and they will die. Then you will die along with them!” After this pleasant bedtime story, a needle was shoved into my arm once again, and I remember trying to hit him as I blacked out. When I woke again, I thought I was at the spa getting a facial done because the pressure on my face felt exactly like I had a facial mask on. I realized quick enough from the pain that it wasn’t a mask; it was dried blood covering my face. I remembered where I was once again, but I didn’t panic. Panicking could only get me in trouble. I took a deep breath and cracked my eyes open, feeling the layer of blood on my face crack as I did. I was lying on the floor. I tried to move, but couldn’t. I tried again and quickly realized that I was indeed still in the mall and tied to a bench with a rope! Where is the weird man? I thought. I at least had the luck of being tied right below an oversized clock that I could just barely see, and I realized it was 6:00 in the morning. People would come soon. People would mean help!

Boy that man sure is stupid leaving me her. That is, unless something happened to him? After a half hour of lying there, I got my answer. I guess I had fallen asleep lying there, tied up. Before I knew it, gentle shaking was waking me up. I screamed and tried to turn the other way and when no hand was clamped against my mouth, I realized this man was trying to help me. He was a policeman. I burst into tears in spite of myself as the policeman was untying me, telling me that everything was going to be fine. “What happened?” he asked. I just shook my head. His eyes viewed my whole face for the first time and he gasped. “My God miss! Are you ok?” he nearly shouted.

I nodded and he picked me up, (how embarrassing) and carried me to the security station. On the way I saw some teen speed shopping for an outfit at Hollister. She looked distressed and I was almost mad at her for being so upset about clothing that she was at the mall that early. I knew a lot worse could happen to you then not having an outfit to wear to the school dance, and I almost wanted her to know this too. On the way to the security office, the policeman asked me who had done this to me. When I didn’t answer, he explained to me that the crazy abductor had been very smart and had tricked the security cameras by blocking them and putting up photos in front of the real picture. He said that they were so sorry about a million times, and I didn’t say anything. Finally, he laid me down on a couch in the office and phoned my parents phone number, which I had mumbled to him when he asked for it. Then, in less than fifteen minutes, my mother was there, holding me and wiping the dried blood from my face. I felt like I was ten again. My mom wanted to take me to the hospital, but when I argued she settled for taking me home with her instead of to my apartment. I guess that was fair enough.

Over the two hours I was at the security office, I was asked what happened maybe a thousand times. I couldn’t and still can’t tell anyone about it. I did not take that man’s threat lightly. I am writing this all down because I have to let it out, and I can’t tell any people, so I am telling you. You are like my complete and total trust worthy friend. Anyway, until next time something like this happens (no offense, but I hope it is never!) -Molli-Anne

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